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The 11 Best Bars in Spinningfields for A Great Night Out

The 11 Best Bars in Spinningfields for A Great Night Out

Spinningfields isn’t just Manchester’s financial district; it’s the city’s beating heart when the sun sets. This area transforms, showcasing an eclectic mix of bars that promise unforgettable nights out.

From rooftop terraces with views of the skyline to hidden basement bars that hum with underground beats, Spinningfields offers a night-time playground for every taste.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the best bars in Spinningfields, where cocktails dazzle, music captivates, and every night promises something extraordinary.

The Ivy

Media from the_ivy_collection

Website: The Ivy

Address: The Pavilion, Byrom St, Manchester M3 3HG, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 503 3222

Operating Hours: 

  • Sun – Thurs 9AM-12AM
  • Fri – Sat 9AM-1AM

Set in a grand three-storey spot right on Hardman Square, The Ivy is hard to miss with all that greenery draping the front. Inside, it’s a visual treat – bright cushions, art prints everywhere you look, making the whole place pop. 

Downstairs, there’s a lively brasserie, smack in the middle is this swanky Asian restaurant, and if you head up top, the roof terrace is a bit of everything – eclectic, charming, you name it.

Cocktails? They’ve got it nailed – salted caramel espresso martinis, chocolate orange negronis, and a proper Spinningfields cosmo.

Pro tip:
The Ivy’s afternoon tea is an absolute must-try – as lavish as it sounds.

20 Stories

Media from 20storiesmcr

Website: 20 Stories

Address: NO. 1, 1 Hardman Square, Manchester M3 3EB, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 204 3333

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-12AM

20 Stories takes the concept of ‘raising the bar’ quite literally. It’s not just Manchester’s highest bar; it’s a sanctuary above the city where the rapidly-changing skyline can be admired in all its glory. 

With views that stretch for miles, its vast roof terrace allows you to drink in the city’s landscape like nowhere else. When the air turns crisp, the terrace transforms with the appearance of cosy, giant igloos, surrounded by tropical plants year-round, creating an enchanting atmosphere. 

Whether you’re here for a laid-back drink from their extensive cocktail and wine list or a full dining experience, 20 Stories offers an unmatched blend of elegance and escapism.

Pro tip:
Grab a spot on the terrace at sunset. The views are unbeatable.

Oast House

Media from theoasthousemcr

Website: Oast House

Address: The Avenue Courtyard, Spinningfields, Crown Square, Manchester M3 3AY, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 829 3830

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Wed 12PM-12AM
  • Thurs – Sat 12PM-2AM
  • Sun 12PM-11PM

Oast House is a magnet for Manchester’s social butterflies year-round. In the height of summer, it’s the ultimate hangout for office workers seeking a sun-drenched spot, while winter brings the enchanting sight of a fairy-light covered teepee, drawing crowds like moths to a flame. 

But it’s not just the ambience that keeps people coming; Oast House boasts a programme brimming with live music and entertainment. The food menu is nothing short of legendary, with dishes like gooey fondue, signature hanging kebabs, and hearty house pies. 

And let’s not forget the drinks – from craft beers to bespoke cocktails, they’ve got your thirst covered, making sure your night is as tasty as it is fun.

Pro tip:
Their seasonal ales are a hit, so don’t leave without trying one.

Slug And Lettuce Spinningfields

Media credit: pwong04

Website: Slug And Lettuce Spinningfields

Address: Heron House, Albert Square, Manchester M2 5HD, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 839 3604

Operating Hours: 

  • Sun – Wed 10AM-12AM
  • Thurs 10AM-1AM
  • Fri – Sat 10AM-2AM

Slug And Lettuce in Spinningfields is where comfort meets class in a lively yet relaxed setting. Known for its chic decor and vibrant atmosphere, it’s the ideal spot for everything from brunch to late-night drinks. 

The menu is a mix of classic and contemporary, offering everything from delectable small plates to hearty mains, and the cocktail list is just as impressive. 

Whether you’re looking to kick back with friends or start your night out on a high note, Slug And Lettuce delivers with flair and finesse.

Pro tip:
If you’re looking for a fantastic deal, their 2-for-1 cocktail deals are legendary. Don’t miss out!

The Alchemist

Media from thealchemistuk

Website: The Alchemist

Address: 3 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3HF, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 817 2950

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Wed 8AM-12AM
  • Thurs – Fri 8AM-2AM
  • Sat 10AM-2AM
  • Sun 10AM-11PM

Right, let’s chat about The Alchemist. This spot’s not just an old hand in Spinningfields; it’s practically part of the woodwork, having set up shop here long before the area became the nightlife hotspot it is today. 

Walking into The Alchemist, you’re stepping into a world where science and sips collide in the most spectacular way. This is the home of the theatrical smoking cocktail, where every drink comes with a side of drama. 

Whether it’s smoke, dry ice, a bit of Dip Dab action, or a foam party in your glass, prepare for a bit of alchemy that’ll have you questioning the line between bar and chemistry lab. It’s all about the unexpected here.

Pro tip:
Don’t just stick to what you know; ask the bartender for their latest concoction. It’s like a chemistry set but with better results.

The Blues Kitchen Manchester

Media from theblueskitchenmcr

Website: The Blues Kitchen Manchester

Address: 13 Quay St, Manchester M3 3HN, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 871 8199

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Thurs 12PM-1AM
  • Fri – Sat 11AM-3AM
  • Sun 11AM-12AM

Alright, The Blues Kitchen isn’t just stepping into Manchester; it’s strutting in with a swagger that’s got everyone talking. Taking over the massive spot on Quay Street where Walkabout used to be, this London legend is clearly ready to rock Manchester with a taste of the Deep South. 

We’re talking a 600-capacity space that’s all about low and slow-cooked meats, a bourbon collection that’d make a Kentucky distiller weep with joy, and live music that’ll have you stomping your feet every night of the week. 

The menu? It’s legendary. There’s beef brisket that melts in your mouth, Cajun-spiced buttermilk chicken that packs a punch, and The Big Boss Burger—a beastly creation of ribeye, bone marrow topped with brisket and cheese—that’s gathered a cult following. 

Pro tip:
Dive into the bourbon selection; it’s a journey through America’s heartland.


Media from blvdmcr

Website: BLVD Manchester

Address: Unit 2, The Avenue North, Spinningfields, Manchester M3 3BZ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 832 6334

Operating Hours: 

  • Thur – Fri 5PM-4AM
  • Sat 1PM-4AM
  • Sun 4PM-4AM

BLVD, or Boulevard if you’re not into the whole brevity thing, is Spinningfields’ answer to high-end drinking and dining, and it’s as swanky as they come. 

Brought to you by the brains behind Factory and Impossible, this place is decked out with neon lights, green plant walls, and luxury fittings that scream ‘night out’. 

It’s become a hotspot for Manchester’s glitterati, and you might even bump into a Love Island alum if you’re lucky. The vibe here is more exclusive club than casual bar, making it the perfect spot to live out your VIP dreams, even if it’s just for the night.

Pro tip:
Dress to impress; you never know who you’ll be rubbing shoulders with at BLVD.


Media from manahattauk

Website: Manahatta

Address: 188 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3NE, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 672 0620

Operating Hours: 

  • Sun – Wed 11AM-12AM
  • Thurs 11AM-1AM
  • Fri – Sat 11AM-3AM

Manahatta is like a slice of NYC right in the heart of Manchester, and it’s got the swagger to match. This place is all about the glam, from neon signs that’ll have you humming Sinatra to toilets fancier than most bars (golden chandeliers and chaise lounges, anyone?). 

It’s a bar that doesn’t just aim to bring the Big Apple to Manchester; it smashes it out of the park. Cocktails that scream sophistication, a vibe as vibrant as Times Square, and a setting that’s smart enough to make you want to dress up a bit. 

Manahatta is where you go when you want that Manhattan experience without the transatlantic flight.

Pro tip:
Embrace the New York state of mind; start with their signature cocktails and let the city vibes roll.

Dirty Martini

Media from dirty_martiniuk

Website: Dirty Martini

Address: 1 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 241 0781

Operating Hours: 

  • Sun – Wed 3PM-1AM
  • Thurs 3PM-2AM
  • Fri – Sat 12PM-3AM

If cocktails were an art form, Dirty Martini would be the Tate Modern. This stylish bar is where Manchester’s cocktail aficionados gather to sip on some of the city’s most creatively concocted drinks. 

Known for its signature martinis (dirty or not, your choice), the vibe here is as slick as the drinks are smooth. With a décor that’s chic and a playlist that’s just the right side of upbeat, it’s the perfect spot for a post-work wind-down or a sophisticated start to a night out. 

And with happy hour deals that’ll make your wallet as happy as your taste buds, there’s no reason not to give it a try.

Pro tip:
Their happy hour is legendary; make sure you time your visit to make the most of it.


Media from menagerie_restaurant

Website: Menagerie

Address: One New Bailey, New Bailey St, Salford M3 5JL, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 832 3818

Operating Hours: 

  • Sun – Thurs 12PM-12AM
  • Fri – Sat 12PM-2AM

Menagerie isn’t just a bar; it’s an experience. This is where theatrical dining meets nightlife in a spectacle of sights, sounds, and tastes. With a flair for the dramatic, Menagerie brings the concept of ‘eatertainment’ to life. 

Expect to dine and drink among extravagant décor, including Instagram-worthy installations and performances that blend seamlessly with the crowd. It’s a place where the unexpected is the norm, and every visit promises something new. 

Plus, with a location that’s easy to get to and an atmosphere that’s hard to forget, Menagerie makes for an ideal spot for special occasions or a standout night out.

Pro tip:
The performances are a must-see; plan your visit around showtimes for the full Menagerie experience.


Media from tatturestaurant

Website: Tattu

Address: 3 Hardman Square, Gartside St, Manchester M3 3EB, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 819 2060

Operating Hours: 

  • Sun – Wed 12PM-10PM
  • Thurs – Sat 12PM-11PM

Tattu takes the concept of dining and drinking to a whole new level, combining modern Chinese cuisine with an opulent interior that’s as breathtaking as the food and drinks are exquisite. 

Set against a backdrop of intricate designs and stunning art installations, including the iconic cherry blossom tree, Tattu offers an immersive experience that captivates from the moment you step inside. 

The cocktail menu blends traditional flavours and innovative techniques, creating drinks that complement the bold and creative dishes on offer. This is the place to go when you’re looking to impress, celebrate, or indulge in a night of luxury.

Pro tip:
Don’t skip the dessert menu; it’s as innovative as their cocktails.

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