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The 11 Best Breakfast Spots to Try in Didsbury

The 11 Best Breakfast Spots to Try in Didsbury

If there’s one thing Didsbury knows how to do right, it’s breakfast! Trust us—we’ve had our fair share of full English breakfasts (english breakfast manchester) around here, and let me tell you, they’re mint!

We know that it isn’t just about the classics, though! So, to help you plan your next breakfast in Didsbury, we whipped up this list of cosy cafes and trendy joints that’ll leave you buzzing for the rest of your day!

Thyme Out

Media from thymeoutfoodco

Website: Thyme Out

Address: 147 Nell Ln, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2LG, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 8686

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 9AM-5PM

Thyme Out, tucked away just off Burton Road, is a cherished spot among Didsbury locals, famous for its ‘Full Didsbury’ breakfast. 

This hearty feast includes smoked Cheshire bacon, sausage, eggs, homemade hash, black pudding, tomatoes, rosemary and sea salt mushrooms, and sourdough toast—all for a friendly price. 

It’s a place that feels both part of the bustling local scene and a peaceful retreat with its offerings of fresh coffee, pastries, and juices. It’s an independent eatery where the vibe is as important as the food, perfect for those who enjoy their morning meal with a side of local flavour.

Pro tip:
The Full Didsbury is an absolute must for first-timers and seasoned visitors alike. It’s like a tour of Manchester on a plate.

Another Heart to Feed

Media from anotherhearttofeed

Website: Another Heart to Feed

Address: 220 Burton Rd, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2LW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 8686

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 7:30AM-4PM
  • Sat – Sun 9AM-4PM

Another Heart to Feed began in Salford’s Chapel Street and has established itself as a core component of Manchester’s vibrant brunch scene. 

The café exudes a modern, inviting atmosphere where every detail, from natural wines to locally sourced ingredients, is carefully curated. 

Their standout dish, the Turkish Eggs with dill labneh, harissa oil, and your choice of halloumi or Merguez sausage on toasted sourdough, showcases their commitment to flavour and quality. 

Pro tip:
Opt for the Turkish Eggs with Merguez sausage for a spicy kick to start your day right.

Mary & Archie

Media from maryandarchie

Website: Mary & Archie

Address: 200 Burton Rd, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2LW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 448 0101

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 9AM-11PM

Nestled in the bustling Burton Road area, Mary & Archie is the kind of place where you can pop in anytime and find something great. They’ve recently jazzed up their brunch menu, bringing back crowd-pleasers like the Breakfast Burrito alongside posher picks like Eggs Benedict. 

Not just a morning haunt, you can slide into this cosy spot for brunch, lunch, or an evening bite, with the brunch delights served from 10 AM to 3 PM. 

They also serve up some cracking deals on food, so if you’re a deal hunter, keep tabs on their Instagram for the latest updates. 

Pro tip:
Their Breakfast Burrito is a hefty wrap of morning joy—don’t miss out on it when you swing by.


Media from folkdidsbury

Website: FOLK

Address: 169 Burton Rd, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2LN, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 445 2912

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 9AM-11PM
  • Sat – Sun 9AM-12AM

FOLK isn’t just a cafe; it’s a result of four mates dreaming up a place that mixes their love for kick-ass coffee, scrumptious food, and chill vibes. 

This neighbourhood bar is all about the personal touch, offering a brunch menu from 10 AM to 3 PM that includes unique twists on traditional breakfast items. 

Take their Bacon Butty, which comes in a lush brioche bun, or the hearty Steak and Eggs with a side of zesty chimichurri and a sprinkle of red pepper flakes. FOLK is where you come to hang out and enjoy the tunes—perfect for those who appreciate their breakfast with good music.

Pro tip:
Try the Bacon Butty in a brioche bun—it’s a simple pleasure that’s been elevated to something memorable.

Corner & Bloom

Media from cornerandbloom

Website: Corner & Bloom

Address: 2A Lapwing Ln, Manchester M20 2WS, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 8686

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 7AM-4PM

Corner & Bloom is that cracking family-run cafe where everything feels a bit more personal and a lot more delicious. 

Open from 9 AM every day, they serve up a storm with their Full English Breakfast, featuring Grandad’s Sausages, homemade hash browns, and beans that elevate the dish to new heights.

The cafe itself is bright and plant-filled, creating a refreshing vibe for a leisurely breakfast or brunch. They’re also big on their brunch cocktails, including an excellent Bloody Mary that’s perfect for those mornings after.

Pro tip:
The homemade hash browns are a game-changer—crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside, and utterly irresistible.

The Art of Tea

Media from artofteauk

Website: The Art of Tea

Address: 47 Barlow Moor Rd, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6TW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 448 9323

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 9AM-10PM

If you fancy a spot that’s a bit different, The Art of Tea is your gaff. Nestled on Barlow Moor Road, this place isn’t just about noshing down a cracking Full English—it’s also about the vibe. 

Alongside the café, the Didsbury Village Bookshop, an integral part of the venue, invites patrons to sift through a treasure trove of second-hand books, including a sought-after collection of Penguin paperbacks in their iconic bright orange covers. 

After a satisfying meal, you can wander through shelves stocked with literary gems or relax on their cosy sofa with a cup of coffee and a delicious slice of cake if the Manchester weather decides to show its rainy side.

Pro tip:
Grab a pint or a glass of something stronger post-meal and maybe find a book or two to take home. It’s a perfect way to unwind.

Caramello of Didsbury

Media from caramellocafes

Website: Caramello of Didsbury

Address: 10 Whitechapel St, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6UB, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 448 0090

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 8AM-6PM

Caramello’s is your slice of Italy right in the heart of Didsbury, no plane ticket needed. This charming café does everything with a touch of Italian flair—from freshly made Eggs Benedict to smashing Biscoff French Toasts and lush Acai Bowls.

Don’t miss out on their gelato and top-notch coffee, sourced from independent roasters. It’s always buzzing at Caramello’s, filled with chatter and good vibes, making it the perfect spot to kickstart your day or for a mid-afternoon boost.

The café is also known for its array of gelato flavours and high-quality coffee, all sourced from independent roasters. Caramello’s bustling atmosphere and Italian flair make it a prime spot for both starting your day with a robust breakfast or unwinding in the afternoon with a gelato.

Pro tip:
You’ve got to try their French Toast. It’s not just good; it’s ‘tell all your mates about it’ good.

Rustica’s Cafe

Media from rusticatyre

Website: Rustica’s Cafe

Address: 2 Albert Hill St, Didsbury, Manchester M20 6RF, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 8686

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 7AM-5PM

Pop down to Rustica’s on Cavendish Road if you’re craving no-nonsense grub that really hits the spot. This old-school café has been a staple for years, serving up hearty feeds that keep the locals coming back.

Fancy a proper bacon butty or a big mug of steaming tea while you flick through the day’s papers? Rustica’s is your go-to. 

Not only does it dish out the classics, but it’s also known for its home-cooked specials. Sometimes they’re a bit quirky, but they’re always bang on the money and cracking value.

Pro tip:
Check their specials board—it’s always got something interesting, and you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck.

A Front for Something

Media from afrontforsomething

Website: A Front for Something

Address: 190 Burton Rd, Didsbury, Manchester M20 1LH, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 1234

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 8AM-6PM

If you’re after a place with a bit of character, then “A Front for Something” should hit the spot. Parked on Barlow Moor Road, this cafe packs a punch with its eclectic interior and a menu that’s just as bold. 

The Full FFS Breakfast is a beast of a meal that’s perfect for those mornings when only a proper fry-up will do, ideally paired with a hi-viz and three cups of milky PG Tips for the full effect. 

Grab a seat on their bench out front for some top-notch people watching as you tuck into your bacon butty. It’s a spot with plenty of charm and a great vibe, making it a brilliant choice for a laid-back breakfast or a leisurely brunch.

Pro tip:
Hang out on the bench if it’s a nice day. It’s prime for people watching and enjoying your meal outdoors.


Media from rustikwestdidsbury

Website: Rustik

Address: 198 Burton Rd, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 1LH, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 222 0984

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 8AM-11PM

If you’re after a spot in Didsbury that’s got a bit more going on than just your standard brekkie, Rustik might just be up your street. It’s a family-run joint where they take their food as seriously as their fun. 

Brunch here means you can tuck into the usual suspects like a hearty Full English (english breakfast manchester)  or a lush plate of Smashed Avocado, but don’t pass up on their Breakfast Burrito. 

Stuffed with all the good stuff like sausage, bacon, a fried egg, plenty of cheese, avocado, and a smidge of chilli jam for that extra zing. And if you’re around in the evenings, the place comes alive with some cracking live tunes and a cocktail that’s bang on no matter the time of day.

Pro tip:
Swing by for the live music nights. Great tunes, top grub, and a cheeky cocktail or two—what’s not to love?

Kiosk On Lapwing

Media from kioskonlapwing

Website: Kiosk On Lapwing

Address: 300 Lapwing Lane, Didsbury, Manchester M20 2WR, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 4567

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 7AM-4PM

Kiosk On Lapwing might be the tiniest gem in Didsbury, but don’t be fooled by its size. Dubbed everything from ‘Manchester’s Smallest Cocktail Bar’ to a ‘Cupboard Turned Coffee Shop,’ this place has been charming the socks off locals since it popped up during the pandemic.

Owned by Jemma O’Brien, who lives just upstairs, the Kiosk is a cracking spot for its superb morning bakes and top-notch coffee. By night, it transforms into a buzzing joint where the booze flows freely, making it a top pick for both your morning caffeine kick and your evening unwind.

Whether you’re in for a quick coffee or sticking around for a cocktail, this snug spot punches well above its weight, proving good things really do come in small packages.

Pro tip:
Try popping by in the evening when it turns into a mini cocktail spot. It’s a great way to experience its dual personality—coffee shop by day, hotspot by night.

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