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12 Best Cocktail Making Classes in Manchester Your Guide

12 Best Cocktail Making Classes in Manchester: Your Guide

Fancy becoming a cocktail whiz? We’ve got the scoop on Manchester’s best cocktail making classes where you can go from novice to mix master in no time.

Whether you’re planning a fun date, a catch-up with mates, or just keen to up your home bar game, we’ve rounded up the spots that’ll have you shaking and stirring like a pro.

In this guide, we’re spilling the beans on what makes each class stand out, from the coolest venues to the quirkiest drinks (Things to do in Manchester drinking). Plus, we’ll throw in a few handy tips to make sure your experience is top-notch.

The Liars Club

Media from theliarsclubmcr

Address: 19A Back Bridge St, Manchester M3 2PB, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Wed – Thur 8PM-4AM
  • Fri – Sun 6PM-4AM

Contact: +44 161 834 5111


Tucked away beneath the bustling streets of Manchester, The Liars Club is your tropical escape right in the city centre. As you descend the stairs, you’re greeted by an atmosphere that’s as warm as the Caribbean sun. 

The decor screams tiki with its bamboo walls, tribal masks, and an abundance of flaming cocktails. Their cocktail making class is an immersive experience that will have you muddling, shaking, and stirring like a pro. 

The instructors are not just mixologists; they are entertainers, bringing a dash of drama and a sprinkle of comedy to each lesson. You’ll learn the secrets behind their signature drinks and the history of the spirits that make them. 

Pro tip:
Ask about the ‘Mystery Box Challenge’ at the end of the class. They’ll give you a selection of random ingredients to create your concoction. It’s a fantastic test of your newfound skills and a lot of laughs.


Media from mojomanchester

Address: 59A Bridge St, Manchester M3 3BQ, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Fri 2PM-4AM
  • Sat 1PM-5AM
  • Sun 2PM-4M

Contact: +44 113 360 4810


MOJO is a cocktail bar with a heart of rock ‘n’ roll, offering an experience that’s as much about the vibe as it is about the drinks. Here, the spirit of the ’60s and ’70s music scene is alive and kicking, and it infuses everything they do; the cocktail making classes are no exception. 

From the moment you walk in, you’re part of the MOJO family; the bar is decked out with memorabilia, the music is loud, and the energy is high. Your class will be a hands-on journey through the world of mixology, set against a backdrop of classic tunes. 

You’ll learn about the history and culture of cocktail-making while mastering the techniques. The instructors are passionate and knowledgeable, happy to share their tips and tricks. 

And the best part? You get to drink your creations while jamming to some classic hits. It’s not just a class; it’s a party.

Pro tip:
Stick around after your class and soak up the atmosphere. MOJO is known for its late-night parties, and you might just find yourself dancing the night away.

Dirty Martini Manchester

Media from dirty_martiniuk

Address: 1 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Sun – Thur 2PM-3AM
  • Thur – Sat 12PM-3AM

Contact: +44 161 241 0781


At Dirty Martini Manchester, you’ll feel like you’ve walked onto the set of a sleek, stylish movie. The decor is chic and modern, with an elegant bar that’s a work of art in itself. 

But don’t let the sophisticated vibe fool you; this place knows how to let its hair down. Their cocktail making class is a refined affair, but it’s also full of fun and surprises; you’ll be greeted with a signature martini, setting the tone for the experience to come. 

The class covers the classics, but also encourages creativity and experimentation. You’ll get hands-on experience, shaking, stirring, and sipping your way through the session. 

Pro tip:
Dress to impress. Dirty Martini is the perfect place for those Insta-worthy shots, so you’ll want to look the part as you shake up your new favourite cocktail.

Cocoa Cabana

Address: 7 Murray St, Ancoats, Manchester M4 6HS, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 9AM-6PM

Contact: +44 161 236 4784


Indulge your sweet tooth and your cocktail cravings at Cocoa Cabana, a chocolate boutique by day that transforms into a cocktail haven by night. Here, it’s all about combining the rich, indulgent world of artisan chocolates with the craft of cocktail making. 

The place is cosy, with a touch of elegance, making you feel like you’ve stepped into a secret society for chocolate lovers. In their cocktail class, you’ll dive into the delectable marriage of chocolate and liquor.

Learn how to blend cocoa with spirits to create concoctions that are as delicious as they are beautiful. From chocolate martinis to creamy, dreamy delights, this class is a journey through flavour and texture. 

The instructors are both chocolatiers and mixologists, offering insights into the art of both crafts. Plus, there’s plenty of tasting involved, ensuring a sweet experience all around.

Pro tip:
Don’t rush off after your class. Stick around to sample their handmade chocolates, the perfect takeaway to remember your delicious day out.


Media from banyanuk

Address: Unit 4, The Corn Exchange, Exchange Square, Manchester M4 3TR, United Kingdom

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 11AM-11PM
  • Sat – Sun 10M-11PM

Contact: +44 161 832 4798


Banyan is not just a bar; it’s a vibe. Located in the heart of the city, it’s a place where the decor is as vibrant as the drinks menu. The cocktail making class here is an energetic and interactive experience that reflects the lively spirit of Banyan itself. 

As you step behind the bar, you’re not just learning to make drinks; you’re becoming part of the show. The instructors are charismatic, they’ll guide you through the creation of classic cocktails and Banyan signatures, sharing stories and techniques along the way. 

The class is a balance of learning and laughter, ensuring that you walk away with both new skills and great memories. And as you mix and mingle with your fellow classmates, you’ll feel the buzz of Manchester’s social scene right at your fingertips.

Pro tip:
Make sure to check out their food menu after the class. Banyan’s dishes are the perfect complement to your freshly shaken cocktails, and they’re great for sharing.

Revolucion de Cuba

Media from decubamcr

Address: 11 Peter St, Manchester M2 5QR, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Sun – Fri 11:30AM-3AM
  • Sat 11AM-3AM

Contact: +44 161 826 8266


Revolucion de Cuba will transport you to a world of salsa beats, vibrant colours, and, of course, rum. This Havana-inspired bar is a slice of tropical paradise in Manchester, offering a cocktail making class that’s as hot as its Cuban beats. 

You’ll be greeted with a welcome mojito, setting the scene for the fun ahead. The class is an interactive fiesta, with instructors who are as passionate about Cuban culture as they are about cocktails. 

You’ll shake, muddle, and stir your way through a range of rum-based drinks, learning about the spirit’s rich history and the stories behind each cocktail. The atmosphere is electric, with salsa music providing the perfect soundtrack to your mixology adventure. 

Pro tip:
Don’t be shy! Get into the spirit of things by trying out a few salsa moves. The staff are always happy to lead an impromptu dance lesson, making for an unforgettable evening.


Address: Arch 7, Deansgate Locks, Whitworth St, Manchester M1 5LH, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Wed 4PM-3AM
  • Thur – Fri 4PM-12AM
  • Sat 12PM-3:30AM
  • Sun 12PM-12AM

Contact: +44 161 839 7558


Revolution might just be the epitome of Manchester’s vibrant cocktail scene’ It’s where modern meets classic, with a splash of revolutionary spirit. 

The venue itself is a lively, stylish space that buzzes with energy, perfect for those looking to dive into the dynamic world of cocktails. 

In their masterclass, you’ll find a hands-on affair where you’ll be both student and star of the show, and you’ll learn to create Revolution’s iconic drinks, from fizzy fizzes to sophisticated sips. 

Instructors are a blend of fun and expertise, ensuring your glass is always half full, both literally and figuratively. They’re keen on sharing not just the how-to but also the why, giving you a deeper understanding of each concoction. 

Pro tip:
If you’re planning a night out, book your class for the early evening. It’s the perfect prelude to a night in Manchester, setting you up with both skills and spirits.

The Alchemist – New York Street

Media from thealchemistnys

Address: 1 New York St, Manchester M1 4HD, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Wed 9AM-12AM
  • Thur 9AM-1AM
  • Fri 9AM-2AM
  • Sat 10AM-2AM

Contact: +44 161 228 3856


The Alchemist is where science meets magic, and their New York Street location is no exception. This isn’t just a cocktail class; it’s an alchemical transformation where the place oozes sophistication with a quirky twist.

With their classes, you can delve the mysterious world of molecular mixology, learning techniques that are as intriguing as they are delicious; think cocktails that change colour, smoke, and even levitate. 

The Alchemist’s mixologists are more like wizards, guiding you through each spellbinding step. You’ll learn about the chemistry behind the cocktails, making this class a feast for both the mind and the palate.

Pro tip:
Don’t rush away after your class. The Alchemist’s menu is as innovative as its drinks, offering culinary delights that are the perfect pairing for your newly learned libations.

All Bar One

Media from allbarone

Address: 73-79 King St, Greater, Manchester M2 4NG, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Thur 10AM-11PM
  • Fri – Sat 10AM-12AM
  • Sun 10AM-10PM

Contact: +44 161 830 1811


All Bar One is a chic and friendly bar where sophistication meets relaxation;  the perfect spot for those who appreciate the finer things but in a laid-back setting. The cocktail making classes here are a reflection of that ethos: stylish yet approachable. 

Here, you’re welcomed into a world of shakers and stirrers, where creating the perfect cocktail is about balance and beauty. The instructors are knowledgeable and personable, making sure that each participant gets a tailored experience. 

You’ll learn to craft All Bar One’s signature drinks as well as classic cocktails, with plenty of tasting along the way. The atmosphere is convivial and relaxed, making it a great option for those looking to learn in a more subdued environment.

Pro tip:
Pair your class with a meal. All Bar One’s menu is full of delicious, beautifully presented dishes that are designed to complement their cocktail selection.

Project Halcyon Distillery

Media from projecthalcyondistillery

Address: Bonded Warehouse, Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4AP, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Wed – Thur 4PM-12AM
  • Fri – Sat 3PM-1AM
  • Sun 2PM-11PM

Contact: +44 161 414 0133


Nestled in the heart of Manchester, Project Halcyon Distillery is not just a place to learn about cocktails; it’s an experience in the art of spirit making. This boutique distillery offers an intimate setting where you can delve deep into the world of gin and vodka. 

Their masterclass is a unique journey from still to sip. You’ll learn about the distillation process, the botanicals, and the craftsmanship that goes into every bottle. 

The hands-on experience allows you to create your bespoke spirit, guided by the passionate and knowledgeable distillers. It’s a perfect blend of education and enjoyment, set in a venue that exudes industrial chic charm.

Pro tip:
Make sure to book a bottle of your custom spirit to take home. It’s a fantastic way to remember your experience and impress friends with your distilling debut.

The Anthologist St Peter’s Square

Media from theanthologistmanchester

Address: One St Peter’s Square, Manchester M2 3DE, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Mon 12PM-9PM
  • Tue-Thur 11AM-11PM
  • Fri 11AM-12AM
  • Sat 10AM-12AM
  • Sun 10AM-6PM

Contact: +44 161 667 0640


The Anthologist is a stylish and contemporary bar located in the bustling St Peter’s Square; it’s a place where creativity and cocktails come together in a beautifully designed space. 

The cocktail making classes here are as much about the experience as they are about the learning. You’re invited into a world of mixology where the ingredients are fresh, the combinations are innovative, and the results are always delightful. 

The instructors will guide you through the creation of both classic and contemporary cocktails, sharing tips and tricks along the way. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned sipper, you’ll find the class both informative and entertaining.

Pro tip:
Take advantage of the location and plan a stroll around St Peter’s Square before or after your class. It’s a beautiful area, perfect for a bit of contemplation over your newly mixed creations.

Slug and Lettuce

Media from slugandlettucebars

Address: 11 Portland St, Manchester M1 3HU, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Sun – Thur 10AM-11PM
  • Fri – Sat 10AM-1AM

Contact: +44 161 237 0631


Slug and Lettuce is known for its lively atmosphere and fun vibe, making it a great spot for those looking to have a good time while learning about cocktails. The venue itself is vibrant and welcoming, with a decor that’s both chic and cheerful. 

Their cocktail making class is a party in itself; you’ll be greeted with a bubbly reception, setting the mood for the fun ahead. The instructors are as entertaining as they are knowledgeable, making sure everyone is engaged and enjoying themselves. 

You’ll learn to make a range of drinks, from the timeless classics to Slug and Lettuce’s own inventive creations. The class is interactive and social, perfect for those looking to mix new drinks and new friends.

Pro tip:
Don’t miss out on the food. Slug and Lettuce offers a range of tasty bites that are perfect for sharing and pair wonderfully with your cocktail creations.

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