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Your Guide to West Didsbury’s 11 Best Food Spots

Your Guide to West Didsbury’s 11 Best Food Spots

West Didsbury’s where it’s at for a proper scran and a pint. This part of Manchester’s not just buzzing; it’s absolutely bursting with spots that’ll make your taste buds sing and your heart happy.

It’s all about good grub, great drinks, and even better company around here—you’re guaranteed to find a gem that’ll have you bragging to your mates for weeks.

In this guide, we’re giving you the insider scoop on West Didsbury’s top places to eat and drink, so read on! 


Media from folkdidsbury

Website: Folk

Address: 169 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LN, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 445 2912

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 9AM-11PM

Imagine a place that’s as perfect for a cuppa with your nan as it is for a pint with your mates. That’s Folk for you. By day, it’s all about banging coffees and top-notch brunches. 

Come nightfall, the place transforms into a cosy hub with an unbeatable selection of beers and vibes that make you want to settle in and never leave. The décor’s as comfy as your favourite jumper, and there’s always something going on, from DJ sets to live music. 

The food had a glow-up, too, with a menu that’s all about heartwarming, informal eats that’ll have you loosening a button or two. And the drinks? Think local heroes on tap and a wine list that’s got something for every mood.

Pro tip:
The weekend brunch here is legendary; it’s the kind of meal that’ll make you wish everyday was Sunday.


Media from voltamanchester

Website: Volta

Address: 167 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LN, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 448 8887

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Thu 12PM-12AM
  • Fri – Sat 12PM-1AM
  • Sun 12PM-12AM

Volta’s not just any spot; it’s a goldmine for the foodies. Led by the award-winning chef Alex Shaw, this place has got it all – from the buzz to the bites that make you go “wow.” 

It’s the kind of joint that makes you want to try everything on the menu, thanks to its small plates packed with big flavours. Think British ingredients with a sunny Mediterranean twist, like their crispy lamb shawarma that’ll have you licking your fingers clean. 

And the drink selection? As carefully curated as their dishes, featuring local brews and wines that are just begging to be tried. It’s got that perfect mix of laid-back atmosphere and top-notch dining that’s hard to find.

Pro tip:
Hit up their happy hour. It’s an absolute steal, and you’ll get to sample some of the best cocktails around without breaking the bank.

The Epicurean Beers

Media from the_epicurean_beers

Website: The Epicurean Beers

Address: 226 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 2549

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Sat 10AM-8PM
  • Sun 12PM-5PM

The Epicurean’s right at the heart of Manchester’s booming beer buzz, showcasing the best brews from our backyard and beyond. 

It’s more than a shop; it’s a deep dive into the craft beer world, sorted properly into seven categories: top-notch British, American, German, Belgian, the rest from around the globe, along with some belting gluten-free options and cider.

Whether you’re a proper beer buff or just starting to explore what’s out there, the folks at The Epicurean have got you covered. They’ll help you find your next favourite pint in no time. 

Pro tip:
Don’t walk past without asking for their newest arrivals. The team’s always excited to share their latest and greatest finds, and you might just stumble upon a new favourite.

The Great Kathmandu

Media from thegreatkathmandu

Website: The Great Kathmandu

Address: 140 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 1JQ, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 445 2145

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 5PM-11PM

Ever fancy a bit of a spice kick? The Great Kathmandu’s got you covered. This place is a bit of a legend around these parts, famed for its mouth-watering Nepalese cuisine. 

It’s all about big flavours and generous portions here, perfect for when you’re starving or just in the mood to share some grub with mates. The vibe’s as warm as their curries, with a decor that transports you straight to Nepal. 

Whether you’re a fan of the classics or keen to try something new, their menu’s packed with dishes that’ll have you coming back for more.

Pro tip:
Their momos are a must-try – these dumplings are little pockets of joy that’ll leave you craving more.


Media from saison_bar

Website: Saison

Address: 236 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 9521

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Thu 4PM-12AM
  • Fri 4PM-1AM
  • Sat 12PM-1AM
  • Sun 12PM-12AM

Saison is a watering hole with a twist. Think craft beers, world wines, and a cocktail list that makes choosing your poison a delightful dilemma. It’s a laid-back spot where the atmosphere is just as important as the drinks menu. 

Whether you’re popping in for a post-work pint or settling in for a session with friends, Saison provides the perfect backdrop. And let’s not forget about the nibbles – the perfect accompaniment to whatever you’re drinking.

Pro tip:
Keep an eye out for their seasonal specials, both on the tap and the cocktail menu. There’s always something new and intriguing to sample.

Mary and Archie

Media from maryandarchie

Website: Mary and Archie

Address: 111 Manchester Rd, Manchester M21 9PG, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 282 2795

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Thu 10AM-11PM
  • Fri – Sat 10AM-12AM
  • Sun 10AM-11PM

Taking over the former spot of Silver Apples, Mary and Archie have quickly made themselves a cosy corner in the hearts of locals. This snug bar is all about charm, from its eclectic decor to its welcoming atmosphere. 

Whether you’re here for a laid-back drink or to catch one of their buzzing live music nights or quizzes, you’re in for a treat. 

The bar shines with its impressive lineup of local beers and ales, accompanied by a straightforward yet satisfying food menu that keeps things interesting with changing specials. It’s the kind of place where you’re always in for a bit of a surprise, making each visit memorable.

Pro tip:
Don’t miss their live music nights. It’s when the bar really comes alive, offering a slice of West Didsbury’s best vibes.

Crazy Wendy’s

Media from crazywendys_westdidsbury

Website: Crazy Wendy’s

Address: 210 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 445 5200

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 5PM-12AM

Crazy Wendy’s is an institution that defies easy description. Part Thai restaurant, part cabaret venue, it’s where you go for a night that you won’t forget anytime soon. 

The place is, in a word, mental — from Wendy herself serenading guests (sometimes from atop a table) to the lively atmosphere that’ll have you questioning why every dinner doesn’t come with a side of karaoke. 

The North-Eastern Thai cuisine is seriously good, offering a delicious distraction from the evening’s entertainment. But let’s be honest, it’s Wendy’s cabaret on Friday and Saturday nights that steals the show, ensuring a visit here is about much more than just the food.

Pro tip:
Embrace the madness. A night at Crazy Wendy’s is as much about the experience as it is about the food and drink; join in, sing along, and make some memories.

The George Charles

Media from thegeorgecharles

Website: The George Charles

Address: 244 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 445 4999

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Thu 4PM-11PM
  • Fri 4PM-12AM
  • Sat 12PM-12AM
  • Sun 12PM-11PM

A relatively new addition to Burton Road, The George Charles has quickly established itself as a local favourite, thanks to its co-owners, ex-Manchester City star Michael Johnson and David Vanderhook of Lime Bar fame. 

This place offers a cosy retreat with a stellar selection of beers and a surprisingly expansive menu. The vibe here is effortlessly chic yet inviting, making it a perfect spot for a casual pint or a hearty meal. 

The menu focuses on accomplished pub grub with a nod to classic British dishes. Their beer-battered cod and hand-cut chips are a testament to their commitment to quality, while the rack of lamb with potatoes and root veg showcases the kitchen’s prowess.

Pro tip:
The beer selection is excellent, but don’t leave without trying their food. The classic British dishes are done just right, making them a comforting treat any day of the week.

And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

Media from andthedishranawaywiththespoon

Website: And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon

Address: 230 Burton Rd, Manchester M20 2LW, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 637 5517

Operating Hours: Wed – Sun 10AM-5PM

This charming café and bakery is all about indulgence. Light, bright, and always inviting, And The Dish Ran Away With The Spoon may be tiny, but it makes a big impression with its array of cakes and bakes. 

The counter is a feast for the eyes, lined with everything from layer cakes and brownies to cupcakes and doughnuts, all handmade with love. 

The afternoon tea is an absolute delight, offering a banquet of homemade cakes, finger sandwiches, and loose-leaf tea for a truly decadent experience. While the space may get packed quickly, the friendly and efficient service ensures everyone leaves happy and satisfied.

Pro tip:
Their afternoon tea is not to be missed. It’s an indulgent affair that’s perfect for special occasions or simply as a treat to yourself after a long week.

Wine and Wallop

Media from wineandwallopdidsbury

Website: Wine and Wallop

Address: 147 Nell Ln, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2LG, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 446 2464

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Thur 11AM-11PM
  • Fri – Sun 11AM-12AM

This spot, Wine and Wallop, is a proper classy joint, like stepping into a grown-up’s playground, but instead of swings and roundabouts, it’s all about the wine and nibbles. It’s the sibling of Folk but has carved out its own identity, leaning more towards the sophisticated end of the spectrum. 

The atmosphere is laid-back yet elegant, offering a perfect backdrop for those after-work drinks or a relaxed weekend catch-up. Their wine list is as lengthy as a Manchester rain, with bottles sourced from every corner of the globe, ensuring there’s something to tickle your fancy. 

The charcuterie, cheeses, and breads are top-notch, making for the perfect accompaniment to their stellar wines. The beer and spirits might take up less room on the menu, but each one’s been picked to perfection.

Pro tip:
The window seats are prime real estate here; nab one if you can and watch the world go by with a fine glass in hand. It’s prime territory for those who love a bit of people-watching with their Pinot.

Thyme Out Food

Media from thymeoutfoodco

Website: Thyme Out Food

Address: 147 Nell Ln, West Didsbury, Manchester M20 2LG, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 434 8686

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 8:30AM-4PM

Thyme Out Food is the brunch champion of West Didsbury; this place is a local legend, known for knocking out some of the best breakfasts and brunches in town. Their garden is an absolute suntrap, offering a slice of paradise for those rare sunny Manchester days. 

The menu is a brunch lover’s dream, from the ‘light’ breakfast that covers all the essentials without overdoing it, to the Foodies’ Breakfast, which is an absolute beast of a meal. 

We’re talking smoked bacon rashers, sausages that’ll make you weep with joy, Bury black pudding that’s as authentic as it gets, and duck eggs that are just begging to be broken into. 

Pro tip:
If the weather’s playing ball, make a beeline for the garden. It’s like finding a secret garden where the food’s as good as the surroundings. 

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