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14 Must-Visit Markets in Manchester

14 Must-Visit Markets in Manchester

When going about during your free time, I bet you sometimes feel like you should go out on a shopping spree—am I right? But the problem is, some of the things in the city are just too bloody expensive! 

This is where markets come in, and Manchester has quite a few that you ought to pay attention to. To get you started, here are the must-visit markets that are both affordable and fun to go to with friends and family. 

Makers Market 

Contact Details: +441618323552


Operating Hours: Sundays,11 AM to 5 PM 


  • Great Northern Makers Market
  • West Didsbury Makers Market
  • Northern Quarter Makers market
  • The Makers Market Oak Street 

Makers Markets are flourishing hubs of creativity found in various cities across the UK, not just in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. These markets are sanctuaries for artisans, offering a platform for handmade crafts, unique trinkets, and delectable street food.

On weekends, these bustling spaces come alive with a diverse range of vendors. From artisanal bakers peddling freshly-baked pastries to skilled jewellers displaying their intricate creations, there’s something for everyone. 

Street musicians often provide a lively soundtrack, adding an extra layer of atmosphere to these vibrant markets.

But the experience doesn’t end with shopping. Many Makers Markets also feature workshops and live demonstrations, giving visitors a firsthand look into the world of craftsmanship. 

These interactive sessions allow you to not only observe but also engage with the artisans, enriching your market experience.

Surrounding these markets, you’ll often find neighbourhoods teeming with culture. Vintage shops, indie cafes, and eye-catching murals are common sights, making the areas around the Makers Markets hotspots for culture enthusiasts.

With their blend of traditional market vibes and contemporary creativity, Makers Markets across the UK stand as testaments to the nation’s ever-evolving cultural landscape.

Local Tip: 
The Makers Market is a haven for fans of online shops like Etsy, offering a range of handmade crafts, art, and delicious pastries. The vendors change frequently, so there’s always something new to discover.

Arndale Market

Address: 49 High St, Manchester M4 3AH, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441618323552


Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM; Sunday 11:30 AM to 5:30 PM 

Located in the heart of Manchester, Arndale Market is a distinct and iconic venue that has been a city staple for years. 

Just don’t confuse this one with the other Arndale market, called the ‘Arndale Food Market’, as the two are quite different. 

This particular ‘Arndale Market’ is a general market that offers a wide variety of goods and services, ranging from clothing and accessories to household items and electronics. 

It’s a place where you can find an assortment of products under one roof, catering to a broad spectrum of consumer needs.

With a wide variety of stalls, engaging conversations with traders, and the irresistible scents filling the air, Arndale Market offers a sensory experience that captures the very essence of Manchester.

Local Tip: 
The market is home to a ‘Book Exchange’ stall where you can swap a book for free, making it a paradise for bibliophiles.

Levenshulme Market

Address: Stockport Rd, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 3AD, United Kingdom

Contact Details: N/A 


Operating Hours: Saturdays, 10 AM to 4 PM 

Levenshulme Market is more than just a market, it’s a community hub. Operating primarily on weekends, it’s a local favourite. This market offers everything from fresh organic produce to vintage clothing. 

Its charm doesn’t just lie in the products on sale but also in the tight-knit community of traders and regulars. If you listen closely, you’ll hear stories shared over counters, tales of Manchester’s history, and personal anecdotes. 

If you’re on the hunt for some hearty street food or vegan treats (vegan restaurants manchester), Levenshulme has got you covered. There’s also often live entertainment, from local bands to quirky street performers, adding to the vibrant atmosphere. 

Many of the traders are local entrepreneurs, so each purchase supports not just an individual but the wider community. It’s this sense of togetherness that sets Levenshulme Market apart, and I’m all for it!

Local Tip: 
Levenshulme Market is not just a daytime affair; it sometimes holds Night Markets featuring entertainment, a bar, and more. Keep an eye on their website for updates.

Gorton Market

Address: Gorton District Centre, Garratt Way, Manchester M18 8LD, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441612313522


Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 9 AM to 5:30 PM; Sunday, closed 

Gorton Market is a hidden gem, and if you’re after a slice of authentic Manchester, then this is where you want to be. Away from the usual tourist trails, Gorton offers a rich blend of local traders selling everything from fresh produce to household items. 

You’ll often hear the warm chatter of Mancunians discussing the week’s events or exchanging family stories, giving the market a wonderfully intimate feel. It’s got the charm of a bygone era—think classic market stalls, vibrant colours, and the familiar hum of a community in action. 

Beyond the stalls, you’ll often find local musicians adding to the atmosphere, making it a great spot to sip on a cup of tea and people-watch. 

Whether you’re a tourist keen to experience the local way of life or a native looking to rediscover a familiar spot, Gorton Market is always worth a wander.

Local Tip: 
The market has a dedicated pet supply section like the Aquatics Centre and Pets at Home, making it a one-stop-shop for pet owners.

Longsight Market

Address: Dickenson Rd, Longsight, Manchester M13 0WG, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441612259859


Operating Hours: Tuesday and Thursday 9 AM to 3 PM; Wednesday and Friday 9 AM to 4:30 PM; Monday and Sunday, closed 

Longsight Market is a global crossroads right in Manchester. It serves as a melting pot of diverse cultures, sounds, and flavours. As you stroll through the market, you’ll encounter a vivid array of colours from fresh fruits, vegetables, and fabrics.

One of the market’s main attractions is its wide range of international foods. From spicy samosas to sweet baklavas, it seems like every corner of the globe has a representation in Longsight. 

But the market is more than just a shopping destination; it’s a living testament to the rich diversity that Manchester has to offer.

When it comes to men’s apparel, the selection is somewhat limited. But don’t let that deter you; Longsight Market has something for everyone, especially those who appreciate the richness of global cultures.

Local Tip: 
Longsight Market is known for its ‘Spice Lane’, a row of stalls specialising in rare and exotic spices. This is the place to be if you’re planning to try cooking exotic dishes!

Harpurhey Shopping Centre Undercover Market

Address: North City Shopping Centre, Manchester M9 4DH, United Kingdom

Contact Details:


Operating Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday 6 AM to 5 PM; Wednesday and Sunday, closed 

Harpurhey offers the best of both worlds: the hustle and bustle of an open market with the comfort of being undercover. Perfect for those unpredictable Manchester weather days! 

With a long-standing history in the community, Harpurhey is more than just a market; it’s a gathering spot. 

From fresh meat and fish to clothing and electronics, there’s something for everyone. The food court is especially popular, with a tantalising array of dishes that cater to every craving. 

One standout feature is the community events held here, from workshops to kids’ days, ensuring there’s always something happening. If you’re seeking a mix of traditional shopping with a touch of modernity, Harpurhey is a sure bet.

Local Tip: 
This market is a one-stop-shop for both essentials and unique finds. From quality fruits and baked goods to novel handmade jewellery and gadgets, it’s a treasure trove for bargain hunters.

UoM Street Food Market

Address: Arthur Lewis Building, Outside, Manchester M15, United Kingdom

Contact Details: N/A

Website: N/A

Operating Hours: Only Tuesday 11 AM to 3 PM; only available to university students and closed for everyone else during the summer 

Situated near the University of Manchester, the UoM Street Food Market is a vibrant hub teeming with youthful energy and a diverse selection of delicious food.

Designed primarily to cater to the student population, the market offers a wide range of international cuisines at budget-friendly prices. 

However, it’s not just a haven for students; locals and tourists are also drawn to the market’s eclectic food offerings. The atmosphere is electric, complete with a playlist of the latest hits and a palpable sense of youthful ambition.

If you’re someone who’s eager to embark on a global culinary journey without leaving the city, this market serves as your passport to a world of flavours.

Local Tip: 
Note: It’s important to mention that the UoM Street Food Market is closed during the summer months, as it primarily caters to the university student population.

Arndale Food Market

Address: Market St, Manchester M4 3AQ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441612345700


Operating Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:30 AM to 6:30 PM; Sunday 11 AM to 5 PM 

Nestled within the larger Arndale Centre, the Arndale Food Market is a gastronomic wonderland. If you’ve ever wanted to travel the world through food, this is your starting point. 

Unlike the ‘Arndale Market’, the Arndale Food Market focuses specifically on food and drink. This market features a range of food stalls, fresh produce vendors, and eateries offering diverse culinary options from around the world. 

From freshly baked French pastries to spicy Thai curries, the world’s cuisines converge here. The market boasts an array of stalls, each a mini-restaurant in its own right, serving dishes made with fresh, local ingredients. 

It’s not just about the food, though. The bustling environment, with its mingling aromas and the constant hum of conversation, makes for a unique dining experience. 

Whether you’re grabbing a quick lunch or shopping for rare ingredients for your next dinner party, the Arndale Food Market is a culinary treasure trove waiting to be explored.

Local Tip: 
Arndale Food Market is a gastronomic adventure waiting to happen. From Canadian Poutine at Blue Caribou to sustainably-sourced seafood at Holy Crab and authentic Asian dishes at Hong Thai, this market offers a world of flavours at student-friendly prices. 

Don’t miss the Reuben Poutine or the vegetable pad thai for a quick, delicious meal!

Conran Street Market – Northern Markets

Address: Conran St, Harpurhey, Manchester M9 5PR, United Kingdom

Contact Details: N/A


Operating Hours: Tuesday and Saturday only 5 AM to 3 PM

Conran Street Market, part of the Northern Markets ensemble, is an experience that takes you back in time. 

The cobbled streets, the vintage lighting, and the classic stall setups evoke a sense of nostalgia. But don’t let the old-world charm fool you. The products here are a blend of the traditional and the contemporary. 

While you might stumble upon a vintage bookstore, right next to it could be a modern art pop-up. The market is also famed for its community events, from street plays to art workshops, ensuring there’s always something going on. 

Local Tip: 
With a history spanning over 100 years, Conran Street Market is a blend of the old and new. From secondhand clothes to fresh produce, the market offers a wide variety. Don’t miss the indoor carpet shop and the on-site café for a quick refreshment while you shop.

Platt Fields Market Garden

Address: Platt Fields Park, Platt Fields Market Garden, Fallowfield, Manchester M14 6LT, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +447538860488


Operating Hours: Friday and Saturday only, 10 AM to 4 PM and 9 AM to 4 PM respectively 

Tucked away near Platt Fields Park, this market garden is a green oasis in the heart of Manchester. It’s a community-led initiative, focusing on sustainable farming and organic produce. 

More than just a market, it’s a place where you can learn about urban farming, sustainability, and organic practices. As you walk through, you’ll see neatly arranged plots of vegetables, herbs, and flowers, all tended to by local volunteers. 

The produce is fresh, local, and sold right from the source. It’s a serene experience, far removed from the usual market hustle. 

Whether you’re picking up some fresh veggies, looking for a quiet spot to unwind, or keen to learn about urban gardening, the Platt Fields Market Garden offers a slice of tranquillity in Manchester’s bustling landscape.

Local Tip: 
This isn’t your average market garden. Platt Fields offers horticultural workshops, garden takeovers by local food producers, and even arts and community cohesion events. To stay in the loop, email [email protected] or check their Events Page for ticket bookings.

Ancoats Pop Up CIC

Address: Canton House, 34 Princess St, Manchester M1 4JY, United Kingdom

Contact Details: N/A 


Operating Hours: Saturday and Sunday only 11 AM to 4 PM 

Ancoats Pop Up CIC (Community Interest Company) operates as a dynamic market in the historic Ancoats neighbourhood. It offers a platform for local artisans, entrepreneurs, and creators to showcase their products. 

The market’s ever-changing nature guarantees each visit is a fresh experience. The range of pop-ups varies widely; from handcrafted leather items to delectable pastries from a pop-up bakery. 

The atmosphere is charged with innovation, creativity, and cooperation. As a Community Interest Company, Ancoats Pop Up prioritises community welfare, infusing each purchase with a sense of contribution.

Local Tip: 
This venue is known for hosting a range of unique events, including the KAMPUS series and the seasonal Merry KAMPUS Christmas Markets at Canton House.

New Smithfield Wholesale Market

Address: Whitworth St E, Openshaw, Manchester M11 2WJ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: N/A 

Website: N/A

Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 2:30 AM to 12:30 PM; Saturday 2:30 to 11 AM; Sunday 9 AM to 5 PM

For those who believe the early bird catches the worm, New Smithfield Wholesale Market is the place to be. Primarily operational in the wee hours, this market is Manchester’s main wholesale hub. 

From fresh produce and flowers to seafood and meat, everything here is in bulk, fresh, and often at unbeatable prices. While primarily catering to traders and businesses, the general public can also explore and shop, provided they’re willing to navigate the bustling environment. 

It’s a different side of Manchester, away from the touristy glitz, where the city’s heartbeat lies. If you’re a restaurateur, a party planner, or just an early riser keen to experience Manchester in its rawest form, New Smithfield is the place to be.

Local Tip: 
Parking is free from Monday to Saturday but costs £2.50 on Sundays (£1.50 for Blue Badge holders). Note that children under 16 are only allowed on Sundays with adult supervision, and dogs and smoking are strictly prohibited on the premises.

Stall MCR

Address: Aytoun St, Manchester M1 3FY, United Kingdom

Contact Details: N/A

Website: N/A

Operating Hours: Monday to Thursday 3 to 11 PM; Friday 4 to 10 PM; Saturday 11 AM to 10 PM; Sunday 11 AM to 7 PM

Stall MCR is Manchester’s answer to the modern, hipster market vibe. It’s a blend of the traditional market setup with a touch of urban cool. 

Located in the city’s vibrant Northern Quarter, this market is a maze of quirky stalls selling everything from vinyl records to hand-stitched apparel. The food scene here is diverse, with an emphasis on vegan and sustainable options. 

Live art installations, graffiti walls, and indie music gigs make it more than just a shopping destination; it’s where art, culture, and commerce converge. Whether you’re on the hunt for a rare vinyl, a tattoo artist, or just a cool spot to hang out, Stall MCR should be on your radar.

Church Street Market

Address: High St, Manchester M4 1PN, United Kingdom

Contact Details: N/A

Website: N/A

Operating Hours: 24/7

Nestled in the heart of Manchester’s bustling shopping district, Church Street Market is a blend of old-world charm and modern-day convenience. The cobbled streets and vintage stalls take you back in time, while the products on offer cater to contemporary tastes. 

It’s a place where handmade crafts meet the latest fashion, where traditional bakers rub shoulders with gourmet coffee pop-ups. Buskers often serenade shoppers, adding a melodic backdrop to the market experience. 

The beauty of Church Street lies in its ability to cater to all— from tourists looking for souvenirs to locals on their daily shopping spree. If you’re in Manchester and want a shopping experience that’s authentic yet modern, Church Street Market awaits.

Local Tip: 
Don’t miss Alfies Antique Market, renowned for its collection of art deco lamps, many imported from Paris. Just across from Alfies, you’ll find specialised shops offering mid-century vintage furniture.

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