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Experience the 11 Best Persian Restaurants in Manchester That Will Satisfy Your Cravings

Ready to embark on a culinary adventure that’ll have your taste buds doing the kurdi? If you’re in Manchester and craving some mouth-watering Persian cuisine, you’re in for a treat. 

Did you know that Persian cuisine is one of the oldest in the world, dating back to the Persian Empire? Yep, it’s been around longer than your grandma’s secret cookie recipe!

Now, imagine sinking your teeth into tender, marinated kebabs, fragrant saffron rice, and rich, hearty stews—is your mouth watering yet? Well, we won’t keep you waiting with this list of our favourite Persian restaurants in Manchester that’ll have you coming back for more. 

Darbar Restaurant

Media from darbar_indian_restaurant

Website: Darbar Restaurant

Address: 135 Cheetham Hill Rd, Cheetham Hill

Contact details: +44 161 434 4567

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-11PM

Darbar Restaurant is a treasure trove of Persian delights, with kebabs, stews, and rice dishes that hit the spot. Start with their kashk-e bademjan, an aubergine dip that’s creamy and packed with flavour.

For mains, you can’t go wrong with the joojeh kebab – tender chicken marinated to perfection. And if you’re into lamb, their fesenjan, a rich pomegranate and walnut stew, is absolutely divine; their wine selection isn’t too shabby either, pairing nicely with their rich, flavourful dishes.

They also offer a great selection of vegetarian options like the sabzi polo, which is aromatic rice with herbs. For drinks, their traditional Persian teas are a hit, and if you’re in the mood for something sweet, try the saffron ice cream. 

Pro tip:
Save room for dessert. Their baklava is the best sweet treat to end your meal on a high note.

Logma Restaurant

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Website: Logma Restaurant

Address: 44 Wilmslow Rd, Rusholme

Contact details: +44 161 274 8569

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 11AM-10PM

Logma is the spot if you’re looking for a blend of Persian and Middle Eastern flavours; the vibe is casual yet stylish, making it a great place for both a quick bite and a leisurely meal. Kick things off with their homemade bread – it’s warm, fluffy, and downright addictive. 

The ghormeh sabzi is a standout, with tender chunks of meat and herbs that dance on your palate. Their koobideh kebabs are another highlight, juicy and seasoned just right; and if you’re a fan of rice, their saffron rice is aromatic and the perfect side to any dish. 

For drinks, their doogh, a yoghurt-based drink, is refreshingly tangy and pairs well with the spicy dishes. They also have some unique desserts like the persian love cake, which is aromatic and beautifully spiced.

Pro tip:
Their house-made saffron rice is a must-try. It’s fragrant and the perfect companion to their kebabs.

Choupan Restaurant

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Website: Choupan Restaurant

Address: 414 Cheetham Hill Rd, Cheetham Hill

Contact details: +44 161 839 6578

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-11PM

Tucked away on Deansgate, Choupan is a bit of a hidden gem. The menu here is a mix of Persian classics, and the lamb shank is something you’ll dream about long after you’ve finished eating; it’s slow-cooked to perfection, falling off the bone with a rich, savoury sauce. 

Their koobideh kebabs are a must-try too – think juicy, perfectly seasoned skewers that hit the spot. They also serve a variety of Persian drinks, including fragrant teas and refreshing pomegranate juice. 

If you’re into dips, the mirza ghasemi, a smoky aubergine dish, is fantastic; another must-try is their zereshk polo – rice with barberries, which adds a tangy twist to the meal. For dessert, their Persian rice pudding is a comforting end to the meal, creamy and spiced just right.

Pro tip:
Don’t skip the mirza ghasemi. It’s a smoky aubergine dip that’s an absolute flavour bomb.

Walnut Persian Restaurant

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Website: Walnut Persian Restaurant

Address: 217 Wilmslow Rd

Contact details: +44 161 769 1234

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-11PM

Walnut Persian Restaurant offers a delightful escape into Persian culinary traditions. Start with the mast-o-khiar, a refreshing yoghurt and cucumber dip that sets the tone for the meal. 

Their kebab-e-barg is a standout – marinated lamb fillets grilled to tender perfection. For a real treat, try the baghali polo with lamb shank; it’s a fragrant rice dish with dill and broad beans that complements the succulent lamb. 

They also have a range of delicious stews, like bheymeh, a tomato-based stew with split peas and lamb. For drinks, their saffron tea is a must-try, offering a fragrant and soothing finish to the meal.

Pro tip:
Order the Tahdig. This crispy rice dish is a Persian classic and the perfect accompaniment to their stews.

Pomegranate Restaurant

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Website: Pomegranate Restaurant

Address: 202 Burton Rd, West Didsbury

Contact details: +44 161 442 1700

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 1PM-10PM

Pomegranate Restaurant brings a vibrant slice of Persia to Stockport. The sabzi khordan platter is a great way to start, with fresh herbs, feta, and walnuts setting the stage. 

Their khoresht fesenjan, a pomegranate and walnut stew with chicken, is an absolute must-try, balancing sweet and savoury notes perfectly. If you’re into kebabs, their joojeh kebab, marinated in saffron and lemon, is a juicy delight. 

Don’t miss their Persian bread, baked fresh and perfect for mopping up all the flavours. For a refreshing drink, try the sekanjabin, a traditional Persian mint and vinegar drink that’s both tangy and sweet.

Pro tip:
The pomegranate chicken is a unique and flavourful dish that beautifully showcases Persian culinary flair.

Alborz (Persian Cuisine)

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Website: Alborz

Address: 820 Stockport Rd, Levenshulme

Contact details: +44 161 833 1111

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-11PM

Alborz is your go-to for a hearty Persian meal. Begin with the ash reshteh, a rich and warming soup made with noodles and beans, topped with crispy onions and herbs. A must-try is the chelo kabab—succulent minced lamb kebabs served with saffron rice and grilled tomatoes. 

For something a bit different, try the baghali polo with chicken; the combination of dill rice and tender chicken is heavenly. They also have excellent vegetarian options, like the kuku sabzi, a herb-packed Persian frittata.

They offer a delicious Persian flatbread that is freshly baked and perfect for scooping up every last bit of sauce. The fesenjan, a walnut and pomegranate stew, is another standout dish with its unique sweet and sour profile. 

Pro tip:
Their saffron ice cream is the perfect way to end your meal – creamy, fragrant, and utterly delicious.

Kebab World

Media from kebabworldmcr

Website: Kebab World

Address: 113 Wilmslow Rd

Contact details: +44 161 234 5678

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 11AM-11PM

Kebab World is the spot for those who crave perfectly grilled meats. Their mixed kebab platter is a fantastic way to sample a variety of flavours – think juicy lamb chops, tender chicken, and perfectly spiced koobideh. 

For a lighter option, the chicken shish salad is fresh and vibrant, with crisp greens and a tangy dressing complementing the marinated chicken. 

Their menu also features some hearty stews, like the gheimeh bademjan, a rich eggplant and split pea stew that’s comforting and full of flavour. Don’t skip the hummus; it’s smooth, creamy, and perfect with their warm flatbread.

Pro tip:
Their freshly made flatbread is the perfect companion to any meal – soft, warm, and perfect for scooping up dips and stews.

Persia Grill House

Media from persiagrillhouse

Website: Persia Grill House

Address: 316 Wilmslow Rd

Contact details: +44 161 678 9012

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-11PM

Persia Grill House is where you head for hearty Persian fare that warms the soul. Their signature dish, the soltani kebab, is a kingly feast featuring a combination of tender lamb fillet and juicy koobideh, served with saffron rice and grilled tomatoes. 

If you’re in the mood for something rich and comforting, the lamb shank with baghali polo is a must-try, featuring tender lamb shank cooked to perfection with aromatic dill rice. 

They also serve some excellent vegetarian dishes, such as the khoresht bamieh, a tangy okra stew that’s packed with flavour. Their dough is a refreshing drink option, perfect for cooling down the spice of the dishes.

Pro tip:
The lamb shank with baghali polo is a standout dish that showcases the best of Persian flavours.

Ariana Restaurant

Media from arianaspersiankitchen

Website: Ariana Restaurant

Address: 267 Upper Brook St

Contact details: +44 161 789 0123

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-11PM

Ariana Restaurant offers a diverse menu that takes you on a culinary journey through Persia. Start with the mast-o-moosir, a garlic and yoghurt dip that’s a fantastic appetiser. 

Their zereshk polo morgh is a standout dish – saffron rice with barberries and a beautifully cooked chicken leg, both tangy and fragrant. Another must-try is their abgoosht, a traditional lamb stew served with flatbread that’s perfect for dipping. 

They also have a fantastic selection of kebabs, and their joojeh kebab is particularly good, marinated in saffron and lemon for a burst of flavour. For drinks, their saffron tea is a fragrant and soothing choice.

Pro tip:
The zereshk polo morgh is a must-try, offering a delightful balance of tangy and savoury flavours.


Media credit: nicki.yair

Website: Zagros

Address: 16 Ashton Rd, Droylsden

Contact details: +44 161 987 6543

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-11PM

Zagros is a Persian haven that caters to both meat lovers and vegetarians. Their ghormeh sabzi is a standout – a herb stew with tender lamb and red kidney beans that’s bursting with flavour, thanks to the generous use of dried lime and fenugreek. 

For kebab enthusiasts, the chenjeh kebab offers succulent chunks of marinated lamb grilled to perfection, juicy and full of smoky goodness. Vegetarians can indulge in the khoresht bademjan, a delightful eggplant stew that’s rich and satisfying. 

Their fresh-baked barbari bread is perfect for mopping up the delicious sauces – don’t miss out on it. If you’re looking for something refreshing, their homemade pomegranate juice is tart, sweet, and pairs perfectly with the rich dishes. 

Pro tip:
Their ghormeh sabzi is not to be missed. It’s a traditional herb stew that’s rich and full of flavour.

Manchester BBQ House

Media from manchesterbbq

Website: Manchester BBQ House

Address: 879 Stockport Rd

Contact details: +44 161 876 5432

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 11AM-10PM

Manchester BBQ House brings Persian BBQ to the heart of the city with a flair for grilling that’s hard to match. Their mixed grill is a carnivore’s dream, featuring koobideh, chicken, and lamb chops all perfectly grilled and served with aromatic saffron rice. 

The koobideh, made with seasoned minced lamb, is tender and juicy, while the chicken is marinated to a golden perfection. For a twist, try their lamb shish, marinated in a special blend of spices that gives it an unforgettable flavour.

They also offer delicious sides like the Persian salad, fresh and tangy with a hint of sumac. Their hummus is creamy and pairs beautifully with their freshly baked flatbreads, which are soft and warm. 

Pro tip:
The Mixed Grill is perfect for sharing and lets you sample a variety of their expertly grilled meats.
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