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Looking to dine out These restaurants are cooking up a storm in Wigan!

Looking to dine out? These restaurants are cooking up a storm in Wigan!

Not too long ago, if you mentioned Wigan, you’d likely hear a quip about pies or rugby; but, oh, how times have changed! This town has quietly cooked up a storm, transforming into a bona fide culinary hotspot that might just knock your socks off. 

From our own escapades, dipping into everything from fiery curries that’ll make you sweat to steaks so tender they practically whisper sweet nothings to your tastebuds, we’ve seen (and tasted) it all.

In this guide, we’re thrilled to dish out our top picks for eateries in Wigan. These aren’t just any restaurants; these are the places where we’ve laughed over spilled drinks and had meals that stuck in our memory long after the plates were cleared.

The Glass House at Worsley

Media from theglasshouseatworsley

Website: The Glass House at Worsley

Address: 4 Barton Rd, Worsley, Manchester M28 2PD, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 161 703 3770

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 12PM-11PM

Fancy a bit of a treat? Check out The Glass House at Worsley. This place isn’t just knocking out your standard British fare; it’s a full-blown feast with dishes crafted by seriously talented student chefs under the guidance of a top-notch head chef. 

From perfectly seasoned fish to hearty soups and sandwiches that’ll change the way you think about bread and fillings, every bite is something special. 

They keep things fresh and interesting with menus that change with the seasons, all served up in a lush dining room surrounded by glass, letting you dine with a view. It’s cosy, friendly, and makes you feel right at home without having to do the dishes.

Pro tip:
Snap up a window seat for the best experience. You’ll get a cracking view, and it makes the food taste even better if that’s possible.


Media from vigourkitchen

Website: Vigour Kitchen

Address: 10 Mesnes St, Wigan WN1 1QP, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1942 375291

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 9AM-10PM

Right, here’s the scoop on Vigour. It started with three friends from Sutton who had a bit of a lightbulb moment after getting fed up with the fast food on offer around town. They set up shop to serve up something different—good food that’s good for you. 

We’re talking vibrant salads, powerhouse smoothie bowls, and juices that pack a punch. The place has a laid-back vibe with a clean, modern look that’s all about focusing on the food. 

Whether you’re popping in after a gym sesh or you just want a meal that won’t leave you feeling sluggish, Vigour’s your spot.

Pro tip:
Don’t skip their smoothies—they’re a hit for a reason. Thick, fruity, and just the thing to perk you up.


Media from home.restaurantbar

Website: Home
Address: 28 Market St, Wigan WN1 1HX, United Kingdom
Contact details: +44 1942 237111
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 8AM-10PM

At Home, it’s like stepping into a bustling kitchen that feels, well, just like home. Here, they whip up hearty, comforting dishes that are a throwback to the kind of meals your gran might serve—but with a modern twist that’ll make you sit up and take notice. 

The atmosphere’s as warm as a freshly baked pie, with staff who greet you like old friends. Whether you’re after a slap-up breakfast to kickstart your day, a hearty lunch, or a satisfying dinner, this spot hits just the right spot with both familiarity and innovation.

Pro tip:
Pop in for their legendary Sunday roast—it’s a hearty feast that locals queue up for!


Media from primo_ashton

Website: Primo
Address: 14 Hallgate, Wigan WN1 1LR, United Kingdom
Contact details: +44 1942 239444
Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 10AM-11PM

Primo really is a gem for Italian cuisine (italian restaurants manchester) enthusiasts; located in the heart of Wigan, this place isn’t just cooking Italian; they’re crafting experiences. Passionate about delivering authentic, high-quality Italian fare, it stands out in the North West, drawing food lovers from far and wide. 

Here, everything from classic dishes to creative new twists is prepared onsite by expert Italian chefs. The ambience combines a sense of elegance with a comforting touch, perfect for those who appreciate the true essence of Italian dining.

Pro tip:
Don’t pass up the opportunity to try their carbonara—it’s a creamy, dreamy dish that’ll transport you straight to Italy.

Olive Garden

Media from olivegarden

Website: Olive Garden

Address: 33 King St, Wigan WN1 1EG, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1942 820277

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 11AM-10PM

At Olive Garden, you’re not just a customer; you’re family. This restaurant is committed to creating an inviting, open atmosphere where every guest feels part of something special. 

Focused on delivering a genuine Italian dining experience, they serve dishes crafted from the freshest ingredients, combining traditional cooking techniques with a modern touch. 

The menu is broad, featuring dishes that appeal to all ages and tastes, ensuring there’s something new to try on each visit. Whether you’re in for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, you’ll find dishes that satisfy and delight.

Pro tip:
Don’t miss out on their wide variety of dishes. The mezze platter is a fantastic start, giving you a taste of everything they have to offer.

Miller and Carter

Media from millerandcarter

Website: Miller and Carter

Address: Parson’s Walk, Wigan WN1 1RU, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1942 821807

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 12PM-11PM

Miller and Carter in Wigan is not messing about when it comes to serving up some of the best steaks around. They’ve got the lot—from ribeye to sirloin—all done up just how you like it. 

But it ain’t all about the beef; the menu’s brimming with top-notch grilled options like fish, lamb, and pork. And the bevvy options? Spot on. 

They’ve got a solid lineup of draught beers, a thoughtful wine list that won’t break the bank, and all the spirits and cocktails you could want. It’s the kind of joint you choose for a special do, or when you just fancy treating yourself because, why not?

Pro tip:
Go for a steak and pin down one of their wines. They know how to pair them, and it makes for a right good meal.

India Lounge

Website: India Lounge

Address: 652 Atherton Rd, Hindley, Wigan WN2 3EU, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1942 255559

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 5PM-11PM

Pop into India Lounge for a buzz that’s more like a Saturday night than a quiet Tuesday dinner—but hey, we’re here for a bit of fun, right? The place has a modern disco feel, which means it’s lively and a bit loud, but the food absolutely slaps. 

You’ve got to try the Cobra beer on tap—it’s crisp and just the thing to wash down a spicy dish. The starters? Bang on. 

And even if the decor’s a bit out there, you’re here to tuck into some top-notch curry, not critique the wallpaper. It’s the sort of place you end up at after a recommendation and keep coming back to because the grub’s that good.

Pro tip:
The Cobra’s a must with any spicy dish—it’s like they’re made for each other.

Revolution Bar

Media from revolutiondgl

Website: Revolution Bar

Address: 49 King St, Wigan WN1 1DY, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1942 239054

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 11AM-3AM

Revolution Bar, or Revs as the locals might call it, is much more than your typical bar. It’s a bustling hub in the heart of Wigan, perfect for anyone looking to unwind after a day’s work or kick off a night out. 

The place pulses with energy, thanks in part to its eclectic decor and an atmosphere that’s always buzzing. On the menu, you’ll find a hearty selection of burgers, each more tempting than the last, along with fresh, vibrant salads and rich, decadent desserts to cap off your meal. 

The cocktails here are a definite draw—crafted by expert mixologists, they range from the classic to the avant-garde, with each one designed to complement the bold flavours of the food perfectly.

Pro tip:
Pair one of their standout cocktails with a burger for a taste sensation that’ll make your night.

La Sentidos Loca

Media from lasentidosloca

Website: La Sentidos Loca

Address: 13 Wallgate, Wigan WN1 1LD, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1942 494909

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 12PM-12AM

Step into La Sentidos Loca and you’ll feel like you’ve been whisked away to the vibrant streets of Spain. This lively restaurant is a celebration of Spanish culture, right down to the smallest detail. 

The interior is a colourful blend of rustic and modern elements, creating an inviting space that’s perfect for any occasion. The tapas menu is a delight, featuring a wide range of small plates that are big on flavour. 

From the spicy kick of gambas al ajillo to the comforting simplicity of tortilla española, each dish offers a taste of authentic Spanish cuisine. It’s an ideal spot for gathering with friends or family over good food and lively conversation.

Pro tip:
Go all out on the tapas—order a variety to share, and don’t forget to pair them with a glass of Spanish wine for the full experience.


Media from edenmanchesteruk

Website: Eden

Address: 3 New Market St, Wigan WN1 1PX, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1942 375291

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 10AM-11PM

Eden is your go-to when you’re after a culinary adventure but can’t quite decide on the cuisine. This spot prides itself on a menu that’s as diverse as it is delicious, spanning continents with its offerings. 

Fancy a bit of Asian zest? Their Thai curry will hit the spot. More in a Mediterranean mood? Their pastas are lush. Or maybe you’re craving the comfort of the British classics? They’ve got pies that’ll make your heart sing. 

The setting at Eden is just as eclectic as the menu, with a laid-back atmosphere that’s all about enjoying good food in good company. The interior blends cool, contemporary touches with comfy, traditional vibes, making it the perfect backdrop for any meal.

Pro tip:
Opt for their world platter if you’re with a group. It’s a smashing way to sample a bit of everything and makes for a fun, shareable feast.

Royal Balti House

Media from royalbaltihouse

Website: Royal Balti House

Address: 78 Market St, Farnworth, Wigan BL4 7NY, United Kingdom

Contact details: +44 1204 573515

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 5PM-11PM

If curry’s your thing, then you’ve got to check out Royal Balti House. It’s a proper gem for those who like their food with a bit of a kick. 

Tucked away in Farnworth, this spot dishes out some of the best baltis this side of Wigan—rich, aromatic, and just the right level of spicy. The staff are sound, always ready with a recommendation if you’re undecided or just want to try something new. 

The place itself is straightforward, no fuss, focusing on what matters: the food. It’s a great choice for a casual dinner where you want the curry to be the star of the show.

Pro tip:
Ask about their chef’s special balti—the cooks here like to mix it up now and again, and it’s always a tasty surprise.

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