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Top 12 Things to Do in Bury

Top 12 Things to Do in Bury

Bury, where history greets you around every corner and surprises you with unexpected finds. It’s a place that offers more than just the usual. But, with so many adventures to choose from, where should you start? 

Well, you’re about to find out! Buckle up and take notes because you’re in for a Bury-licious time. Let’s uncover Bury’s hidden treasures (things to do in bury) that promise an experience you won’t forget!

Explore Hollingworth Lake


Hollingworth Lake (hollingworth lake)? More like “strolling-worth” Lake. Located just a hop, skip, and jump away from Bury, this beauty offers more than just waterside views. It’s steeped in history, having been a vital reservoir back in the 1800s. 

Today, it’s not only a testament to Bury’s rich past but also a lively hub for locals and visitors alike. Kick off those shoes and walk alongside the lake, feeling the soft grass underfoot. 

As you wander, you’ll notice families picnicking, kids laughing, and maybe even a few artists capturing the scenery. And, if you’re a fan of watersports, you’re in luck. Whether it’s sailing, kayaking, or rowing, there’s something here for everyone.

And after all that action, it’s time for a little refuel. Sit back at one of the cafes around, indulge in some scrumptious bites, and enjoy the view. It’s not just a lake, it’s an experience and a journey through Bury’s vibrant culture.

Pro tip: 
Wear comfy shoes, some paths can be a tad uneven. And remember, leave no trace!

Jump on the time train at Bury Transport Museum

Location: Bolton Street, Bury, UK

Contact details: +44 161 763 7949

Operating hours: Fri – Sun 10AM-4PM

Hey, fancy a trip down memory lane – or rather, railway lane? At Bury Transport Museum, you can geek out on old buses, trams, and all those things that went “choo choo” back in the day. Get a feel of what commuting was like without WiFi or A/C. 

Can you imagine a time without scrolling through your feeds during a commute? It’s a wild thought, right?

As you wander around, there’s more than just vehicles. Take a moment to marvel at the craftsmanship, the intricate designs of each ride. It’s like a blast from the past with stories of folks who drove these beasts, and the adventures they had. 

You’ll find personal anecdotes, little snippets of history, and even some fun trivia. Less of a museum, more of a time machine, if you ask us. And who knows? You might leave with a newfound appreciation for your modern-day transport.

Pro tip: 
Got kiddos? Look out for event days. They’ve got stuff that’ll keep ’em busy and you sane!

Wander through Healey Dell

Location: Dell Road, Rochdale, UK

Contact: +44 1706 350459

Operating Hours:

  • Fri 10AM-3PM
  • Sat – Sun 10AM-5PM


Healey Dell: a name that sounds straight out of a storybook. But, no fiction here, folks! This spot is a wonder of nature combined with history. Think of it as Bury’s green time machine. 

As you take your leisurely stroll, you might come across remnants of the old railway line that once ran through the reserve. Those rusty tracks? They’ve seen centuries come and go. It’s like history’s waving at you, asking you to sit down for a bit and listen to its stories.

But what’s a visit without a little challenge? For the adventurous souls out there, the viaduct is a must-see. Climb it, take in the view, and give yourself a pat on the back. 

And while you’re up there, take a deep breath, enjoy the cool breeze, and appreciate the blend of nature’s beauty and human ingenuity. It’s an experience that sticks with you.

Pro tip: 
The area gets busy during weekends. So, if you’re looking for a quieter time, try visiting on a weekday.

Tour Rochdale Town Hall

Location: The Esplanade, Rochdale, UK

Contact: +44 1706 924797


Ready for a splash of grandeur? Touring Rochdale Town Hall is where it’s at. It’s not just another old building. This Victorian-era beauty screams architectural magnificence from every brick.

Step in, and you’re transported back in time. Those intricate designs, the stained glass, and the organ – they’re all telling tales of days gone by. Don’t just rush through; take a moment to admire the craftsmanship.

And here’s a fun fact for you: the building survived a bomb during World War II. Today, that wartime legacy is part of its character, adding to the many stories the walls hold. It’s not just a historical monument; it’s a testament to time.

Pro tip: 
Look out for guided tours. It’s like having a backstage pass to history.

Experience Fireground

Location: Maclure Rd, Rochdale OL11 1DN

Contact: +44 1706 341219

Operating Hours: Thur – Sat 10AM-4PM


Fireground. Sounds intense, right? And, well, it kind of is—but not in the way you’re thinking. Ditch the images of marshmallow roasting. Instead, picture an immersive, adrenaline-packed day in Bury. 

Curious about the life of firefighters and the rush they feel during a rescue? Fireground gives you a front-row seat to that action. Here, it’s about diving deep: from handling simulated blazes with real gear to navigating through rescue scenarios. 

It’s not just about the thrill; it’s about understanding the skill, precision, and teamwork that goes behind every operation.

But hey, if diving into the heart of the action isn’t your cup of tea, no stress. Take a step back, watch from the sidelines, and soak in the knowledge. Whether you’re in the thick of it or just spectating, it’s a day in Bury you won’t forget anytime soon.

Pro tip: 
Wear comfortable clothes. Safety gear will be provided, but you want to be comfy underneath all that!

Grab a bite and a bargain at Bury Market


Alright, if you’re after some proper local vibes, Bury Market’s where it’s at. Picture this: stalls buzzing, folks haggling, lively banter everywhere, and the sweet aroma of fresh grub in the air. Honestly, it’s an assault on the senses in the best way possible. 

And mate, you’ve got to try the Bury black pudding. It’s legendary. I mean, there’s a reason locals rave about it and tourists make it a must-try. Whether you’re on the hunt for some knick-knacks, fresh produce, or even some quirky antiques, this place won’t disappoint. 

Fancy a wander and a chinwag with the stall owners? Go for it. They’ve got tales to tell and bargains to share. And if you’re lucky, you might even snag some secret recipes or local tips. This market’s got the goods.

Pro tip: 
Weekends? Mad busy. If you’re more about that chill shopping experience, pop by on a weekday.

Chill out at Clarence Park


When the world gets a bit too loud, or you’ve just had one of those days, Clarence Park’s the spot. It’s Bury’s own little green escape, a bit of serenity in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Fancy a jog? Lace up those trainers and hit the paths. 

More of a sit-down-with-a-sarnie-on-a-bench kinda person? There are plenty of prime spots to choose from. Got kiddos that need to burn some energy or just generally run amok? Sorted. There’s space aplenty for them to go wild (in a good way).

Seriously, it’s just a lovely patch of green where you can take a breather, reset, and just be. And sometimes, if the stars align or you time it just right, you’ll catch some local events, maybe a cheeky fair, or even some tunes from the bandstand. 

Pro tip: 
Got a book gathering dust? Grab it and a blanket. There’s no better place to dive into a story.

Catch a flick at The Met

Location: Market Street, Bury, UK

Contact: +44 161 761 2216

Operating Hours: 

  • Tue – Wed 10AM-2PM
  • Fri 12AM-5PM
  • Sat 10AM-2PM


You up for some live entertainment? The Met’s the spot. I mean, forget the usual blockbuster theatres, this place has personality. This ain’t your regular cinema – it’s an artsy hub where you can catch a play, a gig, or even a comedy night that’ll have you chuckling in no time. 

Think old-school charm with a modern twist, like stepping into a retro setting but with all today’s cool quirks. Thirsty? Grab a pint or maybe a crafty cocktail at the bar, have a natter with the bartender or the regulars. 

Then, when it’s showtime, settle into those cosy seats, maybe even snuggle up with a throw if you’re feeling the chill, and let the show whisk you away. Oh, and keep those peepers peeled. 

Because, hey, if you’re lucky, you might even rub shoulders with some local celebs or the next big thing in the arts scene. After all, all the cool cats hang out at The Met. Why not join ’em?

Pro tip: 
Always check their schedule online. They’ve got a solid rotation of events, so there’s always something fresh popping up.

Get crafty at The Art Picture House

Location: Haymarket Street, Bury, UK

Contact: +44 161 705 4040

Opening Hours: 

  • Sun – Thur 8AM-12AM
  • Fri – Sat 8AM-1AM


Alright, arty folks and even those who can barely draw a stick figure, this one’s for you. The Art Picture House isn’t just a snazzy name to jazz things up; it’s Bury’s answer to the Louvre. Well, kinda. 

It’s where Bury’s creative souls gather, where magic happens, and where you might accidentally create a masterpiece. 

From painting sessions that could get a tad messy (but that’s the fun part, right?) to pottery workshops where you can mould your ambitions, literally, there’s always something hands-on to dive into.

Not feeling the creative juices flowing? No worries. Crafting ain’t everyone’s jam. Just pop by, snag a comfy spot, sip on a brew or maybe a cheeky wine, and soak in the artsy ambiance. 

Pro tip: 
If you’re visiting on a workshop day, maybe bring an apron. Things can get a bit…colourful.

Tackle the trails at Burrs Country Park

Location: Woodhill Road, Bury, UK

Ever have one of those days where the four walls feel like they’re closing in? Yeah, we all do. For those moments, Burrs Country Park is your antidote. This isn’t your typical stroll-through-and-forget kinda place. 

Follow the river’s trail, and don’t be surprised if you get lost – but in a good way! Along the way, you’ll spot some local wildlife. And yep, those quacking ducks? They’re the park’s unofficial welcoming committee. 

If you’re in for a bit more of an adrenaline rush, give the climbing centre a shot. It’s a brilliant way to literally “rise above” it all. But hey, if all you want is a laid-back day, that’s cool too. Unpack that picnic hamper, plonk down on the grass, and just soak in the sun. 

Whichever way you slice it, Burrs Country Park is a slice of outdoor heaven. 

Pro tip: 
If you’re there on a sunny day, don’t forget the sunscreen. The British sun can be sneakily strong sometimes.

Go vintage at Mill Gate Shopping Centre

Location: Union Street, Bury, UK

Contact: +44 161 763 4593

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Sat 9AM-5:30PM
  • Sun 10:30AM-4:30PM


Alright, let’s be real. Ever walk into a shop and feel like you’ve seen the same stuff in like, ten other places? If you’re nodding, you need to check out Mill Gate. Sure, on the surface, it’s a shopping centre, but dig a little deeper and it’s a whole mood. 

It’s got character, mate. We’re talking quirky vintage finds that’ll have you reminiscing, antique trinkets that ooze history, and vinyl records that’ll make you wanna groove like it’s the ’70s. Seriously, for folks who crave a bit of uniqueness in their retail therapy, Mill Gate’s the jackpot.

Now, shopping’s fab and all, but man, does it work up an appetite! And when your feet start sending those “time for a break” signals, Mill Gate’s got your back. 

Whether you’re craving a classic British pasty (proper comfort food, that) or in the mood for a cheeky slice of cake (or two, we don’t judge), you’ll find something to munch on. In short, you won’t just leave with bags full of goodies; you’ll leave with a belly full of yum too!

Pro tip: 
If you’re all about deals, swing by on a weekday morning. That’s when the new stock usually hits the shelves, and you get first dibs!

Take a dive at Castle Leisure Centre

Location: Bolton Street, Bury, UK

Contact: +44 161 253 7000

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon – Thur 6:15AM-10PM
  • Fri 6:15AM-9:30PM
  • Sat 8AM-6PM
  • Sun 8AM-7PM


Alright, hands up if you’ve ever just had an urge to dive into a pool after a long day. Yep, thought so. Castle Leisure Centre totally gets that vibe. It’s not just a place to splash about – it’s an oasis in the heart of Bury. 

But hey, if you’re someone who’d rather not have that mascara run or just isn’t in the mood to get wet, no worries! Castle Leisure Centre isn’t just about the water. They’ve got a gym where you can lift, squat, and flex to your heart’s content. 

And for those who love a good group vibe, check out their fitness classes – from Zumba to spinning, it’s a whole party. 

After all that action, slide into the sauna and let those muscles relax. Walking out feeling like a million bucks? Yep, sounds like a pretty perfect day to me.

Pro tip: 
If you’re diving in during peak hours, maybe bring a pair of flip-flops. Trust me, your feet will thank you.

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