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Bounce to Manchester Inflata Nation Manchester Travel Guide

Bounce to Manchester: Inflata Nation Manchester Travel Guide 

Ever felt that child-like urge to just let loose and jump around without a care in the world? Well, how about doing so on one of the UK’s largest indoor inflatable arenas? 

Let’s take a trip down to Manchester’s very own bounce paradise, Inflata Nation, previously known as ‘Jump Nation’. This isn’t your average trampoline park; it’s a mega realm of inflatable fun, waiting to be explored. 

Whether you’re thinking of a family day out, a unique date experience, or just some solo ‘me-time’ flying through the air, this guide has got you covered. Dive in and discover what awaits at Inflata Nation Manchester! 

Best Time to Go

If you’re looking to maximise your bouncing fun, timing is key. Early mornings during the weekend, specifically around 10 AM, tend to be less crowded, ensuring you have more space to explore and enjoy. 

Weekdays, especially Tuesdays and Wednesdays, witness fewer footfalls compared to weekends, making them ideal if you’re aiming for a quieter experience. 

As for the season, spring offers a pleasant balance. The weather starts to warm up, yet it’s before the major summer rush of families and holiday-goers. 

So, imagine a crisp spring morning, mid-week, as the sun starts to shine, and you’re prepped for a day of inflatable delight at Inflata Nation!

Things to Know

Address: Inflata Nation Manchester, Trafford Park, Textilose Road, Manchester M17 1WA, United Kingdom


Contact Details: +441617102360

Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10 AM to 7 PM; Monday to Friday 1 to 7 PM

Class Scheduling: Class schedules can be checked online by selecting the location and class type. Alternatively, you can call for assistance.

Ticket Prices: Prices range from £12 to £21, varying according to the selected package.

Walk-ins: Allowed, but ticket availability isn’t guaranteed.

Types of Classes Packages 

Inflata Classes: Activities in the inflatable theme park promote health, fitness, and physical development.

Inflata Tots & Adventure Tots: Exclusive sessions for preschoolers and their guardians, allowing them to explore the park without older participants.

Adult-Only Sessions: Sessions reserved for individuals over 16, providing an environment without children.

Disability-Friendly Sessions: Tailored sessions for those with additional needs, offering a calmer environment.

Can you host events and parties at Inflata Nation?

If you’re brainstorming ideas for standout events or parties in Manchester, Inflata Nation should be on your list. Pricing varies based on the nature of the event and the audience you’re targeting.

Kid Parties

As the title implies, these are festivities geared towards the younger crowd, specifically those under 16. It’s a concoction of safe, engaging, and age-appropriate activities. Perfect for weekends or special occasions.

A buddy of mine once hosted their kid’s birthday here. Word has it, their child couldn’t get enough of the fun! If you’ve got energetic youngsters bouncing off your walls at home, perhaps it’s time to bring them here.

Ticket Prices for Kids Parties

Bronze package

  • During peak times: £15.50 | During quieter periods: £13.50

Silver package

  • During peak times: £17.50 | During quieter periods: £15.50

Platinum package

  • During peak times: £23.50 | During quieter periods: £21.50

Adult Parties

This is where adults claim their space. As the kids are lost in their world of bounce, adults have their dedicated arena. It’s open for teenagers as young as 16, too.

The activities here are a tad more intense—ideal for college reunions, corporate gatherings, or team-building sessions. If you’re in the event-planning mode, keep this in your radar.

Ticket Prices for Adult Parties

Gold package

  • During peak times: £17.50 | During quieter periods: £15.50

Deluxe package

  • During peak times: £21.50 | During quieter periods: £19.50

How to Get There 

Train: Manchester boasts an efficient rail network. The closest major station to Inflata Nation is Manchester Piccadilly. Once you disembark, it’s a short journey to the venue, either by bus or taxi.

Bus: From Manchester Piccadilly, you can catch the number 219 bus which heads towards Ashton-under-Lyne. This will drop you off near the venue. Remember to check the bus schedules as timings can vary, especially on weekends and public holidays.

Taxi: Taxis are readily available from Manchester Piccadilly and other parts of the city. Simply request the driver to take you to Inflata Nation in Manchester. It’s a well-known venue, so most local drivers will know about it.

Car Service: For those who prefer a more private mode of transportation, several car services operate in Manchester. Companies like Uber and Lyft offer rides on-demand, ensuring a direct and comfortable ride straight to the venue’s doorstep.

Things to Remember Before Going

  • Attire: Opt for cosy clothing and socks. Refrain from wearing belts, dangling accessories, and objects with sharp edges.
  • Age Limitations: Individuals below 16 must have a waiver form signed and must bounce with supervision.
  • Behaviour Regulations: Displaying inappropriate behaviour results in a 10-minute timeout, and warnings are issued.
  • Locker Facilities: Lockers are available for rent at a nominal fee. Additionally, there are shelves for coats and shoes, but as they are unsupervised, leaving valuables is discouraged. 

Things to Do 

Challenge yourself on the Inflata Wall

The Inflata Wall isn’t your typical climbing challenge. This inflatable behemoth stretches high, wrapping around three walls of the arena. 

As you begin your ascent, each step feels different from the last, with the soft, bouncy surface pushing back against your feet. 

The higher you climb, the more you’ll feel the thrill of the challenge. And when you reach the top? A sense of accomplishment like no other, coupled with a bird’s eye view of the entire park.

Engage in a gladiator-style Inflata Duel

Step onto a platform that wobbles and shifts with every movement. In your hand, a pugil stick, your only tool in this playful battle of balance and strategy. As you face off against your opponent, the duel becomes a dance—a test of agility, wit, and determination. 

Every swing, dodge, and counter is a step closer to victory. And even if you tumble, the soft inflatable surface ensures you’ll be ready for round two in no time.

Race to victory on the Inflata Race

Two lanes. A series of obstacles. And the title of champion is at stake. The Inflata Race is more than just a race—it’s an assault course that tests agility, speed, and stamina. 

As you navigate through hoops, climb over barriers, and swing across gaps, every second counts. 

The thrill of competition pushes you forward, but it’s not just about being the fastest. It’s about outsmarting the course, finding the best path, and crossing the finish line with a triumphant slide.

Bounce to new heights on Inflata Bubbles

Right at the heart of the arena, you’ll find the Inflata Bubbles. These aren’t your regular bouncy surfaces; they’re extra bouncy pillows that challenge you to jump higher and higher. 

As you leap from one bubble to the next, the world becomes a blur of laughter and exhilaration. And while it might seem like simple fun, mastering the art of the perfect bounce is a challenge in itself. So, are you ready to see who can touch the sky?

Dive into fun with Inflata Drop

Imagine a slide so grand that it ends in the UK’s largest ball pool. The Inflata Drop offers just that. After the exhilarating climb to the top, you’re met with a heart-racing descent, culminating in a sea of colourful balls. 

It’s a sensory delight, where every slide feels like a new adventure. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, the joy of diving into a ball pool (infinity pool manchester) never fades.

Conquer heights with THE Inflata

For those seeking the ultimate thrill, ‘THE Inflata’ awaits. This isn’t for the faint-hearted. After climbing steep steps, you’re met with high platforms that seem to touch the clouds. 

From here, you have a choice: two extreme drop slides, one straight and one curved. As you take the leap, the wind rushes past, and for a moment, you’re flying. It’s a rush of adrenaline that keeps you coming back for more.

Inspired by the famous ‘Wipeout’ challenge, the Inflata Balls are a test of agility and balance. Giant bouncy balls are laid out in a row, and your task? 

Leap from one to the next without tumbling down. It sounds simple, but with each jump, the challenge grows. Whether you cling on like a pro or find yourself laughing on the inflatable surface below, it’s a game everyone enjoys.

Shoot and score with Inflata Hoops

Basketball (sports bars manchester) gets a bouncy twist at Inflata Nation. With Inflata Hoops, you can practise your shots, but with an added challenge. 

The bouncy surface adds an element of unpredictability, making every shot a test of skill. Whether you’re shooting from a distance or going for a high-flying dunk, it’s a game that brings out the competitor in everyone.

Explore and play in the Inflata Tots zone

Little ones deserve their own slice of the fun, and Inflata Tots delivers just that. This dedicated section of the arena is designed for the youngest bouncers. 

Complete with slides, ball pools, and various bouncy structures, it’s a paradise for kids. And the best part? No big folks get in their way, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience.

Where to Eat

Tampopo Trafford Centre

Address: The Orient, The Trafford Centre, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 8EH, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441617478878


Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 10:30 AM to 11 PM; Friday and Saturday 10:30 AM to 12 AM

Craving authentic Asian flavours? Tampopo in Trafford Centre has got you covered. Serving dishes that range from the streets of Thailand to the bustling markets of Japan, every bite transports you straight to Asia. 

With an emphasis on fresh ingredients and traditional recipes, it’s no surprise this place is a hit among locals and tourists alike. Whether you’re in the mood for some tantalising noodle dishes or savoury rice meals, Tampopo promises a delightful dining experience.

Coppice Wood Farm

Address: 6 Mercury Way, Trafford Park, Urmston, Stretford, Manchester M41 7PA, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441615378850


Opening Hours: Daily 8 AM to 11 PM

Coppice Wood Farm offers a homely ambiance, making it an ideal place for families or those looking for a cosy dining environment. With an emphasis on farm-fresh ingredients, their menu boasts classic dishes that comfort the soul. 

Pair that with their friendly staff, and you’ve got yourself a memorable meal. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast to kick start your day or a sumptuous dinner after exploring, this place has got your back.

Swinging Bridge Table Table

Address: Trafford Blvd, Trafford Park, Urmston, Stretford, Manchester M41 7JE, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441617494184


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 6:30 AM to 11 PM; Saturday to Sunday 7 AM to 11 PM

Swinging Bridge Table Table is not just about great food; it’s about the overall experience. Situated in a picturesque location, this eatery offers a menu that’s a blend of traditional and contemporary dishes. 

It’s a fantastic spot if you’re in the mood for classic British fare with a modern twist. And let’s not forget their impressive drink selection – perfect for winding down after a day of adventures.

Las Iguanas Trafford

Address: The Orient, The Trafford Centre, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 8AA, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441615492174


Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 11 AM to 10 PM; Friday to Saturday 11 AM to 11 PM; Sunday 11 AM to 9 PM

Inject some Latin American zest into your Manchester trip with Las Iguanas in Trafford. Known for its vibrant atmosphere and eclectic menu, it’s a culinary fiesta waiting to happen. 

From sizzling fajitas to zesty tacos, the food here promises a carnival of flavours. And if you’re up for a drink, their cocktail menu, inspired by the heart of South America, is sure to impress.

Where to Stay

Premier Inn Manchester Salford Media City Hotel


Strategically located in the heart of Salford’s buzzing Media City, the Premier Inn offers comfort and convenience.

Known for its consistent quality, guests can expect clean rooms, prompt service, and a hearty breakfast to kick-start their day. It’s an ideal base whether you’re in town for business or leisure.

HolidayInn Express Trafford City


Experience comfort without breaking the bank at the HolidayInn Express in Trafford City. With modern amenities, cosy rooms, and a breakfast spread that gets you going, it’s a favourite among travellers. Its proximity to popular attractions and shopping spots adds to its appeal.

Travelodge Manchester Salford Quays


For travellers who prioritise location and affordability, Travelodge at Salford Quays (Salford quays) is a stellar choice. 

While it’s easy on the pocket, there’s no compromise on comfort. The rooms are snug, the staff is friendly, and its location ensures you’re never too far from Manchester’s hotspots.

Ibis Budget Manchester


Chic, modern, and budget-friendly— the Ibis Budget in Manchester checks all the boxes for a fuss-free stay. 

Perfect for backpackers or solo travellers, it offers all essential amenities ensuring a restful sleep after a day of exploration. If you’re looking for a spot that’s stylish and contemporary, without breaking the bank, Ibis Budget in Manchester is your go-to. 

Copthorne Manchester


Nestled by the waterside, the Copthorne Manchester offers a tranquil retreat in the heart of the city. 

With spacious rooms, waterfront views, and top-notch service, it’s an oasis of luxury and comfort. Whether you’re in town for a conference or a leisurely vacation, Copthorne will give you a stay to remember.

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