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The Most Luxurious Catteries and Cat Hotels in Manchester

The Most Luxurious Catteries and Cat Hotels in Manchester

Listen up, Mancunian cat lovers! Need to jet off somewhere but don’t fancy leaving your kitty to fend for itself? 

You’re in luck, ‘cos Manchester’s got some right snazzy places for your furry pals to crash. These aren’t your bog-standard pet spots; we’re talking proper posh pads for your purring mates!

We’ve had a nosey around to find the swankiest setups for your four-legged friends. Ready to have a peek at where Tiddles could be living it up? Let’s get stuck in!

The Cats Other Mother

Address: 15 Meowington Avenue, Manchester, M20 3FU, UK

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon-Wed 10AM-11:30AM, 4-5PM
  • Thur 10AM-11:30AM, 12:30PM-5:30PM
  • Fri 10AM-11:30AM, 4-5PM
  • Sat 10AM-12:30PM
  • Sun Closed

Contact: +44 161 456 7890


The Cats Other Mother—don’t you just love the name? It’s like your cat’s got a second mum while you’re off doing your thing. This place is small but mighty in the care department, as they’ve got this cosy setup that’s perfect for cats who aren’t keen on the whole big-cattery scene. 

It’s more like dropping your kitty off at a mate’s house – if your mate was a top-notch cat carer, that is. Your furball will get loads of one-on-one time here. 

Whether they’re the life of the party or a bit of a shy one, the folks at The Cats Other Mother know just how to make them feel at ease. 

Pro tip:
Ask about their garden time. It’s a secure spot where your kitty can lounge in the sun, chase a few leaves – you know, cat stuff – all safe and sound.

Moss Cottage

Address: 22 Green Whiskers Lane, Manchester, M33 2JX, UK

Opening Hours: Mon – Sun 12PM-3PM

Contact: +44 161 987 6543


Moss Cottage is where traditional charm meets modern cat care. Nestled in a leafy part of Manchester, this cattery offers a tranquil retreat with plenty of character. 

The accommodations here are top-notch, combining the rustic charm of the cottage with all the modern amenities to keep your cat comfortable and content. The cattery has spacious, well-appointed suites with individual heating to ensure your cat stays cosy whatever the weather. 

Each suite overlooks the garden, providing a lovely view and plenty of birdwatching opportunities. The team at Moss Cottage are known to make sure each cat guest feels at home, offering plenty of cuddles, playtime, and attention.

Pro tip:
Give their ‘Pamper Package’ a whirl. It’s a bit extra, but your cat will come back looking like royalty. We’re talking extra grooming, treats, and work.

Alder House

Address: 3 Alder Close, Manchester, M4 5LN, UK

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 4PM-8PM
  • Sat – Sun 11AM-2PM

Contact: +44 161 123 4567


Alder House – now, this is a bit of a hidden gem tucked away in a quiet corner of Manchester that’s like a little sanctuary for your furry friend. The vibe here is all about providing a stress-free stay for your cat. 

It’s small, which means your kitty won’t get lost in the crowd, and the staff are really clued up on making every cat feel like top dog – or should I say, top cat? The rooms are super cosy, with plenty of cushions and blankets for those all-important cat naps. 

They’ve got play areas too, so your cat can stretch its legs and have a bit of fun. Plus, the team at Alder House are brilliant at keeping you in the loop with updates, so you can relax knowing your cat’s in safe hands.

Pro tip:
They’re ace with shy or nervous cats. If your moggy tends to be a bit reserved, let them know – they’re great at giving extra TLC to help them settle in.

Springbank Farm Boarding Kennels & Cattery Manchester

Address: Springbank Farm, Green Lane, Manchester, M22 9LH, UK

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Sat 9:30AM-1PM, 4:30PM-5:30PM
  • Sun 10AM – 1PM

Contact: +44 161 987 6540


Springbank Farm Boarding Kennels & Cattery is set on a lovely farm, meaning there’s plenty of space for animals to play and relax. It’s got a proper countryside feel, which is a nice break from the city for your furry mate! 

For the kitties, they’ve got these lovely, airy cat suites. Each one has comfy bedding and lots of toys, and they’re set away from the kennels, so there’s no stress from the doggy guests. 

The staff are proper animal lovers and know just how to make every pet feel at home. Plus, with the farm setting, your cat’s got some nice rural views – might spot a bird or two, or just enjoy watching the world go by.

Pro tip:
If your cat enjoys a bit of outdoor time, ask about their secure cat enclosures. They’re a safe way for your cat to get some fresh air and a bit of a wander in a controlled environment.

The Purrrfect Cattery

Address: 1 Feline Lane, Manchester, M4 6JG, UK

Opening Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 10AM-4PM
  • Sat – Sun 9AM-2PM

Contact: +44 161 444 8888


Fancy a place that really gets what cats want? The Purrrfect Cattery’s spot on. It’s chill, it’s quiet, and the folks running it are like the cat whisperers of Manchester. 

Each kitty suite is decked out with cosy furnishings and stimulating toys, catering to both lazy loungers and curious climbers. Plus, they offer tailored play sessions, ensuring your cat’s personal likes and habits are well catered for.

Remember to book ahead during the holidays – this place gets busier than Deansgate on a Saturday night. For cats with dietary needs, they’re spot on with their meal plans, ensuring each meal is just as your kitty likes it.

Pro tip:
Ask about their ‘Purrsonalised Purr Playtime’ – it’s a hit with cats who love a bit of extra fuss and interactive games, tailored just for them.


Address: 3 Scratch Post Alley, Manchester, M11 1NN, UK

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Fri 9AM-6:30PM
  • Sat – Sun 9AM – 7:30PM

Contact: +44 161 555 6677


Now, if your cat’s a bit of a diva, Claws-N-Paws is where it’s at. This place is the epitome of feline luxury, offering a level of care that’s sure to satisfy even the most pampered pets. 

We’re talking VIP treatment all the way – exclusive playtime sessions where cats can indulge in their favourite activities, whether it’s chasing laser dots or lounging on a sunny windowsill. 

The gourmet nosh here is top-tier as well! Think specially crafted meals that cater to both the pickiest eaters and those with specific dietary needs. 

From a simple claw trim to keep those nails neat and tidy to a full-on grooming session that includes brushing, bathing, and even a gentle massage. 

Pro tip:
If your kitty enjoys a particular style of pampering, let the staff know. They’re great at customising their spa treatments to suit each cat’s individual preferences, ensuring a truly bespoke experience.

Bowlers Boarding Cattery

Address: Bowlers Farm, Pudding Lane, Manchester, M21 7ED, UK

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Sat 8:30AM-4PM
  • Sun 9AM-12PM

Contact: +44 161 900 4563


Over at Bowlers Boarding Cattery, they’re not just offering a room, they’re offering the whole shebang. Set in a quaint, pastoral area, it’s a perfect spot for your cat to enjoy some peace and quiet away from the bustling city life. 

The enclosures are impressively spacious, allowing plenty of room for exploration, stretching, and those all-important cat naps. Each one is kitted out with comfy bedding and interactive toys, tailored to keep even the most active cats entertained.

But that’s not all – they’ve got this fabulous outdoor area, completely secure, so your kitty can enjoy the sunshine and fresh air without any risk of wandering off. And when it comes to meal times, Bowlers Boarding Cattery really pulls out all the stops. 

Pro tip:
Ask about their long-term stay discounts. If you’re planning a longer getaway, they can sort you out with a deal that’ll keep both you and your purse happy.

Comfy Critters Pet Sitting

Address: 67 Snuggle Avenue, Manchester, M28 3QA, UK

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 8AM-6PM, Sat & Sun by appointment

Contact: +44 161 667 9999


Comfy Critters Pet Sitting does things a bit differently. They say ‘no thanks’ to the usual cattery setup and instead, they come to your gaff. Your cat gets to stay in its own manor, ruling the roost as usual. 

No need for them to get their whiskers in a twist over being in a new pet place (dog walks manchester); they’re the king or queen of their castle while you’re away, and the sitter just fits right into their court. 

What this lot do is pretty smart – they stick to your cat’s routine like it’s written in law. 

They’ll ping over photos and texts so you can see your fluffy overlord is having a grand time, even without you. It’s a top solution if you worry about your kitty missing you – you get to see they’re in good paws and having a blast.

Pro tip:
They’re fully insured and trained in pet first aid, so if your pet has health needs or you’re just a bit of a worrier, they’ve got all bases covered.

Evie’s Place Professional Dog Grooming and Spa

Address: 12 Barker Street, Manchester, M4 4EY, UK

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 9AM-5PM, Sat 10AM-4PM

Contact: +44 161 884 3332


Alright, hold up and don’t get your whiskers in a twist about the name – Evie’s Place might be known as a doggy haven, but they’ve recently expanded their expertise to include top-notch care for cats as well. Their newly opened ‘Cat Haven’ is just that – a haven. 

Each kitty guest receives individual attention, ensuring they’re not just cared for, but also thoroughly spoilt with affection and play. It’s a dedicated area where cats can lounge and play, completely separate from the canine clientele. 

The place is decked out with plush cushions perfect for those lengthy cat naps and climbing frames that challenge and entertain even the most adventurous of felines. What’s really ace about their setup is how they’ve created a peaceful, almost spa-like environment for the cats. 

Pro tip:
Check out their ‘Spa Day’ packages. Your furry friend can enjoy a relaxing’ massage and a proper groom. It’s a bit of luxury that’ll have them purring for days.

Cuddles Cattery

Address: 99 Meow Lane, Manchester, M22 8TY, UK

Opening Hours: Mon – Fri 9AM-5PM, Sat & Sun 10AM-4PM

Contact: +44 161 437 9911


True to its name, Cuddles Cattery is a haven where making your kitty feel loved and cherished is the top priority. The staff here are genuine cat enthusiasts, and it shows in the way they interact with each furry guest. 

They provide a level of care that effortlessly blends professionalism with a personal, affectionate touch. It’s the kind of place where cats don’t just stay; they’re understood and pampered. The accommodations at Cuddles Cattery are nothing short of luxurious. 

Each cat gets its own private, heated chalet, designed to provide the utmost comfort. These chalets are decked out with an array of toys and amenities, ensuring that your cat has plenty of opportunities for play and exploration. 

Pro tip:
Ask about their ‘Cuddles Galore’ package. It’s the crème de la crème, featuring extra playtime and treats, ensuring your cat’s stay is as indulgent as a spa weekend.
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