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Stockport’s Air Raid Shelters All You Need to Know

Stockport’s Air Raid Shelters: All You Need to Know

Stockport’s Air Raid Shelters: it’s more than a historical site, it’s a step into a time capsule filled with stories, memories, and echoes of the past. With its labyrinthine tunnels and wartime whispers, you can’t help but feel a bit of a time-traveller here.

So grab your explorer’s hat, maybe a spoonful of curiosity, and let’s dive into what makes the Air Raid Shelters in Stockport a place worth writing home about. And who knows? You might just find some wartime slang to spice up your vocabulary!

Time Zone

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+1)

Best Time to Go

Ever fancied a trip down a historical lane? Winter, with its chilly weather, is perfect to explore these underground caverns. Summer’s fine, too—these shelters stay pretty cool!

If you’re after a unique experience, look out for special open days, such as heritage days when the experts guide you through the tunnels. You’ll feel like a wartime spy; it’s brilliant!

H2: Things to Know

Things to Know

Location: Air Raid Shelters, 61 Chestergate, Stockport SK1 1NE, UK

Operating Hours:

Tuesday to Friday: 1 PM to 5 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 5 PM

Sunday: 11 AM to 5 PM

Closed on Mondays


  • Adults: £5
  • Concessions (Seniors/Students): £3.75
  • Family Ticket (2 Adults, 3 Children): £13

Duration of Visit: Plan for a 1 to 2-hour visit to fully explore the Air Raid Shelters and their history.

Accessibility: The Air Raid Shelters are accessible to wheelchair users, and there are public restrooms available on-site.

Contact Information:

Phone: +44 161 474 1940

Email: [email protected]

How to Get Around

Foot: The Air Raid Shelters at 61 Chestergate are best explored on foot, with guided tours often available to provide insights into their history and construction. Sturdy shoes are recommended as you navigate the network of tunnels.

Buses: Stockport’s Air Raid Shelters are accessible via public transport. Local bus routes provide stops near the site. You can take buses like the 330, 192, and 374 to get close to the shelters.

Taxis and Ride-Sharing: Available in Stockport, taxis and ride-sharing services like Uber offer a convenient and quick way to reach the Air Raid Shelters. Most local drivers will be familiar with the location.

Parking: If you are driving, there are public parking facilities nearby, including the Merseyway and Heaton Lane car parks.

Where to Stay Near the Air Raid Shelter

Alma Lodge Hotel

Address: 149 Buxton Rd, Stockport SK2 6EL, UK

Phone: +44 161 483 4431

Pricing: ££

Book Now

Imagine a classy Italian movie, but set in Stockport near the Air Raid Shelter. That’s the Alma Lodge Hotel for you! You’ll be treated to luxury and elegance without the need to rob a bank. Fancy a taste of Italy after a day of historical exploration? 

Their on-site Italian restaurant promises to serenade your taste buds with amore. Rooms are so cosy, they whisper in Italian, “Benvenuto a casa!”

The Wycliffe Hotel

Address: 74 Edgeley Rd, Stockport SK3 9NQ, UK

Phone: +44 161 477 5395

Pricing: £

Book Now

The Wycliffe Hotel is like that hidden vinyl record store where you find all the rare gems – simple, yet delightful. A hop away from the Air Raid Shelter, this budget-friendly haven offers comfort with no fuss. 

Legend has it that breakfasts here are served with a secret ingredient called love. Don’t look for frills; look for real Stockport vibes and hearty morning meals that would make your grandma proud.

Holiday Inn Express Stockport

Address: 11 Station Rd, Stockport SK3 9JD, UK

Phone: +44 161 359 6363

Pricing: ££

Book Now

The Holiday Inn Express is for the savvy traveller who likes their history with a side of modern convenience. Just around the corner from the Air Raid Shelter, this place is like a Swiss army knife – compact, efficient, and ready for anything. Travelling with family? They’ve got you. 

On business? Perfect. Want to pretend you’re on a secret spy mission near a wartime relic? Well, they probably don’t advertise that, but why not?

Premier Inn Stockport Central

Address: Churchgate, Stockport SK1 1YG, UK

Phone: +44 871 527 9102

Pricing: £

Book Now

The Premier Inn Stockport Central is like that trusty old pair of jeans – reliable, comfortable, and never lets you down. Nestled in central Stockport, close to the Air Raid Shelter, it offers a great stay without emptying your pockets. And the on-site restaurant? 

Let’s just say it knows how to put the “full” in “full English breakfast.” You’ll leave with a happy tummy and wallet. What more could you ask for?

The Stockport Plaza

Address: Mersey Square, Stockport SK1 1SP, UK

Phone: +44 161 477 7779

Pricing: £££

Book Now

Dare to indulge in a bit of glamour at The Stockport Plaza! This 1930s gem is a time capsule that delivers cinematic elegance in spades. Not just a stay, but an experience akin to being an extra in a classic film. 

A stroll away from the Air Raid Shelter, it offers history with a side of glitz. If you’re one to twirl in hallways pretending you’re in a black and white movie, book a room pronto! The chandeliers await your arrival.

Where to Eat in the Air Raid Shelter, Stockport

The Stockport Baker

Address: 12 Market St, Stockport SK1 1WT, UK

Phone: +44 161 477 6009

Pricing: £

Ever had a pastry that made you hum a happy tune? That’s The Stockport Baker for you. This bakery is a local legend, baking joy into every flaky bite. Whether it’s a fresh-baked croissant or a hearty meat pie, there’s a reason locals flock here after visiting the Air Raid Shelter. 

The place feels like your grandma’s kitchen, minus the cheek pinching. So grab a pastry, make a new friend, and know you’ve tasted a bit of Stockport soul.

The Midway

Address: 263 Newbridge Ln, Stockport SK1 2NX, UK

Phone: +44 161 480 2068

Pricing: ££


The Midway is the culinary oasis you stumble upon after a tour of the Air Raid Shelter. Like a delightful twist in a good novel, this place dishes up modern British cuisine with flair. Ever had a burger that deserves a standing ovation? You’re about to. 

Whether you’re looking for a family meal or a date night delight, The Midway is a culinary rendezvous that leaves you applauding the chef.

Where The Light Gets In

Address: 7 Rostron Brow, Stockport SK1 1JY, UK

Phone: +44 161 477 5744

Pricing: £££


This restaurant’s name isn’t just a pretty phrase; it’s a poetic description of the culinary experience. Where The Light Gets In offers an exquisite gastronomic adventure that lights up your palate. 

After soaking up the history at the Air Raid Shelter, immerse yourself in a menu as mysterious and delightful as a riddle. Local, seasonal ingredients become culinary art. The sommelier? A guide on a wine-tastic journey. Bring curiosity and an adventurous palate.

Project 53

Address: 22 Market Pl, Stockport SK1 1EU, UK

Phone: +44 161 429 8250

Pricing: ££


Project 53 isn’t just a place; it’s a vibe. This taproom and kitchen understand that good food and craft beer are the way to a person’s heart. Planning to visit the Air Raid Shelter? Make sure to refuel here. 

From artisan pizzas that’ll make you swoon to brews that play a merry jig on your tongue, it’s a flavour fiesta that beckons to both locals and travellers alike.

The Allotment Vegan Eatery

Address: 6 Vernon St, Stockport SK1 1TY, UK

Phone: +44 161 478 1331

Pricing: ££

Even if you’re not vegan, The Allotment Vegan Eatery might just convert you for a meal or two. This culinary haven showcases plant-based dishes with finesse and flavour that’ll make you question everything you know about vegan cuisine. 

Just visited the Air Raid Shelter? Time to raid this eatery for plates of deliciousness that make you feel virtuous and indulgent all at once. Earthy, tasty, and downright surprising, it’s a meatless feast that wins hearts.

Remedy Bar & Brewhouse

Address: 10-11 Market Pl, Stockport SK1 1EW, UK

Phone: +44 161 429 9676

Pricing: ££

What’s the remedy for a hungry belly after exploring the Air Raid Shelter? Remedy Bar & Brewhouse, of course! This place offers hearty bites and brews that feel like a comforting hug from an old friend. Think of a classic pub that went on a global culinary adventure. 

The result? A menu that makes you grin, a pint that prompts a toast, and an atmosphere that feels like home.

The Fisherman’s Table

Address: 103 Shaw Heath, Stockport SK2 6QZ, UK

Phone: +44 161 477 2726

Pricing: ££


Ready for a seafood escapade after visiting Stockport’s historical Air Raid Shelter? Reel in a table at The Fisherman’s Table, where every dish is like a net bursting with ocean treasures. 

Crispy fish and chips, succulent mussels, seafood pasta that sings—this is where maritime dreams come true. Nautical but nice, this eatery promises a culinary voyage that’ll make you feel like a seasoned sailor on a delicious quest. Ahoy, taste buds!

Bakers’ Vault Café

Address: 8 Market Pl, Stockport SK1 1EW, UK

Phone: +44 161 477 7799

Pricing: £

Coffee enthusiasts and pastry lovers, welcome to your nirvana in Stockport! Bakers’ Vault Café is where the aroma of freshly brewed coffee meets the allure of buttery pastries. After exploring the Air Raid Shelter, you’ll find refuge in this cosy café that feels like a well-kept secret. 

From croissants that flirt with perfection to coffee that might just wink at you, it’s a perfect spot for relaxation. A charming nook for bookworms, conversationalists, and everyone in between. Come on in; the coffee’s always on!

What to Do in Air Raid Shelter, Stockport

Take a guided tour

Joining a guided tour at the Air Raid Shelters is a must. It’s like embarking on a time-travelling journey with seasoned historians, except these historians come with a sprinkle of humour. 

With engaging anecdotes, fascinating facts, and captivating tales, you’ll leave the tour not only educated but thoroughly entertained. You’ll walk through a maze of tunnels, so wear comfortable shoes. 

Don’t be surprised if you end up reliving history through the vibrant storytelling.

Discover hidden artefacts with the curator

Ever wanted to be Indiana Jones for a day? The Air Raid Shelters in Stockport offers you the chance to join the curator in unearthing hidden artefacts. Dig through the archives, uncover lost relics, and learn about their significance in the context of wartime Britain. 

This behind-the-scenes access gives you a glimpse into the research and preservation process, all while having hands-on fun with history!

Explore kids’ special exploration zone

Got curious kiddos in tow? The Air Raid Shelters have something just for them. Introduce the young ones to history with the special kids’ exploration zone, designed to engage and entertain. 

With interactive displays, puzzles, and mini-guided tours tailored for children, they’ll learn about the past in an enjoyable and age-appropriate manner. Who knows? You might awaken a budding historian in the family!

Participate in an air raid drill

Experience an authentic air raid drill, complete with sirens, and learn about the safety measures taken during the war. A thrilling and educational experience that provides insights into wartime survival techniques.

Explore the Radio Communication Room

Dive into the world of wartime communication by exploring a replica radio room. Learn about the technology, codes, and human ingenuity that kept information flowing during critical times. You may even get a chance to send a Morse code message!

Enjoy the audio experience in the shelter

For the independent explorers out there, the audio tour is your personal narrator guiding you through wartime whispers. As you meander through the subterranean world, you’ll be captivated by tales that feel as real as if you were there when they happened. 

No need to rush; take your time and soak in the history, one echo at a time.

Have fun with the interactive exhibits

Oh, the good old days when we had to just stand and stare at artefacts behind glass barriers. But the Air Raid Shelters? They have none of that boring stuff! We’re talking hands-on, get-dirty, feel-the-history kind of exhibits. Ever wanted to know what a real gas mask feels like? 

Go ahead and try it on! Turn a siren, flip through wartime manuals, even play with toys from back in the day! No “Do Not Touch” signs here, my friends. Just pure, unfiltered connection with history, like a high-five with the past. 

Unleash your creativity in various workshops

Now, who told you history had to be all about dusty old books and boring lectures? Not at the Air Raid Shelters! Here, history is something you roll up your sleeves for, and oh boy, is it fun! Want to crack the Morse code like a wartime spy? 

Fancy making your own propaganda poster that screams retro? How about reliving some old-school crafting? You’re in the right place, pal! These workshops are not for the faint-hearted—they’re for the curious, the adventurous, the “I-want-to-try-that” folks. 

You’re not just learning; you’re doing, creating, laughing, maybe even making a glorious mess. But hey, that’s history for you, and at the Air Raid Shelters, it’s a blast!

Capture unique photographs

Lights, camera, action! Or rather, shadows, echoes, and history! If you’re the kind of person who loves to click a pic everywhere you go, the Air Raid Shelters are your next cover shot. Forget the overused selfie backgrounds; this place is the real deal. 

From dramatic shadows that tell a thousand stories to walls that have seen history unfold, each snap will be a work of art. You might just want to make a separate Instagram account for this adventure. 

Hey, even if you don’t know your aperture from your ISO, you’ll still manage to capture images that scream “AWESOME!” Bring that camera and snap away, my artistic friend. Your feet’s about to become legendary!

Experience wartime reenactments

Get ready to be transported back in time as you witness incredibly realistic wartime reenactments at the Air Raid Shelters. From the clothing to the equipment, every detail is painstakingly accurate. 

It’s one thing to read about history, but it’s a whole different ball game to see it come to life right before your eyes. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself cheering, gasping, or even shedding a tear. This isn’t just a show; it’s a slice of living history.

Test your ghost tolerance with friends

Boo! Did I get ya? No? Well, trust me, the Air Raid Shelters’ ghost tours might just do the trick. If you’re the kind who’s both intrigued and a little spooked by ghost stories, then oh boy, you’re in for a night. 

With tales of wartime spirits and eerie happenings, this isn’t your average campfire ghost story. The walls whisper secrets, and sometimes, if you listen closely, you might hear a story or two from the other side. 

Pack your bravest friend (you know, the one you can hide behind) and delve deep into the mysterious past. And hey, if you do see a ghost, ask them if they’re up for a selfie!

Where to Shop in Air Raid Shelter, Stockport

The Gift Shop

Hold onto your helmets, history buffs! The gift shop at the Air Raid Shelters is no ordinary souvenir stand. It’s a time-travelling marketplace where every shelf has a story, every product a piece of the past. Fancy a replica gas mask that’s also a quirky pencil case? 

How about a mug with wartime slogans to motivate your morning coffee routine? They’ve got it all. And if you’re one of those “I don’t shop, I just browse” kind of people, prepare to be converted. 

From vintage posters to history-laden books, you’ll find treasures that are as educational as they are charming. It

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