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The 10 Hot Yoga Havens in Manchester for a Sweaty Escape

The 10 Hot Yoga Havens in Manchester for a Sweaty Escape

I’ll be honest, I’m about as flexible as a two-by-four—well, at least that was the case before I discovered the magic of hot yoga. Every time I step into a steamy studio, it’s like my body surrenders and decides to finally let me bend more than an inch without wincing. 

And trust me, for someone who used to think touching their toes was a distant dream, that’s saying a lot! Now, don’t get me wrong—I’m no yoga guru, and you won’t catch me doing handstands any time soon. 

But, I do know a thing or two about where to go in Manchester for the best hot yoga sessions that can make you sweat out last night’s takeaway and maybe, just maybe, help you touch your toes. 

So, if you’re looking to escape into a world of warmth and stretch away your daily stresses, you’re in luck. 

Here are the top hot yoga havens in Manchester that offer more than just a sweaty escape—they might just stretch your body to new heights, and who knows, might even shrink your problems a bit too. 

The Life Centre

Media from the Life Centre

Website: The Life Centre

Address: 293A Deansgate

Contact details: +44 161 834 6283

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 7AM-9PM
  • Sat – Sun 8AM-6PM

Costs: £££ 

The Life Centre is a sanctuary for those who thrive in the heat of Hot Yoga. With three dedicated studios, including one just for Hot Yoga, you’ll find the perfect setting to deepen your practice. 

They’re stocked with every yoga prop imaginable, and although there’s a small £1 fee for using their Hot Yoga mats (it’s free for members on a monthly unlimited contract), you’re welcome to bring your own—just note, there’s no room to store them. 

After your session, enjoy the convenience of freshening up in their well-equipped changing rooms, complete with showers and lockers.

Pro tip:
Join a beginner workshop to learn the ropes of Hot Yoga in a friendly and supportive environment.

Yoga Loft

Media from yogaloftstudios

Website: Yoga Loft

Address: 24 Lever St

Contact details: +44 161 834 6284

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 6:30AM-10PM

Costs: £££ 

Perched above the hustle and bustle, Yoga Loft offers more than just a great view. With classes running every day, their talented teachers bring a variety of Yoga styles, catering to all skill levels. 

If you’re looking to dive deeper, the Jivamukti Yoga classes combine a vigorous workout with rich philosophical teachings, providing a comprehensive yoga experience that challenges both body and mind. 

I once joined a Jivamukti Yoga session there on a friend’s recommendation. It was a transformative experience; not only did the physical intensity of the class push my limits, but the philosophical discussions led by the teacher added a deeper, introspective layer to the practice. 

Pro tip:
Grab a window spot for an inspiring view that’ll elevate your practice to the next level.

Yoga Republic

Media from yoga_republic_mcr

Website: Yoga Republic

Address: 112 High St

Contact details: +44 161 834 6285

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 7AM-9PM
  • Sat – Sun 9AM-5PM

Costs: ££ 

Yoga Republic is your go-to for an energising blend of warmth and wellness. This studio is famous for its dynamic hot yoga classes, which are perfect for anyone looking to test their limits while finding their zen.

It’s a place where the community spirit is as palpable as the sweat on your brow, with instructors who are passionate about guiding you through each pose. 

In addition to their renowned dynamic hot yoga classes, they cater to busy schedules with their “lunchtime express” sessions, a succinct yet invigorating 30-minute yoga experience tailored perfectly for the midday break from 1pm to 1:30pm.

Pro tip:
Don’t skip their signature hot yoga class—it’s a fantastic way to spice up your routine and see real progress in your flexibility and mental focus.

The Wellness Hub Manchester

Media from wellnesshubmcr

Website: The Wellness Hub Manchester

Address: 50 Newton St

Contact details: +44 161 834 6286

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Fri 6AM-10PM
  • Sat – Sun 8AM-8PM

Costs: £££ 

At The Wellness Hub Manchester, you can start your day with a proper buzz through their invigorating 35-minute indoor sunrise yoga and breathwork session. It’s an energising routine that’ll sort your posture and get you all set before the city wakes. 

If that doesn’t tempt you, maybe their post-work sound bath sessions will. Picture this: you’re chilling out on cosy teddy bear blankets, an eye mask on, breathing in calming organic essential oils while the soothing sounds wash over you. 

They top it off with herbal tea and a little self-care prezzie, making you feel proper pampered. Planning a do? They can sort a private sound bath that’ll impress your mates.

Pro tip:
Catch their morning sessions to kickstart your day with a burst of positivity, and don’t miss the sound bath for a lush wind-down.

Studio 38 Yoga

Media from studio38yoga

Website: Studio 38 Yoga

 Address: 38 King St West

Contact details: +44 161 834 6287

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 5:30AM-9PM
  • Sat – Sun 7AM-7PM

Costs: £

Studio 38 Yoga isn’t just another yoga joint; it’s a community. With over 20 classes a week ranging from the fluidity of vinyasa and mandala to the disciplined forms of ashtanga and rocket, there’s plenty to get stuck into. 

They’ve got specialist courses too—think pregnancy yoga, baby yoga, and even baby massage yoga, all designed to help you unwind and manage the stresses of life. The space itself has two studios, so whether you fancy the heat or not, they’ve got you covered. 

If you’re up for something a bit different, you might want to check out the sound bath session at Studio38. It’s not your usual gig with tunes and beats. Instead, imagine chilling out completely surrounded by the vibes from crystal sound bowls. 

Pro tip:
Explore their range of courses, especially if you’re new or want to take your practice to the next level. There’s something for everyone here.

Yoga With Jai

Media from yogawithjai

Website: Yoga With Jai

Address: 142 Chapel St

Contact details: +44 161 834 6288

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 6AM-9PM

Costs: ££

Fancy shaking up your yoga routine? Yoga With Jai has got you sorted. This spot offers a stellar mix of classes for every kind of yogi, from beginners to those well-versed in the ways of the mat. 

They specialise in prenatal care too, so expectant mums and new parents can find sessions just for them. But here’s the kicker: their Rocket Yoga series. It’s a fast-paced, sweat-inducing session that throws in inversions and arm balances to really test your mettle. 

I remember the first time I tried their Rocket Yoga class; it was intense! I wasn’t quite prepared for the pace but was amazed at how energised I felt afterward. It’s definitely a challenge, but the instructor was incredibly supportive, offering modifications and encouragement throughout.

Pro tip:
Jump into a Rocket Yoga class. It’s tough, it’s rewarding, and it might just be the best thing you do for yourself all week.

Yoga Soul – Northern Quarter

Media from yogasoulmcr

Website: Yoga Soul

Address: 49 Hilton St

Contact details: +44 161 834 6289

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 6AM-9PM
  • Sat – Sun 7AM-7PM

Costs: £

Just a skip away from Piccadilly Gardens, Yoga Soul is your down-to-earth local studio with a massive heart for all things yoga. 

Run by yoga buffs William Mitchell and Samuel Nwokeka—who first crossed paths on a yoga course in Goa—this spot boasts a purely yoga-focused vibe. Whether it’s rocket yoga that gets you flying, or the 360º spins of mandala yoga, they’ve got it all. 

Their £30 deal for 30 days is perfect for newcomers keen to dive deep. The studio’s vibe is calming with simple decor, mandala art, and plants brightening up the place, though remember the lockers are petite, just right for your essentials.

Pro tip:
Their diverse class roster and hands-on workshops are great for deepening your practice or even starting a journey into teaching yoga yourself!

Yoga Up

Media from yoga_up_cat

Website: Yoga Up

Address: 100 High St

Contact details: +44 161 834 6290

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 6AM-8PM

Costs: ££

At Yoga Up, it’s all about ramping up your yoga practice with a bit of heat. The hot yoga sessions here, led by the well-traveled and insightful Cat Teague, are not just about flexibility and strength; they’re a full-body and mind workout. 

Expect to detox physically and mentally, with classes that merge vinyasa flow, breathwork, and meditation into a cohesive, stress-busting package. It’s an environment that nurtures focus and concentration, making it a spot where you can truly transform your practice and your well-being.

The studio’s kitted out with all the gear you need, so no fuss about bringing your own mat or towel—just turn up and get stuck in. Classes run throughout the week with plenty of slots, making it easy to fit into your busy schedule. 

Pro tip:
Embrace the heat in these classes; it’s your ally in deepening stretches and preventing injuries, while also sharpening your mind.

The Yoga Rooms

Media from the_yoga_rooms

Website: The Yoga Rooms

Address: 483 Barlow Moor Rd

Contact details: +44 161 834 6291

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 7AM-9PM

Costs: £££

The Yoga Rooms has been a cornerstone of Chorlton (chorlton manchester) since 2008, offering a welcoming haven where the mantra is yoga and pilates for all. Founded by Sarah Hague and co-directed by Janine Kelly and Evka Suchomelova, it prides itself on inclusivity and diversity. 

From babies to older folks, everyone’s welcome here, with a variety of classes that cater to all walks of life. Their teachers are among Manchester’s finest, dedicated to providing top-notch guidance thanks to a supportive pricing structure. 

Plus, they host family yoga sessions where profits go to Manchester Women’s Aid—talk about practising for a cause!

Pro tip:
Take advantage of their family classes and concession rates—it’s a fantastic way to bring a little extra zen into your life while supporting a good cause.

Yoga Cafe Manchester – Chorlton

Media from yogacafemcr

Website: Yoga Cafe Manchester

Address: 21 Chorlton Pl

Contact details: +44 161 834 6292

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 7AM-9PM

Costs: ££

Yoga Cafe Manchester in Chorlton is your go-to spot for a bit of stretch and a natter. It’s a cracking combination of a yoga studio and a café, ideal for those who fancy a bit of downward dog followed by a decent cuppa. 

The classes are dead accessible, catering to all sorts from beginners to those who can bend like rubber. Once you’ve had your fill of poses, you can chill in the café, grab a bite, or just soak up the laid-back vibes. 

Also, if you fancy mixing up your usual yoga sesh with something a bit more unique, they are cracking on with something they call Mantra heart circles. It’s this special set-up where you get to sit in the middle while everyone sings words of love and acceptance to you.

Pro tip:
Don’t rush off after your class; grab a brew and maybe a snack. It’s a mint way to keep that relaxed feeling going while you have a chinwag with fellow yoga enthusiasts.
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