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Top 10 Reasons Why Manchester is Unique

Top 10 Reasons Why Manchester is Unique

Manchester has many things that make it unique from the other cities in the United Kingdom. Usually compared with London, this city has many things to offer that make it a bit different and stand out. 

Why is Manchester Unique?

There are a number of reasons why Manchester is unique. First and foremost, the Mancunians are known to be a friendly bunch. The cost of living there is relatively low despite being a major urban center. 

There are other reasons that make this lovely city quite unique. Here are just some of them:

1. It is a city of friendly locals. 

Mancunians have developed a character of friendliness quite unique from the typical British sensibilities that most people are familiar with. They are ready to smile and start a conversation with strangers more than in most other UK cities. 

2. It is an affordable modern city.

It is an affordable modern city

When compared to London, living in Manchester is considerably more affordable. In fact, it belongs in the top ten of the more affordable UK cities to live in.

According to Numbeo, homes, prices and living costs in Manchester are lower across the board compared to those in London:

Basic EssentialsLondon Manchester
Average Apartment Price (per sq. meter)£ 13,163.85£ 3,966.44
Rent (one-bedroom apartment)£ 1,857.25£ 923.33 
Monthly Basic Utilities (small apartment)£ 240.53£ 204.74
Local Transportation (one-way ticket)£ 2.80 £ 2.65
Monthly Childcare ( per preschool child)£ 1,590.51£ 1,016.56

It certainly is quite unique in terms of being a modern, thriving urban space and yet having a more affordable cost of living. Greater Manchester is the second largest urban area in the UK after London, and yet it is relatively affordable to live in makes it quite unique in itself.

3. It is a multilingual city, thanks to its diverse population. 

Manchester is also unique in the sense that it is quite a diverse, multilingual population. Asians form the largest ethnic minority that calls Manchester their home. 

Because of this, people in Manchester use over 200 languages to communicate with each other at any one time. The city is even considered the most linguistically diverse city in western Europe. 

Half of the adult population and about 4 out of 10 young people in the city can speak more than one language. This has led to the development of the city’s vibrant and diverse culture over time. 

This melting pot of multicultural influences helps in creating the unique character of Manchester. 

4. It is the place that sparked the Industrial Revolution.

Manchester is considered to be the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the late 18th Century. It paved the way for the rapid growth of the country, which then spread all over the world.

Because of this, Manchester actually became the world’s first industrialized city with the first inner-city railway system, the world’s first steam-driven mill, and England’s first working canal. You can learn more about this when you visit the Science and Industry Museum in Manchester.  

5. It has some of the world’s best libraries.

It has some of the world’s best libraries

Manchester is home to the John Rylands Library. It is considered to be one of the best libraries in the world, with its collection of over 250,000 printed classics and old manuscripts. 

There is also Chetham’s Library, considered to be the oldest working public library in the English-speaking world. The library has been in continuous operation for over 350 years and is also considered as an accredited museum.  

6. It is a thriving university city.

Manchester is home to several top universities where over 100,000 students get their education. Of that population, more than 19,000 come from other countries.

Manchester is second only to London in terms of having a large student population. Being a major region of education and learning also makes it a center of creativity, technology, and innovation.

Manchester also has a thriving music scene encompassing a wide range of music genres. From the music of the 60’s up to the ’90s, Manchester produced several successful bands and groups.

Bands such as the Bee Gees, Joy Division, New Order, Simply Red, and The Smiths came from Manchester. And so did the 90’s Britpop bands like Oasis and even the boy band Take That. 

Manchester also became famous for the indie and dance club scene in the late 80s during its Madchester era. It continues to maintain a vibrant music scene through the various nightclubs and concert venues in the area.

8. It has a museum for football.

It has a museum for football

Manchester has quite a love for football that they made a museum for the beautiful game in the city. The National Football Museum is considered the largest and the best football museum there is. 

The city is also known to be where the Football League was first formed in 1888. It is also home to two world-famous football clubs, Manchester City and Manchester United.

9. It is a city of unique attractions.

Manchester also offers a number of unique attractions many visitors will find interesting. There is the Godlee Observatory, an old astronomical observatory located on the roof of the Sackville Street Building at the University of Manchester.

This tiny observatory is famously known for its dome made out of papier-mâché. Interestingly, the dome has stood the test of time, surviving even the bombings during World War II. 

There is also the Science and Industry Museum, which looks into the influence of science, technology, and industry in the development of Manchester over the years. Located at Liverpool Road, this museum features a number of unique exhibits, including the cotton mill, early steam and gas engines, and railway locomotives.

The museum also houses a replica of the Manchester Baby, considered the world’s first electronically-stored programmable computer.    

10. You can explore the Manchester’s unique and diverse cuisine at the Curry Mile

For those who like to explore unique cuisines, Manchester has the famous Curry Mile. It is a popular nickname for a portion of Winslow Road in south Manchester mainly because of the large number of restaurants and kebab houses frequented by many locals and visitors.    

People can enjoy a wide range of different South Asian and Middle Eastern cuisines while walking through the area, which stays busy even into the wee hours of the morning.

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