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The 9 Best Places for Roller Skating in Manchester

The 9 Best Places for Roller Skating in Manchester

Manchester, renowned for its iconic music and football, also boasts a playful side on wheels. Surprised? The city’s sprinkled with rinks that blend nostalgia with fun.

Whether you’ve been skating for years or you’re just finding your balance, Manchester has a corner for you. Dive into this guide, and let’s whisk you through the city’s top roller destinations, complete with handy tips. Ready to roll?

Paradise Skate World

Address: Unit 5, Great Northern Warehouse, 235 Deansgate, Manchester M3 4EN, United Kingdom

Operating Hours:

  • Tue-Thur 4–10 PM 
  • Friday 4 PM–12 AM 
  • Saturday 12 PM–12 AM 
  • Sunday 12–10 PM 
  • Monday Closed 


Paradise Skate World is a mesmerising blend of neon lights and smooth rinks, with its location right in the heart of Manchester offering the convenience every skater craves. During weekdays, especially Tuesday evenings, you’ll find the rink less crowded, ideal for beginners. 

But it’s the weekends where the real action begins; with thematic skate nights and live DJ sessions, it’s a roller-party galore. Also, if you’re looking for deals, sign up for their newsletter. They’re known to send out cheeky discounts and early-bird specials for their events. 

Their Flashback Fridays, a dive into retro music and classic skate styles, often come with a price slash. So, grab your skates, and perhaps a friend or two for that morale boost, and head over to this neon paradise.

Pro tips: 
Always keep an extra pair of socks handy; especially after an intense skating session. If you’re a newbie, their friendly staff is always eager to offer some skating pointers. 

For a quick energy boost, don’t skip their snack bar – the nachos are a skater’s secret weapon to refuel!

Roller City Rochdale


Operating Hours:

  • Tue and Thu, 1-3PM
  • Wed 1-3PM, 6-8PM
  • Fri 1-3PM, 7-9PM
  • Sat 1-3PM, 3-5PM, 5-7PM, 7-9PM
  • Sun 1-3PM, 3-5PM

Contact: +44 7903 642956


Rochdale’s pride, Rollercity, has been the town’s favourite rink for a reason. The spacious venue has this charming touch of nostalgia. Thursdays are the best bet if you’re looking for a relaxed skating experience since the crowd is minimal. 

But if mingling and skating are your scene, weekend afternoons often host family sessions with a delightful energy. Look out for their monthly specials; every first Monday of the month, they’ve got “Mad Mondays” – a fantastic deal where the entry price is halved. 

Plus, their in-house café’s infamous pretzels and shakes combo is often bundled in a delightful offer, making your skating escapade both fun and delicious. And to those who wondered: yes, skating after a shake is an art.

Pro tips: 
Before you head out, check Rollercity’s social media pages for any sudden schedule changes or special announcements. 

Rent the funky glow-in-the-dark skates during evening sessions for that extra dazzle on the rink!

Good Life Skates at Escape to Freight Island


Operating Hours:

  • Wednesday 16:00 – 22:00 
  • Thursday & Friday 16:00 – 21:00 
  • Saturday 10:00 – 00:00 
  • Sunday 10:00 – 19:00

Contact: +44 161 823 8747


Good Life Skates isn’t just a rink; it’s a cultural experience. This urban skating haven resonates with Manchester’s graffiti art and eclectic music. While it’s a year-round attraction, weekday afternoons, particularly Tuesdays, are relatively quieter, perfect for those wanting to practise their moves without the audience. 

However, if you’re a fan of bustling energy, Friday nights are for you. With DJ sets and themed nights, it’s a skating party. Savvy skaters should keep an eye on their social media channels. They occasionally post spontaneous deals, especially during off-peak hours. 

And don’t even get me started on their in-house café’s specials; their ‘Skate & Latte’ combo on Sunday mornings is the perfect kickstart to a fun day.

Pro tips:
If you’re an avid skater and frequent visitor, consider getting Good Life Skates’ membership card for exclusive deals and faster entry. 

Last but not least, if you’re planning a birthday or special event, they offer group bookings; be sure to reserve in advance for the best spots!

Ardwick Sports Hall


Operating Hours: Tue-Thur, 4-10PM

Contact: +44 161 273 7913


Ardwick Sports Hall, oh how you bring back memories. First off, let’s say it: this place smells of nostalgia… and a hint of rubber. 

Good memories, of course, like the time I mistook waxed floor for carpet and had my very own ‘Bambi on ice’ moment. 

This gem has this old-school gymnasium vibe which takes me back to high-school disco days, minus the teenage angst. Thursdays tend to be my secret sweet spot—fewer folks, more drinks to claim! 

If you’re watching your wallet, their ‘Skate and Save’ Wednesdays offer discounted rates. 

And if you’re in for a bit of spectator sport, grab a seat and watch the regulars showcase their skating prowess; some of them look like they’ve been gliding on wheels since the womb. On the side, they’ve got this little snack bar which, trust me, makes some mean cheese toasties.

Pro tips: 
If you’re just starting out or need a refresher, Ardwick offers brief beginner’s classes occasionally. It’s wise to check in with the front desk upon arrival. Also, those fancy floor spins and tricks you see the pros doing?

The hall can get a bit echoey, so if you’re bringing the kiddos, you might want to pack some earplugs for a more comfortable experience.

Nevada Roller Rink


Operating Hours:

  • Wed-Thu, 11:30 AM–9 PM 
  • Fri, 6 AM–9 PM 
  • Sat,11:30 AM–6:30 PM 
  • Sun, 11:45 AM–6 PM 

Contact: +44 1204 353580


Nevada Roller Rink, where Manchester meets Vegas, baby! This place dazzles with neon lights brighter than my Aunt Gertrude’s sequin dress. The rink is spacious, which is great for someone like me with a ‘unique’ skating style (aka veering unexpectedly).

They have a neat collection of retro skates for rental, but if you’re particular about foot comfort, consider bringing your own pair. 

If you’re into crowd-surfing on wheels, Saturday nights are poppin’. But a heads-up, the DJ is partial to some good old Elvis hits. 

Their ‘Twosday’ offers are the real steal: two-for-one entries every Tuesday. Perfect for that mate who claims to be a pro skater but spends more time on the floor!

Pro tips: 
Don’t let the glitz and glamour distract you from the fact that Nevada offers roller skating lessons. So, if you’re a newbie or just need to brush up on those skills, it’s worth inquiring ahead of your visit. 

Going on a Friday? Consider arriving early. You’ll get the best pick of skates and a chance to warm up before the crowd rolls in!

Projekts MCR Skatepark


Operating Hours:

  • Wed-Thur, 11 AM–9 PM 
  • Friday, 12–9 PM 
  • Saturday, 9:50 AM–1:10 PM, 1:30–7 PM 
  • Sunday, 9:50 AM–1:10 PM, 1:30–6 PM 
  • Mon- Tue 12–9 PM 

Contact:  +44 161 532 4290


All aboard the urban skater train to Projekts MCR! It’s skateboarding central, but us roller skaters sneak in there too. The whole graffiti vibe gives me this rebellious ‘I-can-do-anything’ feeling – even if ‘anything’ is just not tripping over my own feet. 

Early birds, or in my case, folks who don’t want witnesses to their goofy falls, will find weekday mornings peaceful. Keep an eye on their insta-stories; they occasionally drop flash deals for midnight skate sessions. 

Speaking of the park’s layout, there’s a neat mix of ramps, rails, and bowls to challenge every skill level. If you fancy a break or simply want to admire others (like that skateboarder pulling off a neat trick), there’s a cozy chill-out area, perfect for some downtime. 

And for those caffeine enthusiasts, their on-site coffee shop brews a cup that hits just the right spot, especially on those nippy mornings.

Pro tip:
They’ve got skateboarding classes. Crash one (pun intended), and you might just learn a roller trick or two.

The Forum – Wythenshawe


Operating Hours:

  • Tue-Fri, 6 AM–10 PM 
  • Sat-Sun, 9 AM–5 PM 
  • Monday, 11 AM–7 PM 

Contact: +44 161 935 4020


Ah, the Wythenshawe Forum! This place is like that warm slice of apple pie your grandma makes—always welcoming. 

My go-to for a calm skate session? Oddly enough, it’s Wednesday afternoons. The crowd is thin, and the rink? Well, it feels like skating on cloud nine. 

But if you’re hunting for that social butterfly badge, Sunday evenings brim with electric energy. Their monthly ‘Disco Fever Fridays’ are legendary. And hey, if you’ve been meaning to pull out those polka-dotted skater dresses or jazzy pants, now’s your chance! 

Speaking of style, The Forum has seen it all – from sequined jackets to wild, feathered hats. You think I’m joking? My friend once sported a flamingo-themed onesie here and became an instant legend!

Pro tip:
Their raspberry slush is a must-try. Makes any fall sweeter.

Atherton Roller Rink


Operating Hours:

  • Mon-Wed, 11 AM–1 PM, 2–4 PM 
  • Thur, 11 AM–1 PM, 2–4 PM, 6–8 PM 
  • Fri-Sun, 11 AM–1 PM, 2–4 PM, 5–7 PM 

Contact: +44 1942 878778


Ever been to a place that teleports you straight back to your teenage dream sequence? Welcome to Atherton Roller Rink. It’s got this vintage aura with just the right touch of modern. 

Weekday mornings are like VIP access here – fewer people and all the room to test your wild skating moves. 

And by wild, I mean me trying to swerve without yelling, “Look out!” Their ‘Thursday Thrift’ evenings are my personal favourite; not only are entries discounted, but the retro music playlist? Killer. 

Last time, I belted out some ABBA while skating. Embarrassing? Maybe. Fun? Absolutely!

Pro tip:
The rink’s old-school arcade corner is a gem. And yes, I’m challenging you to a Pac-Man duel.

Star Wash Roller Disco, Trafford Centre


Operating Hours:

  • Mon-Sat, 11AM-8PM
  • Sun, 12PM-6PM


Star Wash Roller Disco is what happens when Saturday Night Fever meets roller skates. The disco balls, the vibrant lights – it’s a time capsule of the groovy ’70s. And me? I’m there shimmying on wheels every chance I get. Fridays can be busy, but boy, the energy? 

Through the roof! Keep an eagle eye on their website because they often roll out special themed nights. Like the time they had ’90s Pop Night and I attempted the Macarena on skates. It went about as well as you’d imagine.

Between the whirls and twirls, you’ll spot roller skaters showing off their slick moonwalks. Honestly, the place has its own rhythm. One time, I even saw a spontaneous dance-off right in the middle of the rink!

Pro tip: 
If you’re all about that retro vibe, you might want to dress the part. Throw on those flared jeans or sequined jackets; you won’t be the only one!

If you’re bringing kids along, early afternoons during weekdays are a bit more relaxed and kid-friendly. 

For the thirsty skaters out there, their soda float bar is a must-try. 

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