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Explore these African restaurants locals swear by for a foodie adventure in Manchester!

Explore these African restaurants locals swear by for a foodie adventure in Manchester!

I confess—I have an obsession, and it’s not what you’d expect. Every time I walk into an African restaurant in Manchester, my taste buds go on a wild safari, and I find myself devouring dishes that could rival any festive feast back on the continent! 

Oh, and before you know it, I’m planning my next visit before I’ve even left. 

Now, I might not be Manchester’s most seasoned explorer (that’s a bit of a stretch), nor do I have a crew of culinary adventurers tagging along (definitely not true), but believe me when I say I’ve tackled the African dining scene with the zeal of a lion on the hunt.

I’m about to guide you through the top African restaurants in Manchester that have us locals and in-the-know visitors buzzing—not just for a meal, but for a full-on flavour expedition.


Media from chakalakanq

Website: Chakalaka

Address: 105a Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LW, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 806 0813

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Thu: 12PM-12AM
  • Fri – Sat: 12PM-1AM
  • Sun: 12PM-11PM

Step into Chakalaka and it’s like stepping into a sunlit Jo’burg street party. The bright yellow walls and flag-draped bunting set a lively backdrop for a meal that’s all about bold South African flavours. 

You’ll be hard-pressed to choose between the mouth-watering chicken sosatie skewers served on a bed of tangy pomegranate salad or the iconic bunny chow—hollowed out bread brimming with rich, spicy house curry. 

If you’re feeling something a bit more hands-on, the boerewors sausage in a soft brioche bun is a must. Each dish is a celebration of South African culture, right here in the heart of Manchester’s Northern Quarter.

Pro tip:
Their homemade chutneys are a revelation—make sure to order a side for that extra punch!

Asmara Bella

Media from asmarabellamcr2023

Website: Asmara Bella

Address: 50 Sackville St, Manchester M1 3WF, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 237 1101

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Thurs 5PM-11PM
  • Fri – Sun 1PM-11PM

For a genuine slice of Eritrea right in the heart of Manchester, their menu is bursting with options. Everything’s served up with injera, which isn’t just a side—it’s the star of the show. This spongy, chewy bread made from teff is perfect for scooping up the rich.

Now, if you’ve never had injera before, prepare to be hooked. It’s a game changer, especially when paired with their selection of chicken, lamb, and beef dishes, all bursting with flavours straight from Eritrea and Ethiopia. 

But if meat’s not your thing, no worries—their vegetarian and vegan dishes are just as compelling, filled with all the spices and textures that make East African cuisine so unforgettable.

Pro tip:
Don’t you dare skip their traditional coffee, served up with a side of popcorn. It’s not just a drink; it’s a whole experience, adding that authentic touch that really rounds out the meal.

House Of Habesha

Media from houseofhabesha_official

Website: House Of Habesha

Address: 14-16 Wilmslow Rd, Manchester M14 5TQ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 224 4449

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Wed 9AM-11PM
  • Thur – Sat 9AM-1AM
  • Sun 10AM-9:30PM

House of Habesha isn’t just any restaurant; it’s a passport to the rich culinary landscapes of Ethiopia and Eritrea, right on Wilmslow Road. This place takes you on a soul-warming journey with every dish, crafted to comfort as much as it satisfies.

The star of their menu? The fiery timtimo stew—red lentils stewed with onions, garlic, and a generous kick of berbere spice that’ll have your taste buds dancing. 

Their Shiro fries are something to write home about—crispy French fries topped with a spicy chickpea stew and fresh salad. Or maybe give the Alichha mix a go; it’s a vibrant stir-fry of potato, carrot, cauliflower, and green beans, all jazzed up with Habesha spices.

Pro tip:
Don’t overlook the Kulwa if you’re into meat. These aren’t just any lamb strips; we’re talking succulent lamb steak strips sautéed with onions and peppers, all marinated in aromatic Habesha spices that pack a punch.

Cape Coast Restaurant Manchester

Media from capecoastrestaurant

Website: Cape Coast Restaurant

Address: 16 Moss Ln E, Manchester M15 5NN, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 226 5111

Operating Hours: 

  • Tue – Thur 1PM-9:30PM
  • Fri 1PM-11:30PM
  • Sat 12PM-11:30PM
  • Sun 1PM-10:30PM

Swing by Cape Coast Restaurant Manchester when you’re hankering for an authentic Ghanaian feast right here in the heart of Manchester. This welcoming spot on Moss Lane East is a true celebration of Ghana’s rich culinary heritage. 

Dive into their famous waakye with beef stew, or sample the perfectly grilled tilapia and robust pounded yam, each dish prepared with traditional methods and a lot of heart. 

The restaurant buzzes with energy, especially during their themed nights featuring late-night DJs and buffets that celebrate major calendar events. It’s your home away from home, whether you’re missing Ghana or curious about its vibrant flavours.

Pro tip:
Don’t miss their themed nights for a fabulous mix of good food, music, and community vibes—perfect for anyone looking to experience a slice of Ghanaian culture.

Ya Koyo

Media from yakoyospot55

Website: Ya Koyo

Address: 320 Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9NG, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 273 5556

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Sat 12PM-10PM
  • Sun 1PM-10PM

If Nigerian cuisine is calling your name, Ya Koyo on Oxford Road is where you need to be. It’s a lively place that’s all about celebrating the rich flavours and hearty dishes typical of Nigeria. 

Feast on their scrumptious egusi and ogbono soups, or delve into a bowl of asaro (yam porridge) and ofada stew, each dish bringing the buzz and warmth of downtown Lagos to Manchester. 

And let’s talk about the drinks – their innovative cocktail menu is designed to complement the spicy, flavour-packed meals, making for a perfectly rounded dining experience. It’s a lively spot where the spirit of Nigeria is alive and well in every bite and sip.

Pro tip:
Their cocktails are a must-try—they’re creatively crafted to match the robust Nigerian flavours, enhancing your dining experience to the next level!

Soul & Surf

Media from soulandsurfmcr

Website: Soul & Surf

Address: 94 Mauldeth Rd, Manchester M14 6SQ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 448 2223

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Tue 1PM-10PM
  • Wed Closed
  • Thur 1PM-10PM
  • Fri – Sat 1PM-11PM
  • Sun 1PM-9PM

Soul & Surf on Mauldeth Road isn’t just a restaurant—imagine yourself sinking your teeth into lobster tails drenched in garlic butter or munching on suya-spiced shrimp, each bite a testament to culinary bravery and fusion.

This place serves up more than just meals; it delivers experiences. The generous plates are not just filling; they’re crafted to thrill and delight. It’s the kind of spot that’s perfect for food lovers seeking to shake things up a bit, offering a halal-friendly menu that welcomes everyone.

Sides? How about some decadent mac ‘n’ cheese to round things out. It’s a monster meal that’s sure to leave you stuffed and maybe a bit guilty, but oh so satisfied.

Pro tip:
Their weekend brunch is an absolute winner—innovative, filling, and bursting with flavours that blend the best of West Africa and the American South.

Beilul Restaurant

Media credit: artiseating

Website: Beilul Restaurant

Address: 123 Curry Mile, Manchester M14 5PT, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 248 4848

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 1PM-11PM

Nestled in the heart of Manchester’s buzzing Curry Mile, Beilul Restaurant stands as a beacon of Eritrean and Ethiopian culture. This spot is famed not just for its authenticity but also for the depth of traditional flavours it offers. 

A standout choice is the mahberawi sharers, a lavish platter that features a dozen delicacies served on a round Ethiopian platter, ideal for scooping up with injera. This dish is a perfect introduction to the communal dining culture prevalent in East Africa. 

The warmly decorated space, combined with the rich, spicy aromas that greet you at the door, makes Beilul not just a meal out, but a dive into an enriching cultural experience.

Pro tip:
When you visit, don’t just eat; engage. The mahberawi platter is a journey through tastes and textures that are meant to be enjoyed slowly, savoured and shared.

Roots Restaurant

Media from roots_bar_events

Website: Roots Restaurant

Address: 15 Wilmslow Road, Manchester M14 5TB, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 224 4444

Operating Hours: 

  • Tue – Thur 2PM-10PM
  • Fri – Sat 2PM-3AM
  • Sun 1PM-10PM

Roots Restaurant on Wilmslow Road is the vibrant heart of West African culinary life in Manchester. As much a destination for dining as it is for entertainment, Roots blurs the line between a night out and a meal. 

The atmosphere here is electric, often amplified by the sounds of DJs spinning Afrobeat tracks into the late hours. 

The menu features robust, family-style dishes that are perfect for sharing—like the goat suya, richly marinated and grilled to perfection, or the traditional jollof rice and exotic snails. 

Pro tip:
Lean into the late-night vibe with one of their handcrafted cocktails, ideally sipped while the DJ sets the mood with some chill Afrobeat tunes.

Imo Oluwa

Media from imooluwa_manchester

Website: Imo Oluwa

Address: 238 Moss Lane East, Manchester M16 7RJ, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 226 6707

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Sat 12PM-10PM
  • Sun 2PM-7PM

Imo Oluwa on Moss Lane East is a cherished gem within Manchester’s Nigerian community, known for its homely vibe and meticulous, from-scratch cooking. Celebrating over a decade of service, this family-run establishment is a testament to the rich, vibrant flavours of Nigeria. 

A must-try is their seafood special, which offers a selection of freshly prepared fish like red bream, tilapia, or croaker, all accompanied by prawns, peppers, and rice. 

The warm, inviting atmosphere makes every diner feel welcomed, as if they’re family, and the attention to detail in each dish speaks volumes of their dedication to Nigerian culinary traditions.

Pro tip:
The seafood special is a feast for the senses; pair it with a cold Nigerian beer for an authentic dining experience that truly satisfies.

La Buka African Restaurant

Media from labuka_africanrestaurant

Website: La Buka African Restaurant

Address: 127 Moston Ln, Manchester M40 3GR, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +44 161 205 0204

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun: 2PM-11PM

No roundup of Manchester’s top African eateries would be complete without mentioning La Buka African Restaurant on Moston Lane. This charming, family-run establishment is a haven of Nigerian culinary delights, where the atmosphere is just as warm as the food. 

At La Buka, the dishes are generous, the flavours are deep, and every meal feels like a celebration. A standout dish is the edika ikong, a luxurious soup made with assorted meats, dried fish, and shrimps, all simmered together in a rich blend of spinach and pumpkin seeds. 

This dish is a flavour powerhouse, emblematic of the care and tradition that goes into every plate served here. Whether you’re a newcomer to Nigerian cuisine or a longtime fan, it promises an authentic, satisfying dining experience that feels like a visit to a Nigerian family home.

Pro tip:
The edika ikong is a must-try for its depth of flavour and hearty ingredients—it’s comfort food that truly nourishes both body and soul.

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