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These 10 Manchester Bike Hire Places Will Fuel Your Cycling Obsession!

These 10 Manchester Bike Hire Places Will Fuel Your Cycling Obsession!

I must confess, I have a love-hate relationship with biking. The last time I tried, I almost ended up in a duck pond and had my legs turned to jelly. But hey, who doesn’t love a bit of adventure, right?

Alright, jokes aside, I’m actually a huge fan of cycling around Manchester (well, kind of). And while I may not have the city’s largest collection of bike helmets, I do know the best spots to hire a bike.

From sleek electric rides to classic road bikes, I’ve pedalled through the best and worst this city has to offer. Here are my top picks for bike hire in Manchester, so you can ride like a local and maybe avoid any unplanned swims.

Manchester Bikes

Media from mcrbikes

Website: Manchester Bikes

Address: 45 Tib St

Operating Hours:

  • Mon – Fri 9AM-6PM
  • Sat 10AM-4PM

Manchester Bikes is your one-stop-shop for all things cycling in the heart of the city. Offering a diverse range of bikes for hire, from sturdy commuters to slick road bikes, they cater to both everyday cyclists and weekend warriors. 

Their team is known for being incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, ensuring you get the right bike for your needs. I once rented a commuter bike for a week of city errands, and it was a game-changer. 

The bike was comfortable, reliable, and made navigating Manchester’s streets a breeze. Plus, their rental rates are quite reasonable, so you won’t break the bank.

Pro tip:
Ask for a basket or pannier if you plan on running errands. It makes carrying your groceries or gear much easier and adds to the convenience of your ride.

Zoomo Manchester

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Website: Zoomo Manchester

Address: 12-16 Whitworth St

Contact details: +44 161 302 7948

Operating Hours: Mon – Fri 9AM-5PM

Zoomo Manchester is the e-bike rental hotspot for both daily commuters and weekend adventurers. Imagine zooming (pun intended) past traffic on one of their sleek electric bikes. Their process is as smooth as their bikes—book online, pick up, and you’re off. 

These bikes are so reliable, you’ll wonder why you ever put up with public transport. And if you’re mechanically challenged like some of us, their maintenance plans will keep you peddling without a hitch. 

I rented one for a week and, trust me, the sheer joy of overtaking cars in rush hour is unparalleled. Plus, you don’t have to worry about finding parking space!

Pro tip:
If you’re planning a long ride, grab an extra battery. Running out of juice halfway through a trip is a fun story, but maybe not one you want to live through.

Platt Fields Bike Hub

Media from platt.fieldsbikehub

Website: Platt Fields Bike Hub

Address: Platt Fields Park

Contact details: +44 161 245 7007

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 10AM-6PM
  • Sat 10AM-4PM

Platt Fields Bike Hub is an absolute gem nestled in the heart of Platt Fields Park, perfect for families and solo riders alike. They’ve got everything from kids’ bikes to tandems—so yes, you and your mate can finally live out that tandem bike dream. 

Need a quick tune-up? Their repair services have got you covered. It’s not just about rentals; they run cycling workshops too. Imagine spending a sunny afternoon riding around the park, then stopping by their workshop to learn how to fix a flat. 

What makes it even better is the community vibe; they host events and group rides, making it a great way to meet fellow cyclists. And if you’re planning to make a day of it, there are loads of scenic trails and hidden corners to explore in the park.

Pro tip:
Check out their cycling workshops. You might learn how to fix a flat or meet your future cycling buddy.

Bee Network Cycle Hire

Media from beenetworkgm

Website: Bee Network Cycle Hire

Address: Various locations across Manchester

Contact details: +44 800 234 6123

Operating Hours: 24/7

Bee Network Cycle Hire is Manchester’s 24/7 bike rental hero, set up by Transport for Greater Manchester along with Manchester, Salford, and Trafford councils. With docking stations every 300-500 metres, you’re never more than a five-minute walk from your next ride.

These bikes are perfect for spontaneous city explorations or dodging the dreaded morning bus crush. The app is a doddle to use—unlock, ride, return, repeat. For both tourists and locals, it’s a fun, eco-friendly way to buzz around Manchester.

By summer 2022, they’re aiming to have 1,500 bikes, including e-bikes, available. That means loads of us can ditch the car and hop on a bike instead. I once grabbed a Bee bike on a whim for a late-night spin around the city centre.

Pro tip:
Download the app before you head out. Fumbling with your phone on the street is a rite of passage you’d rather skip!

Didsbury Bicycle Hire

Media from bloomsbicycles

Website: Didsbury Bicycle Hire

Address: 745 Wilmslow Rd

Contact details: +44 161 445 3492

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 9AM-6PM
  • Sat 10AM-4PM

Didsbury Bicycle Hire offers a cracking variety of bikes, perfect for whatever adventure you’ve got in mind. Planning a casual ride around the neighbourhood or fancy a longer journey into the countryside? They’ve got you covered. 

If you’ve got a bit more time on your hands, you can even hire a retro bike for that classic vibe.

Plus, the bikes are well-maintained and come with all the necessary gear, like helmets and locks, to keep you safe on your travels.

Here’s a little perk: they’ll drop off and pick up the bike wherever you are. And if you’re feeling a bit fancy, you can add an afternoon tea and picnic to your booking, perfect for a relaxing break in one of Manchester’s many parks and green spaces.

Pro tip:
Ask the staff for their favourite local routes—they know all the hidden gems that make for a fantastic ride.

MCR Party Bike

Media from mcrpartybike

Website: MCR Party Bike

Address: Meeting Point at 13 Blossom St

Contact details: +44 789 457 1234

Operating Hours: Mon – Sun 11AM-11PM

If you’re looking to add some fun to your bike hire experience, MCR Party Bike is the way to go. Perfect for groups, this pedal-powered pub on wheels lets you cycle through the city while enjoying your favourite beverages.

The bike comes with a designated driver, so all you have to do is pedal and enjoy the ride. You can bring your own playlist, making it a personalised party on wheels. They’ve even got a roof to keep you dry in typical Manchester weather.

I tried this with a group of friends for a birthday celebration, and it was an absolute blast. You get to see the city in a whole new light, all while laughing and clinking glasses while the route takes you past some of Manchester’s iconic landmarks.

Pro tip:
Bring your playlist! The bike is equipped with speakers, so you can set the perfect soundtrack for your adventure.

Media from popupbikes

Website: Popup Bikes

Address: 29 Corporation St

Contact details: +44 161 839 0707

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 8AM-6PM
  • Sat 9AM-5PM

Popup Bikes is Manchester’s original cycle café, combining bike hire, repairs, and a cosy café in one place. It’s the perfect spot for cycling enthusiasts who appreciate a good cup of coffee. 

Rent a bike and enjoy a leisurely ride around the city, then return to the café for a well-deserved break. They also offer secure bike parking, so you can explore the area without worrying about your ride. 

The community vibe here is fantastic, and the staff are passionate about all things cycling. I once spent a rainy afternoon here, sipping a latte while my bike got a tune-up, and it was the perfect blend of productivity and relaxation.

Pro tip:
Try their homemade cakes—they’re the perfect post-ride treat and give you the energy boost you need for your next adventure.

Withington Cycles Ltd

Media from withingtoncycles

Website: Withington Cycles Ltd

Address: 6 Burton Rd

Contact details: +44 161 434 4204

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 9AM-5:30PM
  • Sat 9AM-4:30PM

Withington Cycles Ltd is a local favourite, known for its top-notch service and extensive range of bikes for hire. Whether you’re after a sturdy mountain bike for off-road adventures or a comfortable hybrid for city cruising, they’ve got you sorted. 

They even have retro bikes if you fancy a bit of vintage flair. Their staff are true bike enthusiasts who’ll help you pick the perfect ride and give you tips on the best routes (bike route manchester).

When I rented a bike here, the staff’s enthusiasm was contagious; they mapped out a scenic route through Chorlton Water Park that was perfect for a sunny afternoon ride. Plus, they offer maintenance and repairs, so you can keep your own bike in tip-top shape.

Pro tip:
Ask for their recommended routes if you’re new to the area. They have insider knowledge that will make your ride even more enjoyable.

Bicycle Garage

Media from bicycle_garage

Website: Bicycle Garage

Address: 195-197 Chapel St

Contact details: +44 161 832 8282

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 8AM-6PM
  • Sat 9AM-5PM

Bicycle Garage is your one-stop shop for bike rentals, repairs, and accessories. Located conveniently near Salford Central, it’s perfect for those who need a quick and reliable bike hire. 

They offer a wide range of bikes, from road bikes to hybrids, all well-maintained and ready for your next adventure. They even have electric bikes if you want to take it easy on the hills. 

What’s more, they have a great selection of accessories, so you can kit yourself out with everything from helmets to panniers. And if your bike needs a bit of TLC, their repair services are top-notch.

Pro tip:
Check out their selection of accessories before you head out. A good bike lock and lights can make your ride safer and more enjoyable.

Trek Bicycle Manchester Piccadilly

Media credit: megbarker97

Website: Trek Bicycle Manchester Piccadilly

Address: 8 Station Approach

Contact details: +44 161 236 7030

Operating Hours: 

  • Mon – Fri 10AM-6PM
  • Sat 9AM-5PM
  • Sun 11AM-4PM

Situated near Piccadilly Station, they offer high-quality bikes for hire, including the latest models from Trek. Their selection includes everything from speedy road bikes to rugged mountain bikes, all meticulously maintained. 

They even offer bike fitting services to ensure you get the most comfortable ride possible. I once hired a Trek hybrid for a weekend trip to the Peak District, and it made tackling those hilly terrains a breeze. 

What’s really handy is their proximity to the station, making it easy to pick up a bike right when you arrive in the city. They also stock a range of cycling accessories, so you can gear up for any adventure. 

Pro tip:
If you’re planning a long ride, ask about their bike fitting service. A well-fitted bike can make a huge difference in comfort and performance.
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