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The 12 Best Dinosaur Parks in Manchester

The 12 Best Dinosaur Parks in Manchester

Are you ready for a roaring adventure? Buckle up, because we’re about to embark on a time-travelling escapade right here in Manchester. No DeLorean needed, just a healthy dose of prehistoric enthusiasm!

The dinosaur experience in Manchester offers a thrilling journey back in time, where visitors can witness life-sized animatronic dinosaurs roaring and roaming through a prehistoric landscape.

With all that said, dust off your explorer hats and get ready to walk with dinosaurs. Here’s a rundown of the best dinosaur parks in and around Manchester. It’s going to be dino-mite!

Totally Jurassic


You might think I’m pulling your leg, but right here in Manchester, we’ve got Totally Jurassic, and let me tell you, it’s a doozy! This isn’t some theme park with a dino or two thrown in for good measure. 

Oh no, we’re talking about life-sized, roaring, stomping behemoths that’ll make you feel like an hors d’oeuvre in the Cretaceous Period. But hold onto your hats, because there’s more! This isn’t just some scarefest. 

You’ll learn things, too. There’s a ton of interactive exhibits, dino fossil digs, and shows that’ll turn you into a walking, talking dinosaur encyclopaedia.

Ever fancied a safari ride among the dinos? They’ve got you covered. The Dino Safari is a wild ride—-just remember, no feeding the dinosaurs!

Pro tip:

Pack a hefty lunch, and don’t forget the trail mix. You’ll need the energy to outrun a T-Rex.

Heaton Park – Dinosaurs in the Park


Who needs a DeLorean when you’ve got Heaton Park? This place is like stepping into a time machine back to the age of the dinosaurs. Yeah, you heard it right. 

Our favourite Sunday picnic spot morphs into a Jurassic playground every summer with their Dinosaurs in the Park event.

Picture this: you’re strolling, ice cream in hand, and you turn a corner to lock eyes with a Triceratops. That’s the kind of surprise you’re in for. They’ve hidden these ultra-realistic dino sculptures all over the park, so you’ll be jumping out of your skin in no time!

To level up your dino day, they’ve got this wicked augmented reality app that brings these ancient beasts to life. Picture a Brachiosaurus munching on the treetops, right on your phone screen!

Pro tip:

Download that app before you go. And maybe pack a dino-themed picnic—there’s nothing like chomping on a T-Rex sandwich while being watched by the real deal.

Dino Kingdom


Now, this is no ordinary dino park, it’s a kingdom, as its name suggests! And kingdoms mean royally good times. This is the place where you walk among the dinosaurs, quite literally.

There are over 100 animatronic dinosaurs here, from the gentle giant Diplodocus to the fierce T-Rex. And did I mention the beasts of the Ice Age, too? Yup, they’re here. It’s like a reunion of all the coolest extinct creatures.

But the cherry on top has to be the immersive VR experiences they offer. Think you can handle a herd of stampeding Triceratops? Strap on a VR headset and prove it!

Pro tip:

Wear your most comfortable shoes, because you’ll do a lot of walking, possibly some running, too. And don’t forget to charge your phone—this place is a goldmine for Instagram.

Raptor Safari


Located near Manchester Airport, Raptor Safari offers private tours with a Ranger—how official does that sound? During this hour-long tour, you’ll get to see gigantic moving dinosaurs, including the celebrity of the dino world—the T-Rex.

It’s not all about the Jurassic period, though. They also house Ice Age beasts, like the woolly mammoth. It’s a mini adventure of prehistoric proportions. The tours run from 9am to 6:30pm daily, so there’s plenty of flexibility.

Pro tip:

Make sure to pre-book your tour to get the best slot. Oh, and bring a change of clothes. You might get a little wet when that T-Rex roars!

Yorkshire Wildlife Park


Ever fancied having a day out at the zoo and hanging out with some dinosaurs, too? Well, you’re in luck because Yorkshire Wildlife Park offers exactly that! Tucked away in Doncaster, this park is a must-visit for any dino-fanatic.

The standout feature? The ‘Dinosaur Forest’. As you stroll down the forest path, prepare for some unexpected encounters with life-size, animatronic dinosaurs. You might see a baby Triceratops taking its first steps, or catch a Spinosaurus showing off its impressive sail.

But the real thrill is the ‘Dino Dig,’ where you can roll up your sleeves and get down and dirty, unearthing fossil replicas. It’s like an episode of Time Team, but way more exciting

Pro tip:

Check out their ‘Meet the Dinosaurs’ sessions, and don’t forget your sunblock. Dino-hunting is no fun with a sunburn!

Blackpool Zoo


Just a quick drive from Manchester is Blackpool Zoo. And I’m telling you, it’s not just about the lions and tigers and bears (oh my!). Here, the real stars are the beasts from the past.

Get ready to set foot in the Dinosaur Safari that’s home to six new mega beasts. And when I say mega, I mean MEGA. We’re talking the Dilophosaurus with its fancy head crest, and a baby Stegosaurus that swings its spiked tail. 

The best part is, these creatures aren’t just static statues. They move, they roar, and some of them even spit water!

Pro tip:

Tickets are just £15.25 for children and £19.75 for adults, but remember, you must pre-book online. Also, bring a raincoat—you never know when you might cross paths with a spitting Dilophosaurus.

Gulliver’s World


Gulliver’s World is in Warrington, not too far from Manchester. Now, this place is known for its rides—but the real stars of the show are…you guessed it, the dinos!

Venture into the Lost World section of the park and you’ll feel like you’ve walked onto the set of a dinosaur movie. There are dinos everywhere, each one more impressive than the last. 

And if you want a bit of a thrill, hop on the Flight of the Pteranodon ride. You’ll be soaring high in the sky with the prehistoric birds!

But the fun doesn’t end there. They also have a fossil dig site. Who knows? You might just uncover the next big dinosaur discovery.

Pro tip:

Gulliver’s World is open every weekend from 10:30am to 5pm. So plan your visit ahead. And don’t forget to pack a picnic—digging for fossils can work up quite an appetite!

Dinosaur Safari


Want a taste of the prehistoric wilderness without leaving the city? Then you’ve got to check out Dinosaur Safari. This Manchester gem is known for its animatronic dinosaurs, and trust me, they’re jaw-dropping.

As you follow the trail, you’ll encounter a host of dinosaurs, from the colossal T-Rex to the formidable Spinosaurus. Each dinosaur is equipped with motion sensors, so they react as you approach. It’s like you’ve gone back in time!

But it’s not just the size of the dinosaurs that’ll impress you. It’s the detail, too. These creatures are so lifelike, you’ll expect them to start hunting!

Pro tip:

Try to visit when it’s less busy, like on a weekday morning. You’ll feel like you’ve got the whole Jurassic era to yourself. And remember, don’t feed the dinosaurs—they’ve already had lunch.

Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf (Blackpool)


Alright, golf fans, this one’s for you! Who said mini golf can’t get a dino-sized upgrade? Let me introduce you to Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf in Blackpool, where getting a hole-in-one can be a little… terrifying.

This is not just any mini golf course, folks. Picture yourself putting around water hazards and bunkers, with a life-sized Velociraptor looking over your shoulder. Yup, it’s Jurassic Park meets the PGA Tour, minus the famous green jacket.

Whether you’re a seasoned golfer or a newbie, the course has 12 challenging holes that’ll test your skills. So, grab a club and get ready to make your way through the Jurassic jungle, one hole at a time.

Pro tip:

Don’t rush. Take your time to enjoy the dinosaur exhibits around the course. And remember, golf etiquette still applies. No feeding the T-Rex your golf balls!

The Dinosaur Park in Wales


Ever thought about crossing the border for your dinosaur fix? Well, you might want to consider it because The Dinosaur Park in Wales is worth the trip. This park takes your love of dinosaurs to a whole new level.

For starters, they have a Dinosaur Trail where you’ll meet over 30 dinosaurs in a natural woodland setting. From the peaceful Brachiosaurus to the towering T-Rex, you’ll be face-to-face with the prehistoric world’s top stars.

But don’t worry, it’s not all about walking and gawking. They’ve got dinosaur-themed rides and games, too. There’s even a ‘Dino Babies’ exhibit for the little ones.

Pro tip:

Bring a hat and a good pair of walking shoes. Wales can be sunny, and the trail is pretty long. And don’t forget to try out the Dinosaur Expedition—it’s a family favourite!

Dinostar in Hull


Don’t let its name fool you, as Dinostar is much more than a star—it’s a dino galaxy! Nestled in a giant warehouse, this dinosaur experience has been fascinating kids, toddlers, (and grown-ups) since 2004.

Forget just looking at exhibits—Dinostar is all about getting stuck in. You can touch a real dinosaur bone, check out some coprolite (yup, that’s dino poop), and even play palaeontology as you dig for fossils.

They also boast an impressive collection of dinosaur models. The standout? The full-size Triceratops skull!

Pro tip:

Dinostar is in Hull’s Fruit Market cultural quarter, so make a day of it. Enjoy the dinosaurs, and then explore the shops and eateries in the area. Remember, even dino hunters need to refuel!

The Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park


Hop on a train, and in no time, you’ll find yourself at the Crystal Palace Dinosaur Park in London. Now, these aren’t your typical Jurassic-era models; they’re a glimpse into how the Victorians viewed these prehistoric creatures.

Designed and erected in the 1850s, these were the world’s first-ever full-scale dinosaur sculptures. While they might not match up to our current understanding of dinosaurs, they reflect the scientific knowledge of that era, and boy, do they pack a punch of historic charm.

Strolling around the park, you’ll find a quirky assortment of dinosaurs, marine reptiles, and extinct mammals, all scattered around the park’s beautiful lake. Each creature is a testament to the pioneering spirit of early palaeontology.

Pro tip:

After you’ve had your fill of the historic dinos, explore the rest of Crystal Palace Park. From its tranquil boating lake to its renowned maze, there’s more to this park than its prehistoric inhabitants. It’s the perfect spot to unwind after a day of dinosaur discovery.

Jurassic Journey at Birdland


Onward now to Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water, home of the Jurassic Journey. This park isn’t just about looking at dinosaurs, it’s about understanding their place in the great web of life. That’s right, it’s not just a dinosaur park, but also an aviary!

In Jurassic Journey, you’ll be stepping back in time, meandering along a trail populated with over 30 life-size dinosaurs. From the towering Brachiosaurus to the intimidating T-Rex, it’s a visual feast of prehistoric life.

But the real twist here is their bird collection. Birdland is home to over 500 birds, and guess what? Birds are dinosaurs’ closest living relatives. 

The park cleverly bridges the gap between past and present, letting visitors see evolution in action.

Pro tip:

Remember to bring some change. You can buy bird food at the entrance and feed the park’s avian residents. Trust me, there’s nothing quite like being up close and personal with a flamboyance of flamingos or a parliament of owls. 

Dinosaur Hunt, Middleton


I’m not joshing you, there’s an honest-to-goodness dinosaur hunt happening right in Middleton! Swap your Netflix binge for a weekend adventure and live out your Indiana Jones fantasy. And who knows, you might even find Ross Geller lurking around a corner.

This is not your run-of-the-mill park stroll. You’re talking about tracking down ancient beasties using a specially designed treasure map. It’s like hide-and-seek but with a prehistoric twist. 

So, don your explorer hat and prepare for an adventure that’s, quite frankly, roaringly good fun!

Pro tip:

Charge up your phone. You never know when you’ll need to snap a selfie with a dinosaur!

Amazonia, Bolton


Amazonia in Bolton, nope, you didn’t read that wrong. You don’t have to jet off halfway across the globe for a jungle adventure. They’ve brought the Amazon to you, and added dinosaurs for good measure, because, well, why not?

Imagine it. One moment, you’re wandering amidst a lush, tropical rainforest, the next, you’re face-to-face with a Spinosaurus. Pretty intense, right? But don’t worry, they’re all friendly…mostly.

And if that’s not enough, they’ve got some crafty activities for the kiddos. So, let their imaginations run wild while you sit back and enjoy a much-deserved breather.

Pro tip:

Bring your raincoat. It’s the Amazon, remember? The occasional rain shower adds to the adventure, and the dinosaurs don’t seem to mind!

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