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The 12 Best Hiking Trails in Manchester

The 12 Best Hiking Trails in Manchester

Alright, you’ve seen Manchester’s urban side, but have you ventured into its more rustic corners? Beyond the hustle and bustle, Manchester offers an array of hiking trails that offer respite, views, and some good ol’ fresh air. 

Ready to dive into the lesser-known side of Manchester? By the end of this guide, you’ll have a list of must-visit trails that’ll not only challenge your hiking prowess but also reveal a side of Manchester that’s waiting to be discovered. 

So, whether you’re a seasoned hiker or just someone looking for a weekend adventure, this guide will lead you to the perfect trail. Happy hiking!

Tandle Hill View Point


Difficulty: Moderate

Ever wondered if Manchester had its own version of a hilltop retreat? Enter Tandle Hill. Covering an expansive 110 acres, this isn’t just a park (parks manchester). 

You’ve got a mixture of dense woodlands to navigate and open meadows to stroll. As you work your way up, each step can feel like a mini achievement. 

The trees occasionally give way to tease the view that awaits at the top.  Once you reach the viewpoint, it’s a scene-stealer. 

Manchester’s skyline stretches out, juxtaposed with the vast natural beauty you just traversed. The climb might have made you break a little sweat, but the view makes it all worth it. 

And while you’re soaking in that panorama, remember that you’re standing on ground steeped in history – the site has been designated as a country park since the 1970s.

Pro tip:
Tackle it early in the morning. Not only is the climb cooler, but the view? Let’s just say the morning sun gives Manchester a glow you don’t want to miss.

The Wharf Manchester City Trail


Difficulty: Easy

Let’s talk about a trail that’s got layers. The Wharf Manchester City Trail is like reading a storybook, where each step unfolds a new chapter of Manchester’s rich tapestry. 

Starting in the heart of the city, you’ll get the urban vibe, replete with iconic red-bricked facades reflecting Manchester’s industrial legacy. 

As you move along, the scenery transitions – calm canals become your constant companion, reminiscent of times when they were the city’s lifeblood. But this trail isn’t just about looking back. 

The modern cafes and eateries you encounter offer a contemporary pulse to this historic path. So, while you’re ambling and absorbing, remember you’re walking a line that bridges Manchester’s storied past and its vibrant present.

Pro tip:
Those canal-side benches? Perfect for a mid-walk break. Maybe pack a snack, sit back, and watch the world go by.

Chorlton Water Park & River Mersey Circular


Difficulty: Intermediate

Alright, here’s one for those who want a dash of everything. Nestled amidst the city’s suburbs, Chorlton (chorlton manchester) offers a multifaceted experience. 

The water park itself is a testament to nature’s ability to reclaim space, having been developed on former gravel pits. The trail winds through different terrains – dense woodlands, open meadows, and of course, the banks of the calm River Mersey. 

It’s not just a physical journey, but also a sensory one. The chirping of birds, the rustling leaves, and the gentle ripple of the river create an ambiance that’s hard to describe but easy to enjoy. 

And even though you’re not too far from the city’s hustle, you’ll feel worlds away.

Pro tip:
Got a pair of binoculars? Bring them along. The park’s diverse habitats make it a bird-watcher’s delight.

Blackstone Edge


Difficulty: Challenging

Blackstone Edge isn’t for the faint of heart, but boy, does it reward those who dare! This rugged moorland trail takes you to one of the highest points in Greater Manchester. 

As you ascend, you’ll traverse a landscape that feels almost otherworldly, with windswept heaths and ancient rock formations. Once at the top, the panorama is jaw-dropping, offering expansive views of Manchester and, on clear days, even beyond. 

Every huff and puff during the climb will seem trivial when you’re soaking in those sights.

And hey, if you’re into a bit of history, rumor has it that these paths have seen their fair share of wanderers for centuries. You can almost feel the old tales whispering in the breeze. 

Grab a picnic, make a day of it, and while you’re up there, take a moment to just breathe it all in – nature’s show is on full display at Blackstone Edge.

Pro tip:
Pack a windbreaker, even if the day starts calm. Up top, things can get breezy. And of course, that extra layer will make your summit selfie look even cooler!

Clifton Country Park & Marina


Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

A veritable oasis, Clifton Country Park & Marina promises a serene escape without requiring a day-long commitment. Diverse paths wind through woodland, alongside water bodies, and past remnants of the area’s industrial heritage. 

The marina itself is a picturesque spot, with boats gently bobbing and ducks vying for attention (or snacks). It’s the kind of place where every trail offers a new surprise, from hidden groves to historic relics.

Oh, and if you’re feeling a tad peckish after your stroll, there are some cozy spots around to grab a bite or a brew. The kids, or the kid in you, will love the play areas sprinkled about. 

And here’s a tip: bring along a loaf of bread – those ducks? They’ve got quite the appetite, and feeding them is half the fun!

For history buffs, there’s plenty to geek out over, given the park’s rich past tied to the region’s industrial era. And if you’re more into the zen moments, find a quiet bench and let the world fade away as you listen to the soft lapping of water and rustling leaves. 

Whether you’re after adventure, a peaceful retreat, or a dash of local history, Clifton Country Park & Marina delivers.

Pro tip:
Got a picnic basket? Fill it up and make a day of it. There are plenty of perfect spots to lay down a blanket, relax, and enjoy nature’s show.

Holcombe Moor to Peel Tower


Difficulty: Moderate

Stretching from the vast expanse of Holcombe Moor to the iconic Peel Tower, this trail offers a mix of natural beauty and historical intrigue. The moorland, with its heather-covered grounds and scattered boulders, is a treat in itself. 

But the real star is the Peel Tower, standing tall as a tribute to Sir Robert Peel. The climb up can be a bit of a challenge, but the views from the tower’s base are unparalleled, offering a 360-degree vista of the surrounding countryside.

And if you’re up for it, take a moment to delve into the history of Sir Robert Peel – the father of modern British policing and twice Prime Minister. The tower isn’t just a picturesque landmark; it’s a testament to his lasting impact on British society. 

As you hike, you might also encounter local wildlife, from birds of prey circling the skies to the occasional curious fox.

Pro tip:
Check the tower’s opening times before you go. If you’re lucky, you might just get to climb to the top for an even loftier view!

Roddlesworth Woods


Difficulty: Easy

Alright, if you’re all about those epic woodland adventures, Roddlesworth Woods is your jam. Think sprawling woodlands spread across a vast expanse, providing the kind of fresh air your lungs will thank you for. 

You’ve got trails that twist and turn, revealing pockets of nature that feel like they’re Manchester’s best-kept secret. As you make your way through, it’s not just the tall, looming trees that’ll captivate you. 

There’s the sound of hidden streams, the rustle of unseen critters, and the chance encounters with local wildlife. This isn’t just a quick walk in the park—it’s your opportunity to genuinely get lost in nature (figuratively, of course; we recommend staying on the trail).

Pro tip:
Keep your eyes peeled for the various wildlife that call these woods home. And maybe carry a flask of tea or coffee for that perfect woodland break!

Daisy Nook & Crime Lake


Difficulty: Moderate

Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of Daisy Nook and Crime Lake. Starting with the name: Crime Lake—it’s got nothing to do with any misdeeds; it’s just a moniker. But onto the fun stuff. 

This area’s a blend of calm water bodies, meandering paths, and pockets of green spaces perfect for kicking back. As you journey through, every section feels like its own mini adventure. 

From observing local anglers trying their luck to just soaking in the peace and tranquility that’s oh-so-different from Manchester’s usual buzz, this is the ideal spot for those mid-week blues or leisurely weekend jaunts.

Oh, and let’s not forget the local legends. Word has it that there’s a ghostly figure roaming about, though most folks reckon it’s just tales spun by mischievous teens. 

If you’re into a bit of birdwatching, bring your binoculars—there’s a whole variety of feathery friends to spot. Plus, with cafes nearby, you can reward your exploration with a hot brew or a sweet treat. 

Pro tip:
Wondering about those occasional art installations around the lake? They’re part of the area’s initiative to blend art with nature. Makes for a delightful surprise as you walk.

Ruins of Errwood Hall


Difficulty: Moderate

Hold onto your hats, because the Ruins of Errwood Hall is a journey through time. What stands as ruins today were once the grand Errwood Hall, echoing with stories, laughter, and maybe a secret or two. 

The hike leading up to it is pretty straightforward, but it’s peppered with little reminders of the area’s rich history. With each step, there’s a palpable sense of connection to the generations that walked these grounds before. 

And once you’re at the ruins, it’s like a scene from an old film. The remaining structures, set against Manchester’s skyline, create a stunning tableau of the old and the new.

Pro tip:
The ruins are great at any time of day, but if you’re up for a bit of drama, aim for sunset. The play of light against the ruins is pure magic.

Drinkwater Park


Difficulty: Easy

Nestled not too far from the heart of Manchester is Drinkwater Park—a refreshing escape that’s closer than you think. 

The park boasts a diverse landscape, from thickets of trees to calm water bodies that reflect the sky, giving city dwellers a chance to reconnect with nature without a long drive. 

The trails are well-marked and friendly for all ages, making it a popular spot for families, joggers, and those simply wanting to catch a breath of fresh air. 

Whether you’re there to feed the ducks, enjoy a picnic, or just take a leisurely stroll, Drinkwater Park offers a slice of the countryside right in the city’s lap.

And hey, if you’ve got a furry friend, it’s a paw-fect spot for a dog walk. The kids will love the playgrounds, and there’s even a bit of history with remnants of old industrial sites. It’s that blend of nature and past that gives Drinkwater Park its unique charm. 

Pro tip:
The park’s pond areas are teeming with birdlife. If you’re into birdwatching, this park might just be your new favorite spot. But even if you’re not, there’s something peaceful about watching these winged wonders go about their day.

Heaton Park Circular


Difficulty: Easy

Manchester has its share of urban greens, but Heaton Park stands tall, quite literally, given it’s one of the biggest city parks in Europe! The Heaton Park Circular is more than just a walk—it’s an experience. 

Covering a vast area, the park encapsulates everything from historic buildings, a boating lake, to an animal farm. And the circular path? Ideal for a leisurely stroll, making sure you get to see the best bits. It’s that perfect mix of nature and amenities. 

Whether you’re with family, friends, or just your headphones, there’s something for everyone here.

Don’t miss out on the iconic Heaton Hall, a Grade I listed building, where you can take a step back in time and marvel at its architectural splendor. And if you’re feeling a tad sporty, there’s a golf course and tennis courts to get your game on. 

For those with kiddos, the playgrounds are a hit, and let’s not forget the adorable tram museum that’ll give you a nostalgic trip down memory lane. 

Pro tip:
Visit on a Sunday, and you might just catch the quirky tram museum open. It’s a delightful little detour from the natural surroundings.

Kinder Scout


Difficulty: Challenging

Ah, Kinder Scout! For those craving a real hiking challenge in the Manchester vicinity, this is it. Nestled in the Peak District, it’s the highest point in the area and promises breathtaking views and a workout for those legs. 

The trail takes you through a variety of terrains—grassy paths, rocky patches, and some steep inclines that will have you reaching for that water bottle. But the sweat’s worth it. 

Once you’re at the top, you’re treated to panoramic views that make you feel on top of the world—literally and figuratively.

Beyond the natural beauty, there’s also a rich history tied to Kinder Scout, with stories of old smuggling routes and famous mass trespasses. And hey, if you’re lucky, you might even spot some of the local wildlife—like the elusive mountain hare or majestic birds of prey. 

Pro tip:
Weather up on Kinder Scout can be unpredictable. Pack layers, and don’t be deceived by a clear day at the base. The peak might just throw in a gusty surprise!

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