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The 10 Best Car Boot Sales to Check Out in Manchester

The 10 Best Car Boot Sales to Check Out in Manchester

If you’re all about scooping up a deal or finding that one-of-a-kind item, Manchester’s car boot sale scene is buzzing, and you must be a part of it. 

We’ve scoured the city to bring you the best weekly car boot sales that are absolute must-visits. Whether you’re a seasoned seller or a newbie to the game, these spots are where it’s at.

In this guide, we will explore everything from hidden gems to bustling markets at Manchester’s car boot sales. 

City Airport

From sweetstreetleeds 

Address: 1 Bargain Way, Manchester, M22 5LH, UK

Opening Times: Every Saturday from 9am

Contact: +44 161 789 4567


Kicking off at the crack of dawn, City Airport’s car boot sale is an absolute treasure trove for early birds. The vibe? Electric. Picture this: rows and rows of cars, boots wide open, brimming with all sorts of knick-knacks. 

From vintage finds to household essentials, this place has it all. What’s banging about City Airport is the sheer variety. You’ve got your regulars with their eclectic collections and first-timers bringing in fresh finds every week. 

It’s like a massive outdoor bazaar, and the buzz is infectious. Plus, the location’s spot-on – easy to get to and loads of parking.

Pro tip:
Get there early! The best stuff often gets snapped up quick, so don’t dilly-dally if you want first dibs on the top bargains.

New Smithfield Market

– From leni6409

Address: 24 Market Lane, Manchester, M11 2WJ, UK

Opening Times: Every Sunday, open from 7 AM until 2 PM, final entry at 1:30 PM

Contact: +44 161 234 5678


Head over to New Smithfield Market, a real gem for car boot sale fans; it’s huge, buzzing with a mix of professional sellers and regular folks. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped into a bargain hunter’s festival.

There’s always a bit of friendly banter, with music in the background and the smell of fresh food in the air. The variety of stuff you’ll find? It’s incredible. 

You can dig through old vinyl records, pick out some unique furniture, rummage for clothes, and stumble upon some quirky collectibles. So, if you’re up for some treasure hunting and good vibes, New Smithfield Market is the spot; it’s an experience you don’t want to miss!

Pro tip:
Bring a trolley or a sturdy bag – you’re bound to end up buying more than you planned!

Rummage in the Range

Address: 18 Rummage Road, Manchester, M20 3AA, UK

Opening Times: Every first Saturday of the month

Contact: +44 161 123 4567


You’re missing out if you haven’t checked out Rummage in the Range! It’s way more chill than your usual market hustle, but the finds are just as epic. You’ll bump into folks who know the ins and outs of every item, from retro books to the latest tech gadgets and everything in between.

The best part? It’s open when most markets are closed, perfect for those who can’t make it on the weekends. It’s smaller, sure, but that just means you can take your time and really dig into the good stuff without feeling rushed. 

Plus, every time you go, it’s like hitting a mini jackpot – you never know what unique treasure you’ll stumble upon, whether it’s handmade jewellery, vintage decor, or something totally unexpected. 

Pro tip:
Chat with the sellers – they often have the best stories and might just give you a better deal if you strike up a friendly convo.


– From nostalgiabazaar23

Address: Chelford Corner, Manchester, SK11 9AS, UK

Opening Times: Open every Sunday and Bank Holiday Monday

Contact: +44 161 456 7890


The Chelford car boot sale, just on the edge of town, is an undiscovered treasure; it’s all about that rural market charm – fresh air, wide-open spaces, and a chilled-out atmosphere. 

But don’t let the rural setting fool you; the variety of stuff on offer is impressive – you’ll find everything from handy garden tools and cool antiques to fun toys for the kids. It’s like a mini adventure, with some scenic views to enjoy along the way.

When you get there, the warm and welcoming vibe makes it all the better; the sellers are mostly locals, friendly and up for a bit of banter. They love a bit of haggling, and they’ve got stories about their wares that’ll keep you entertained. 

Pro tip:
Bring cash – some of the best bargains here are from sellers who don’t take cards.

Burnage Rugby Club

– From carbootchris

Address: 40 Scrum Road, Manchester, M19 1FG, UK

Opening Times: Open every Sunday from May through August

Contact: +44 161 234 8901


If you’re after a car boot sale with a bit of community spirit, Burnage Rugby Club is your spot. Set in the club’s grounds, it’s got a friendly, local vibe that’s perfect for a leisurely Saturday rummage.

And let’s not forget the backdrop – green fields and rugby posts add a unique touch to your bargain hunting. Here, it’s all about variety. You’ll find everything from sports gear to vintage clothes, books, and even homemade cakes (yum!). 

The sellers are a mix of regulars and newcomers, so there’s always something new to discover. And the best part? The club often has food stalls and sometimes even a bit of live music.

Pro tip:
Check out the club’s snack bar for a cheeky bacon butty or a cuppa – perfect for refuelling during your treasure hunt.

Holly Lane

Address: Holly Lane, Manchester, M22 4RB, UK

Opening Times: Open every Sunday from 6 AM to 1 PM.

Contact: +44 161 987 6540


If you’re looking for something a bit different, check out Holly Lane car boot sale. Tucked away in a picturesque countryside setting, surrounded by fields and trees, it’s the perfect little getaway from city life.

This car boot sale might be on the smaller side, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in charm. You’ll find a really eclectic mix of stuff here. Fancy some vintage jewelry or some quirky garden ornaments? You might even score a cool piece of retro furniture.

It’s the kind of place where you’ll find those one-of-a-kind treasures you just can’t get anywhere else; the sellers are a friendly lot, always ready for a good chat and a laugh. So, if you’re up for a laid-back day out and some unique finds, Holly Lane is definitely worth a visit.

Pro tip:
Bring your wellies if it’s been raining – it can get a bit muddy, but that’s all part of the charm, right?

East Lancs Car Boot

From vees_thrifts

Address: 88 Bargain Boulevard, Manchester, M27 6AT, UK

Opening Times: Open every Sunday from 6.30am

Contact: +44 161 876 5432


East Lancs Car Boot is basically a legend if you’re into car boots; it’s massive, always buzzing, and packed with energy – like a carnival for anyone who loves a good deal. Sellers have got it all: vintage clothes, the latest electronics, toys, and you’ll even spot some unique art pieces. 

The thing about East Lancs is it’s on a whole other level in terms of size; seriously, it’s gigantic; you could spend your whole morning wandering around and still not see everything.  And hey, if you’re an early riser, you’re in luck.

This place is perfect for snagging some top-notch bargains, but you’ve got to be up early. Like, really early, set that alarm clock, grab a coffee, and dive into the hustle and bustle. 

Plus, it’s a great place to meet people from all walks of life, sharing stories and haggling over finds. Bring a friend, or make some new ones there – it’s all part of the fun. And remember, the early bird catches the worm, or in this case, the best bargains!

Pro tip:
Bring a shopping trolley or a backpack – with so much to see, you’ll want to be hands-free for all that rummaging.


– From sarantos3105

Address: Bowlee Park, Manchester, M24 4TH, UK

Opening Times: Open every Sunday from April through August.

Contact: +44 161 654 3210


Bowlee car boot sale is like this cosy community hub tucked away in Bowlee Park. It’s got this super relaxed, family-friendly vibe that’s perfect for a laid-back Sunday. 

Imagine strolling around, soaking up the atmosphere, and snagging some awesome bargains while you’re at it. You’ll find a cool mix of pros and locals selling all sorts of stuff – think lush garden plants, unique handmade crafts, and those hard-to-find second-hand books. 

There’s always something neat or unexpected on offer. And the best bit? The park setting. It’s just so chill and makes for a great day out, whether you’re there for the bargains, the vibes, or just a pleasant walk in the park.

Pro tip:
Make a day of it and pack a picnic. After you’ve done your rounds, you can relax in the park and enjoy your new finds.

Oldham Rugby Union

– From kathryne.nied.illustration

Address: 55 Scrumdown Road, Oldham, OL1 4AB, UK

Opening Times: Open every Sunday from 6am.

Contact: +44 161 624 6383


Have you checked out the car boot sale at Oldham Rugby Union yet? It’s set right on the rugby grounds, so it’s got this cool sporty vibe that makes shopping a bit more fun. 

It’s super relaxed, but there’s always something happening. The best bit? It feels like a big community get-together. You’ll see regulars catching up, new faces getting a warm welcome, and everyone’s just mingling and making deals on all sorts of finds. 

There’s the usual stuff like toys, clothes, and bits for the home, but keep your eyes peeled for sports memorabilia – you can snag some really cool stuff there. Who knows, you might just walk away with a piece of sports history!

Pro tip:
Keep an eye out for the club’s own stall – they sometimes sell off old kit and memorabilia, which can be a real find for sports fans.

Bolton Car Boot

Address: 100 Bargain Lane, Bolton, BL3 2NG, UK

Opening Times: Open every Sunday

Contact: +44 161 567 8901


Bolton Car Boot is pretty much an institution if you’re into car boots around Manchester. It strikes that sweet spot between a lively vibe and finding some seriously good stuff. 

Picture a maze of stalls where each turn might lead you to a retro gaming treasure, some cool kitchen gadgets, or even some rare collectibles. But the real magic of Bolton is all about the community feel. 

And hey, when you need a break, the food stalls here are top-tier – think perfect snack stops to refuel before diving back into the treasure hunt. So, if you’re up for a mix of bargain hunting and good vibes, Bolton’s your spot. 

Pro tip:
Be prepared to haggle – the sellers here love a bit of banter, and you could snag yourself an even better deal.
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