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All about Borsdane Wood in Greater Manchester

All about Borsdane Wood in Greater Manchester

Borsdane Wood is an ancient semi-natural woodland within the catchment area of the Mersey Rivers. Spanning the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan and Bolton, it features a 6.4-kilometer out-and-back trail for visitors to enjoy.

If you’re ready to dive into a realm of breathtaking beauty and untamed wonder, then buckle up because we’re about to embark on an exhilarating journey through this enchanting spot!

Get ready to explore the hidden nooks, embrace the serenity, and immerse yourself in the wonders of this natural paradise. Let’s dive in!

How to Get to Borsdane Wood 

Borsdane Wood is located in Greater Manchester, England, at the border of Wigan and Bolton. It is a woodland area situated north of the town of Hindley, which is in the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan

Here’s how to get to Wigan and reach Borsdane Wood:

Public Transportation: While Borsdane Wood itself does not have direct public transportation links, you can use buses or trains to reach the nearest access points. 

Check local transport schedules and routes to plan your journey accordingly. Once you arrive at the closest station or bus stop, you can continue on foot or by bicycle to reach the woods.

Private Vehicles: If you prefer to drive, Borsdane Wood has parking facilities available for visitors. You can park your car near the entrances and then explore the woods on foot or by bicycle. 

However, it’s worth noting that parking may be limited, particularly during peak times or weekends, so it’s advisable to arrive early or consider alternative transportation options.

How to Get Around Borsdane Wood

Trails: The most convenient and enjoyable way to navigate through Borsdane Wood is by exploring the network of trails available. The woods have well-marked footpaths that allow visitors to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the area.

Walking: Walking is a popular choice for getting around Borsdane Wood. You can follow the designated walking trails, which vary in length and difficulty, catering to different preferences and fitness levels. 

It’s a fantastic way to discover the diverse flora and fauna of the woods at a leisurely pace.

Cycling: Borsdane Wood also offers cycling opportunities for those who prefer to explore on two wheels. There are designated cycling paths within the woods, providing a scenic and exhilarating ride. 

Cyclists can enjoy the serenity of the surroundings while keeping an eye out for wildlife.

What is the history of Borsdane Wood?

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Image from Wikimedia.

Borsdane Wood, an ancient semi-natural woodland with a history spanning over 400 years, has remained remarkably preserved and is teeming with diverse wildlife. 

It has been a continuous woodland cover since before 1600 AD, originating from glacial times and once forming part of the expansive Lancashire forest that extended southward to Warrington. 

Notably, in 1986, Borsdane Wood achieved the distinction of becoming Wigan’s inaugural Local Nature Reserve.

Borsdane Wood has a captivating history that can be traced back to its connection with the Hindley Hall Estate in the eighteenth century. 

The estate was acquired by the Leigh family of Whitley Hall near Wigan, and Borsdane Wood was once a part of this sprawling estate.

In 1931, a generous contribution came from Mr. R.D. Leigh Pemberton, who donated approximately 10.9 hectares of woodland to the Hindley, Aspull, and Westhoughton Urban District Councils. 

This gift, combined with additional land contributions from Mr. Wilcox of Hindley and acquired land by the three councils, expanded the total area to 26 hectares. 

To oversee the management of the woodland, the Borsdane Wood Joint Committee was established on June 12th, 1931. 

To support the management and enforcement of bye-laws, a Keepers Cottage was constructed in 1937. The full-time keeper/forester, appointed to oversee the woodland, resided in this cottage.

In 1974, Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council assumed control of the land, and the council’s Leisure Services Department took charge of its management. 

What is the history of Borsdane Wood
Image from Geograph.

The significance of Borsdane Wood was officially recognized in 1986, when it was designated as Wigan’s first Local Nature Reserve. 

The woodland is also recognized as Ancient Semi-Natural Woodland (ASNW), indicating its continuous woodland cover since before 1600 AD. 

The management of Borsdane Wood Local Nature Reserve is a collaborative effort between Wigan Leisure and Culture Trust, Lancashire Wildlife Trust, and the Borsdane Friends Group.

Interestingly, the name “Borsdane” often leads to confusion locally, as it is sometimes mistaken for “The Boars Den,” a large prehistoric mound near Spradley Brook in Wrightington.

However, it is believed that the name “Borsdane” actually originates from the personal or family name “Bors.” In earlier maps, the spelling “Borsden” was commonly used, adding further to the local confusion.

What to Do at Borsdane Wood

Borsdane Wood offers a variety of activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy. Here are some things you can do at Borsdane Wood:

Explore scenic walking trails

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Image from Wikimedia.

Borsdane Wood offers a paradise for walkers and hikers. Discover the network of well-marked trails that wind through the woodland, allowing you to immerse yourself in nature’s tranquillity. 

As you meander through the ancient trees, take in the diverse flora and fauna that surrounds you. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors while getting some exercise.

Pro tip:

Take your time to fully immerse yourself in the beauty of Borsdane Wood by pausing frequently along the trails. 

Sit on a fallen log, lean against a tree, or find a peaceful spot to simply observe and appreciate the sights and sounds of nature around you.

Enjoy a peaceful picnic

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Pack a delicious picnic and find a cosy spot within Borsdane Wood to settle down. The woodland provides numerous scenic locations where you can relax, unwind, and enjoy a meal surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature. 

Take in the serene ambiance as you savour your food and spend quality time with your loved ones.

Pro tip:

Choose a spot away from the main trails and popular areas to find a more secluded and serene spot for your picnic. 

Look for a clearing or a cosy nook surrounded by trees, allowing you to enjoy your meal in a peaceful and intimate setting.

Spot wildlife in their natural habitat

Keep your eyes peeled for the abundant wildlife that calls Borsdane Wood home. From colourful songbirds and delicate butterflies to playful squirrels and other woodland creatures, the area is teeming with life. 

Bring your binoculars and camera to capture memorable encounters with the local wildlife. Don’t forget to tread lightly and maintain a respectful distance to observe them in their natural habitat.

Pro tip:

Be patient and observant while exploring Borsdane Wood. Move slowly and quietly, keeping an eye out for any movement or sounds of wildlife. 

Avoid sudden movements or loud noises that may startle the animals. Using binoculars can help you spot wildlife from a safe distance without disturbing their natural behaviour.

Embark on a nature photography expedition

Borsdane Wood provides endless opportunities for nature photography enthusiasts. With its ancient trees, vibrant foliage, and scenic landscapes, you’ll have plenty of subjects to capture. 

Grab your camera and explore the woods, seeking out the perfect composition and capturing the essence of the woodland’s beauty. 

Whether you’re an amateur or a professional, Borsdane Wood offers a canvas of natural wonders waiting to be captured.

Pro tip:

Experiment with different angles and perspectives to capture unique and compelling shots. Get down low to the ground for macro shots of plants and insects, or look up to capture the towering trees against the sky. 

Utilise natural lighting and shadows to add depth and mood to your photographs. Don’t be afraid to explore and get creative with your compositions.

Engage in outdoor recreation

Borsdane Wood is an ideal location for various outdoor activities. Bring your bike and cycle along the designated trails, enjoying the fresh air and the invigorating exercise. 

You can also bring a frisbee or a ball to play games with friends or family in the open spaces available. 

Embrace the spirit of adventure and create lasting memories as you engage in active pursuits amidst the natural beauty of Borsdane Wood.

Pro tip:

Before engaging in outdoor activities, check the rules and regulations of Borsdane Wood regarding the specific activities you plan to do. Respect any restricted areas or sensitive habitats. 

Additionally, bring the necessary equipment or gear for your chosen activity, such as a helmet for cycling or appropriate footwear for games. Stay hydrated and take breaks as needed to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

Connect with nature through forest bathing

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic practise of forest bathing within Borsdane Wood. Slow down, breathe in the fresh forest air, and let the serene surroundings calm your mind. 

Take mindful walks, engage your senses, and appreciate the sights, sounds, and scents of the woodland. Forest bathing is an opportunity to rejuvenate and establish a deep connection with nature.

No matter which activity you choose, Borsdane Wood offers a haven of natural beauty and tranquillity, allowing you to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and embrace the wonders of the outdoors.

Pro tip:

Prioritise mindfulness and being present in the moment during your forest bathing experience. Slow down your pace, take deep breaths, and engage your senses. 

Touch the textures of leaves or tree bark, listen to the sounds of rustling leaves or chirping birds, and fully immerse yourself in the natural scents of the woodland. 

Allow yourself to let go of distractions and embrace the calming and rejuvenating power of nature.

Discover hidden historical treasures

Borsdane Wood is not only a place of natural beauty but also holds historical significance. Take the opportunity to explore the woods and uncover hidden historical treasures that are scattered throughout the area.

From remnants of old buildings and structures to ancient artefacts, Borsdane Wood provides a fascinating glimpse into the past. Embark on a historical adventure and unravel the secrets that lie within the woodland’s rich heritage.

Pro tip:

Research the history of Borsdane Wood before your visit to gain a better understanding of its significance. Look for any maps or information available that mark historical sites or points of interest within the woodland. 

Keep an eye out for subtle clues like remnants of old structures or signs of human activity. 

Participate in guided nature walks

For those who want to deepen their knowledge and understanding of Borsdane Wood, joining a guided nature walk is a fantastic option. 

Experienced guides can lead you through the trails, pointing out unique flora and fauna, sharing interesting facts, and providing insights into the ecosystem.

Through these guided walks, you’ll gain a greater appreciation for the biodiversity and ecological importance of the woods while learning fascinating information along the way.

Pro tip:

Take advantage of the expertise and knowledge of the guides leading the nature walks. Ask questions, engage in discussions, and actively listen to the information and insights they provide. 

Take notes or capture photos of interesting flora and fauna along the way. 

Go Birdwatching

Borsdane Wood is a haven for birdwatching enthusiasts. Grab your binoculars and embark on a birdwatching adventure, as the woodland is home to a diverse range of bird species.

Settle in a comfortable spot, listen to the melodic songs, and observe the graceful movements of the birds as they flit through the trees. 

From colourful warblers to majestic birds of prey, Borsdane Wood offers ample opportunities to spot and appreciate the beauty of avian life.

Pro tip:

Bring a pair of binoculars or a bird field guide to enhance your bird watching experience. Familiarise yourself with the common bird species found in Borsdane Wood beforehand so that you can easily identify them. 

Pay attention to the behaviour and calls of the birds, as they can provide clues to their identities. Patience is key in birdwatching, so find a comfortable spot, stay still, and let the birds come to you.

Join a nature conservation workshop

For those interested in environmental conservation and sustainability, Borsdane Wood offers the chance to get involved through nature conservation workshops. 

Join like-minded individuals and learn about the importance of preserving the woodland ecosystem.

Participate in hands-on activities such as tree planting, habitat restoration, and wildlife monitoring. 

These workshops not only contribute to the protection of Borsdane Wood but also provide valuable knowledge and skills that can be applied to environmental initiatives in your own community.

Pro tip:  

Consider volunteering or participating in follow-up initiatives to contribute to the ongoing conservation efforts in Borsdane Wood. 

By actively involving yourself in the workshop, you can make a meaningful impact on the preservation of the woodland ecosystem.

Set up a nature study area

For nature enthusiasts, setting up a dedicated nature study area in Borsdane Wood can provide a wonderful opportunity for observation and learning. Choose a quiet spot amidst the trees and bring along your field guides, notebooks, and binoculars.

Study the different plant species, identify birds and insects, and record your findings. Use this designated area as a peaceful sanctuary to deepen your understanding of the natural world and engage in citizen science projects. 

It’s a chance to become a part of ongoing research efforts and contribute to the knowledge of the Borsdane Wood ecosystem.

Pro tip:

Choose a quiet and undisturbed spot within Borsdane Wood to set up your nature study area. Bring along a comfortable chair or blanket to sit on and organise your study materials, such as field guides, notebooks, and magnifying glasses. 

Take your time to observe and document the flora and fauna around you, noting down any interesting findings or observations. Remember to respect the natural environment and leave no trace of your presence when you leave.

Camp under the stars

For a truly immersive outdoor experience, consider camping under the stars in Borsdane Wood. Pitch your tent in one of the designated camping areas and spend a night surrounded by nature’s tranquillity.

As evening falls, gaze up at the clear night sky and marvel at the twinkling stars above. Build a campfire, share stories with friends or family, and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the woodland at night. 

Pro tip:

Choose a flat and level campsite away from dead or overhanging branches. Pitch your tent in an area clear of rocks, roots, or potential water runoff. 

Familiarise yourself with the camping regulations and guidelines of the woodland and follow leave-no-trace principles. Bring proper camping gear, including a quality sleeping bag, camping stove, and sufficient food and water supplies. 

Don’t forget to stargaze and enjoy the peaceful ambiance of the nighttime forest.

Go geocaching

Embark on a modern-day treasure hunt by trying your hand at geocaching in Borsdane Wood. Geocaching is a global adventure that combines navigation skills with outdoor exploration.

Using GPS coordinates or a smartphone app, search for hidden containers or “caches” that have been placed in various locations throughout the woods. Each cache contains a logbook for you to sign and often small trinkets to exchange. 

It’s an exciting and interactive way to explore Borsdane Wood while engaging in a fun outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by individuals or groups of all ages.

Pro tip:

Before starting your geocaching adventure, make sure to have a fully charged GPS device or smartphone with a geocaching app installed. 

Familiarise yourself with the basics of geocaching, such as reading and interpreting coordinates, hints, and difficulty ratings. Bring along a pen or pencil to sign the logbook in the cache.

Create nature-inspired crafts

Unleash your creativity in Borsdane Wood by engaging in nature-inspired crafts. Use materials found in the woodland, such as leaves, pinecones, and twigs, to create unique and beautiful crafts. 

Whether it’s making leaf rubbings, constructing fairy houses, or designing natural jewellery, let the enchanting surroundings of the woods inspire your artistic expression. 

This activity is not only a fun and relaxing way to connect with nature, but it also allows you to transform natural elements into meaningful and tangible creations.

Pro tip:

Before you start creating your nature-inspired crafts, take a leisurely walk through Borsdane Wood to gather materials and get inspired by the natural elements you find. 

Look for interesting leaves, colourful flowers, or unique twigs and bring them back to your crafting area. This way, you can incorporate freshly collected items into your crafts, adding a touch of authenticity and an immediate connection to the woodland environment.

Take your dog for a forest walk

Bring your furry friend along for a forest walk in Borsdane Wood and enjoy the outdoors together. Many areas within the woodland are dog-friendly, allowing your canine companion to explore and experience the sights, scents, and sounds of nature. 

It’s a wonderful way to bond with your pet while enjoying the beauty of the woodland environment.

Pro tip:

When taking your dog for a forest walk in Borsdane Wood, make sure to pack essentials for their comfort and safety. Bring a leash to keep your dog under control and comply with any specific regulations regarding pet control in the area. 

Also, remember to bring a water bottle and a collapsible bowl to keep your dog hydrated during the walk. Additionally, consider bringing some treats or toys to reward and entertain your furry friend along the way. 

Practise forest yoga

Immerse yourself in a serene and natural setting by practising forest yoga in Borsdane Wood. Find a peaceful spot amidst the trees, roll out your yoga mat, and connect with the grounding energy of the woodland environment.

Allow the sights, sounds, and scents of nature to enhance your yoga practice, bringing a sense of calm and tranquillity to your mind, body, and spirit.

Pro tip:

Practise your asanas (poses) under the open sky, surrounded by the soothing sounds of rustling leaves and chirping birds.

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