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All about the Wigan Life Centre

Tucked away in the bustling heart of Wigan, the Wigan Life Centre is not just a building; it’s a hub of community, wellness, and resources.  Whether you’re a local or just passing through, this centre is a treasure trove of activities and services.

As your guide, we’ll take you on a virtual tour of the Wigan Life Centre, showcasing why it’s a beloved spot among residents and visitors alike!

Best Time To Visit

The Wigan Life Centre is a bustling hub all week, but each day has its own vibe.

Weekdays are ideal if you prefer a quieter atmosphere. It’s the perfect time to explore the library or attend a leisurely health workshop.

Weekends are livelier, with an array of fitness classes and community events. If you’re looking to mingle or dive into group activities, this is your time!

And don’t forget to check out the special events calendar – from health fairs to book signings, there’s always something exciting happening.

Things to Know

Address: Centre Street, Wigan, WN1 1XYZ, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Wed, Fri 6:30AM-10PM
  • Thur 10AM-10PM
  • Sat – Sun 8AM-4PM

Contact: +44 1942 123456


How to Get There

By Train: The centre is a brisk walk or a short taxi ride from Wigan North Western and Wigan Wallgate stations. Both are well-connected, making your journey a breeze from anywhere in the UK.

By Bus: Buses like the 33 and 113 stop just a stone’s throw away. It’s an economical and scenic route to the heart of Wigan.

On Foot: Staying in Wigan? Why not take a leisurely stroll to the centre? It’s a fantastic way to immerse yourself in the local scene.

By Car: Driving is a piece of cake. The centre is well-signed, with ample parking available. So, whether you’re a local or a visitor, getting here is as easy as, well, finding a good book in the library!

Where to Stay near Wigan Life Centre

Address: 38 Mesnes Road, Wigan WN1 2DD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 821804

Pricing: ££

Book Now

Just a brisk 5-minute drive from Wigan Life Centre, The Brocket Arms Hotel offers a quaint and cosy stay. Ideal for those who enjoy a bit of traditional charm mixed with modern amenities, this hotel is a favourite for visitors and locals alike.

The rooms are for sure spot on for comfort; you’ll get a good night’s rest and wake up refreshed, ready to explore Wigan. And the en suite bathrooms? They’re just the ticket for a relaxing soak or a quick freshen-up.

The standout feature here is the warm, welcoming atmosphere; it’s got that classic British inn feel, with a delightful pub downstairs where you can rub shoulders with friendly locals. Perfect for a stay that combines convenience with a slice of Wigan’s local life.

From casasimian

Address: Harrogate Street, Wigan WN1 1BL, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 871 527 9506

Pricing: ££

Book Now

If you’re after a no-nonsense, comfy stay that hits all the right notes, look no further than the Premier Inn Wigan Town Centre. A mere 7-minute drive from the Wigan Life Centre, it’s spot-on for visitors seeking a mix of convenience and comfort.

The rooms are what you’d expect from a Premier Inn: clean, contemporary, and designed for a good night’s sleep. Plus, the added perk of a great on-site restaurant means you won’t have to wander far for a decent meal.

Ideal for both business and leisure travellers, this hotel ticks all the boxes for a straightforward, relaxing stay. And being so close to the Life Centre, you’ll be right in the thick of things without any fuss.

From alihodged

Address: 15 Upper Dicconson Street, Wigan WN1 2AD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 820563

Pricing: ££

Book Now

Just a 7-minute drive from Wigan Life Centre, Fifteens of Swinley isn’t your typical hotel – it’s a unique boutique experience. With its individualistic style and welcoming vibe, it’s a favourite among those looking for something a bit different.

The rooms here are a delightful mix of quirky and comfortable. You’re guaranteed a comfortable sleep and a memorable stay.

What sets Fifteens apart is its character; it feels more like a chic guest house than a hotel, complete with a friendly bar (bars Wigan) where you can mingle with locals and other travellers alike. For a stay that’s both comfortable and full of personality, Fifteens of Swinley is your go-to spot.

From shelleydootsongreenland

Address: 80 Wallgate, Wigan WN1 1BA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 492410

Pricing: ££

Book Now

The Swan & Railway Hotel, located a mere 5-minute drive from the Wigan Life Centre, is a real gem for those who appreciate a blend of history and modern comfort. This hotel, steeped in local heritage, offers a unique stay in the heart of Wigan.

What’s special about The Swan & Railway is its characterful decor, reflecting the rich history of the area. The rooms are not only comfortable but also tastefully adorned with historical accents, making your stay both restful and interesting.

Expect a warm welcome and a friendly atmosphere, typical of Wigan’s hospitality. The hotel also boasts a lovely on-site pub, where you can enjoy a pint and maybe even some live music.

Where to Eat

From warrenadele

Address: 5 Rodney Street, Wigan WN1 1DG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 242000

Pricing: £££


A stone’s throw from the Wigan Life Centre, Franco’s is the go-to place for Italian cuisine lovers. This restaurant has a reputation for serving up authentic, mouth-watering Italian dishes in a warm and inviting setting.

At Franco’s, you can expect a menu brimming with classic Italian favourites – think perfectly cooked pasta, sumptuous sauces, and pizzas that are simply divine. The ambiance is just as delightful, with a friendly and relaxed vibe that’s perfect for any occasion.

Whether it’s a romantic dinner or a family gathering, Franco’s provides an experience that’s both sophisticated and homely. It’s a little slice of Italy right in the heart of Wigan.

Address: 27-29 Wallgate, Wigan WN1 1LD, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 824482

Pricing: ££


Barely a 5-minute walk from Wigan Life Centre, The Berkeley is a popular spot among locals and visitors alike. It’s the kind of place that hits the sweet spot between casual dining and a more refined experience.

Specialising in British cuisine with a contemporary touch, The Berkeley’s menu features a range of delicious dishes that cater to a variety of tastes. The ambiance is just right – sophisticated yet unpretentious, making it a great choice for any dining occasion.

From a hearty lunch to an elegant dinner, The Berkeley offers a welcoming environment and delectable food that will leave you wanting to come back for more. It’s a must-visit for a memorable meal in Wigan.

Address: 657 Ormskirk Road, Wigan WN5 8AG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 216606

Pricing: £££


Fancy a bit of a culinary treat? Pop over to Red Door Bistro, just a 10-minute jaunt from Wigan Life Centre. It’s the ideal spot for when you’re after something a bit posh but still want that cosy bistro feel.

Here, it’s all about the fusion of traditional and modern flavours; they really nail it with their locally sourced ingredients, turning each dish into a work of art. It’s like a flavour fiesta on your plate – absolutely lush!

The vibe? It’s intimate and friendly, perfect for those nights when you want to make dinner feel a bit special. Whether it’s a date night or a celebratory dinner, Red Door Bistro has got the goods to make your evening one to remember.

From theblackpepperwigan

Address: 772 Ormskirk Road, Wigan WN5 8BA, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 218381

Pricing: ££


If you’re craving some spice, The Black Pepper, just a quick drive from the Life Centre, is your go-to. This place is a haven for anyone who loves a good curry or anything with a bit of a kick.

They’ve got all the classics you’d expect, plus some unique twists that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. The atmosphere’s relaxed and the staff are lovely – you’ll feel right at home.

Whether you’re a spice enthusiast or just dipping your toes into Indian cuisine, The Black Pepper’s menu has something to suit every palate. It’s a proper treat for anyone looking to add a bit of flavour to their evening.

From victoriadownsford

Address: 5-7a Market Place, Wigan WN1 1PE, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 1942 820563

Pricing: £


After a day at the Life Centre, why not stroll down to The Moon Under Water? It’s a cracking local pub right in the heart of Wigan, and it’s got that classic British pub charm down to a T.

You’re in for a treat with their menu – it’s all about hearty, feel-good British grub. Their pies? A must-try. 

And if you fancy a pint or a chinwag with some friendly locals, you’re in the right spot.

The Moon Under Water is the kind of place where you can kick back, relax, and enjoy some proper pub food. It’s easy on the wallet and big on flavour – ideal for a laid-back meal with mates.

What to Do

From kingkhanboxing

If you fancy getting a bit of exercise while you’re in the area, The Wigan Life Centre’s gym offers a range of fitness classes that’ll get your heart pumping and spirits soaring. Whether you’re a gym bunny or just looking to try something new, there’s something for everyone.

From high-energy aerobics to calming yoga sessions, the classes are led by friendly, professional instructors. It’s a great way to stay active and maybe even meet some locals.

Plus, there’s nothing like a good workout to make you feel refreshed and rejuvenated!

– From burnleybobcats

How about a splash and a swim? The Wigan Life Centre boasts a fantastic swimming pool – perfect for laps or a leisurely swim. It’s a brilliant way to unwind, whether you’re a serious swimmer or just looking to relax in the water.

The pool area is well-maintained and offers a tranquil environment. There’s also a smaller pool for the kiddos, so it’s a great spot for families. 

And hey, if you’re feeling adventurous, why not try an aqua fitness class?

From foodie_box_

If you’re a bit of a bookworm or just need some info, the Centre’s library and information hub is your go-to. It’s a treasure trove of books, magazines, and resources – perfect for a bit of quiet time or to catch up on some reading.

The library also hosts various events and workshops, so there’s always something interesting going on. Whether you’re looking to research, read for pleasure, or join a workshop, it’s a peaceful and enriching spot right in the heart of the Centre.

– From dannyj45

Interested in boosting your wellbeing? The Wigan Life Centre often hosts health and wellbeing workshops that are both informative and engaging. These sessions cover a range of topics from nutrition and mental health to general fitness and lifestyle changes.

It’s a fab opportunity to learn new things and maybe even pick up some tips to improve your daily life. The workshops are usually led by experts, so you’re in good hands. 

Plus, it’s a great way to meet people who share your interest in staying healthy and happy.

Got little ones in tow? The Wigan Life Centre’s children’s play area is a real lifesaver. It’s a safe, fun-filled space where kids can let off some steam and play to their heart’s content.

The play area is designed to keep the kiddies engaged and entertained, with plenty of activities to stimulate their young minds. It’s also a nice spot for parents to relax while the kids play. Perfect for a family-friendly day out at the Centre.

From annafcsmith

After all the things to do (things to do Wigan), why not take a breather in the Centre’s café? It’s the perfect spot to grab a cuppa, a bite to eat, and maybe have a natter with a friend or two.

The café offers a variety of snacks and drinks in a comfy, laid-back setting. It’s a great place to unwind, catch up on emails, or just watch the world go by. 

Whether you’re refuelling after a swim or chilling out with a book from the library, the café’s got you covered.

– From shoveybells_aka_runningbeardo

Fancy picking up a new language? The Wigan Life Centre often hosts language learning groups, which are a brilliant way to dive into a new culture and skill. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to brush up on your linguistic abilities, these groups are a fantastic resource.

The sessions are usually quite relaxed and interactive, making learning a new language both fun and effective. Plus, it’s a great way to meet fellow language enthusiasts and make new friends in the process.

From think_of_the_bling

The Wigan Life Centre isn’t just about health and fitness; it’s a hub for community activities as well. Keep an eye out for various community events and talks that take place throughout the year. 

These events range from local history talks to community meetings and cultural celebrations. Attending these events is a great way to get involved with the local community, learn something new, and engage with topics that matter to the people of Wigan. 

It’s definitely an enriching experience that connects you more deeply with the area!

From ruddy1611

Unleash your inner artist at one of the art workshops hosted in the Wigan Life Centre. These workshops are open to all, regardless of skill level, and offer a chance to explore your creativity in various mediums.

Whether you’re into painting, crafting, or trying out something completely new, these workshops are guided by skilled instructors who’ll help you every step of the way. It’s not just about the end product; it’s the joy of creating and the relaxation it brings. 

Ultimately, you might just walk away with a handmade souvenir of your time at the Centre.

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