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All about Manchester Craft and Design Centre

All about Manchester Craft and Design Centre

Right in the heart of Manchester’s buzzing Northern Quarter, you’ll find a little gem – the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. It’s not just any old place; it’s a proper hotbed of creativity and art

Think of it as a playground for the artsy and the crafty! Whether you’re as Mancunian as they come or just moseying through the city, this spot is an absolute treasure trove.

Join us as we embark on a virtual tour of the Manchester Craft and Design Centre. We’ll discover why it’s a cherished gem for both locals and tourists!

Best Time To Visit

The Manchester Craft and Design Centre is an animated hive of activity throughout the week, each day offering a distinct experience.

Weekdays are perfect for those who appreciate a more tranquil environment. It’s an ideal opportunity to meander through the artist studios or attend a calm craft workshop.

The weekend buzzes with energy, hosting a variety of workshops and special exhibitions. If you’re keen on interacting with artists or getting hands-on with crafts, weekends are your go-to!

Don’t miss the special event days, often featuring guest artists and exclusive workshops. Keep an eye on their events calendar – there’s always something new and exciting on the horizon.

Things to Know

Address: 17 Oak Street, Manchester, M4 5JD, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Sat 10AM-5:30PM
  • Sun 11AM-5PM

Contact: +44 161 832 4274


How to Get There

By Train: The centre is a leisurely walk from Manchester Victoria station, easily accessible from anywhere in the UK.

By Bus: Buses like the 42 and 142 stop nearby. It’s an affordable and picturesque way to travel right into the heart of Manchester’s creative scene.

On Foot: If you’re staying in Manchester, a pleasant walk to the centre lets you soak in the city’s unique vibe.

By Car: Driving? No worries. Clear signage and plenty of parking options make it straightforward. 

Whether you’re a local or a visitor, reaching the centre is as simple as threading a needle!

Where to Stay 

Address: 37 Swan Street, Manchester M4 5JZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 834 3210

Pricing: ££

Book Now

Just a 5-minute stroll from the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, The Smithfield Hotel is your perfect pick for a city-centre stay with a slice of local history. Ideal for those who love a mix of vintage charm and modern amenities.

The rooms here hit the sweet spot – comfy and well-furnished, providing everything you need for a restful night after a day of crafty explorations. Plus, the ensuite bathrooms are just the ticket for freshening up in style.

But what really makes The Smithfield special is its vibrant, historic atmosphere. Located in the lively Northern Quarter, you’re surrounded by quirky shops, hip bars, and eateries.

Address: 6 Great Ancoats Street, Manchester M4 5AZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 834 9741

Pricing: £££

Book Now

A mere 7-minute drive from the Craft and Design Centre, the City Warehouse Aparthotel offers a touch of home in the heart of Manchester. This spot is perfect for travellers seeking a bit more space and self-catering facilities.

Each apartment is spacious and modern, complete with a fully equipped kitchen – great for those nights when you fancy a home-cooked meal. The beds are super comfy, ensuring a peaceful night’s sleep.

What’s more, you’re just a hop, skip, and a jump away from some of Manchester’s best dining and shopping. The City Warehouse Aparthotel is a solid choice for anyone looking for convenience, comfort, and a dash of independence.

From unadventurous_mandy

Address: 34 Turner Street, Manchester M4 1DZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 819 1441

Pricing: ££

Book Now

If you’re after a stay that combines boutique chic with a warm, welcoming vibe, The Abel Heywood is your go-to, located just around the corner from the Craft Centre.

Their rooms are a blend of cosy and stylish, with all the essentials covered – think plush beds and sleek, modern bathrooms. It’s the sort of place that feels like a home away from home.

Downstairs, the pub and restaurant serve up some of the best local fare and brews around. The Abel Heywood is more than just a hotel; it’s a Manchester experience, perfect for those who want to soak up the city’s vibrant atmosphere while enjoying a comfortable and stylish stay.

From the_butterfly_collectors_

Address: 65-67 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1LQ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 834 5892

Pricing: ££

Book Now

Just around the corner from the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, The Little Northern Hotel offers a cosy, no-nonsense stay in the heart of the Northern Quarter. It’s ideal for travellers who want to be right in the thick of Manchester’s cultural scene.

The rooms are simple, clean, and comfortable – perfect for a good night’s sleep after a day filled with artistic exploration. Plus, the friendly staff are always ready to help with local tips and advice.

With its location in one of Manchester’s most buzzing neighbourhoods, you’re always close from a great coffee shop, indie store, or lively bar. The Little Northern Hotel is a top choice for those seeking a straightforward, convenient, and authentic Manchester experience.

From amysballooncompany

Address: 8B Gateway House, Piccadilly Station Approach, Manchester M1 2GH, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 203 499 0748

Pricing: £££

Book Now

If you’re looking for a blend of luxury and independence, Staycity Aparthotels at Manchester Piccadilly is just a 10-minute drive from the Craft Centre. This place is perfect for those who want their own space but with the amenities of a hotel.

Each apartment is sleek and modern, featuring fully equipped kitchens, comfy living areas, and inviting bedrooms. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, these apartments provide a stylish and comfortable base.

With the Piccadilly train station just a stone’s throw away, you’ve got easy access to the whole city. Staycity Aparthotels offer a great balance of convenience, comfort, and style for travellers who like to have the best of both worlds.

Where to Eat 

Address: G18 Smithfield Building, Tib Street, Manchester M4 1NB, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 834 3303

Pricing: £££


Just a 5-minute walk from the Craft Centre, Evelyn’s Cafe Bar offers a chic dining experience in the heart of the Northern Quarter. This place is all about fresh, flavourful dishes in a trendy setting.

The menu here is a vibrant mix of contemporary dishes, featuring the best of local and seasonal ingredients. Whether you’re in the mood for a wholesome brunch or an elegant dinner, Evelyn’s has got you covered.

Evelyn’s is not just about great food; it’s about the whole experience. The stylish interior, friendly staff, and buzzing atmosphere make it a top choice for a memorable meal in Manchester’s creative district.

Address: 77 Shudehill, Manchester M4 4AN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 222 9255

Pricing: £££


The Pasta Factory is an authentic Italian gem in the heart of Manchester. This place is a haven for pasta lovers and those seeking a genuine taste of Italy.

Their menu is a delightful showcase of handmade pasta, crafted with the finest, freshest ingredients. From traditional favourites to unique creations, every dish is a testament to the art of Italian cooking.

The Pasta Factory is more than a restaurant; it’s a warm, inviting space where you’re treated like family. It’s perfect for a romantic dinner or a cosy meal with friends, especially if you’re looking to indulge in some of the best pasta in town.

Address: 9 Nicholas Croft, Manchester M4 1EY, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 425 0974

Pricing: ££


A hop, skip, and a jump away from the Craft Centre, Federal Café & Bar brings a taste of Australasia to Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This spot is all about laid-back vibes and top-notch brunches.

Their menu is a delightful array of Aussie-inspired dishes, each packed with fresh, flavourful ingredients. Whether it’s their famous avocado toast or a hearty brunch bowl, every bite is a treat. 

And let’s not forget their coffee – it’s some of the best in town!

Federal Café & Bar isn’t just a place to eat; it’s a place to unwind, catch up with friends, and soak in the relaxed, stylish atmosphere. It’s a go-to for anyone looking to start their day with a delicious, energising meal in a cool, casual setting.

From freyamansell

Address: 39-41 Edge Street, Manchester M4 1HW, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 832 9245

Pricing: ££


Common offers an ultra-hip dining experience in Manchester’s Northern Quarter. This spot is all about cool vibes, great food, and an excellent selection of drinks.

Common serves up a diverse menu that includes everything from hearty brunches to delectable dinners. The kitchen prides itself on using local produce to create dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing.

With its laid-back atmosphere and eclectic décor, Common is the perfect spot for a casual lunch or a fun evening out. It’s a favourite among those who appreciate a good meal in a vibrant, artsy setting.

From krisfoodlog

Address: 8 Thomas Street, Manchester M4 1EU, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 833 3197

Pricing: ££


Nestled in the bustling Northern Quarter, just a 6-minute walk from the Craft Centre, Trof is a quirky, multi-level eatery known for its hearty, comforting fare and lively ambience.

Trof’s menu is a delightful mix of British classics and modern favourites, all prepared with a creative twist. Whether you’re popping in for a breakfast, a leisurely lunch, or a dinner with friends, Trof has something to suit every taste.

The vibe here is casual and friendly, with an eclectic mix of décor that adds to its charm. Trof is a great spot for those who want to immerse themselves in the local scene while enjoying some top-notch food and drink.

What to Do in Craft and Design Centre Manchester

From the_cyan_studio

Exploring the things to do (things to do Wigan) at Manchester Craft and Design Centre isn’t just about admiring beautiful works; it’s about getting stuck in! The Centre is renowned for its interactive artisan workshops where you can roll up your sleeves and create something special.

Whether you’re interested in jewellery making, pottery, or textile arts, there’s a workshop for you. It’s a fantastic way to learn a new craft under the guidance of skilled artisans. Plus, you get to take home whatever you make – talk about a memorable keepsake!

These workshops are perfect for crafty souls or anyone looking to try their hand at something new and creative. It’s a unique experience that lets you tap into your artistic side in a fun, welcoming environment.

From notquitesowobblywillows

One of the coolest things about the Craft and Design Centre is the chance to meet artists in their very own studios. It’s not every day you get to see creators at work and get a sneak peek into their creative process.

You’ll find a range of artists and craftsmen, from potters to painters, each with their own unique style and story. Don’t be shy to strike up a conversation – the artists are usually more than happy to chat about their work and share insights into their artistic journey.

This is a brilliant opportunity for art lovers and curious minds alike to gain a deeper understanding of the creative process and find inspiration for your own creative endeavours!

From thefruitmoth

No visit to the Manchester Craft and Design Centre is complete without a bit of shopping. The Centre is a treasure trove of unique, handmade items that you won’t find anywhere else.

From bespoke jewellery and ceramics to handcrafted textiles and prints, there’s something to suit every taste and budget. Each piece tells a story, crafted with care and skill by the talented artists and designers at the Centre.

Shopping here not only gets you a wonderful, unique item, but it also supports local artists and the creative community. It’s the perfect place to find a special gift or a treat for yourself that’s full of character and charm.

From sadieblythindesignermaker

At the Manchester Craft and Design Centre, there’s always something new to see. The Centre frequently hosts gallery exhibitions showcasing the incredible work of local and national artists.

These exhibitions range from contemporary craft and design to more traditional art forms, offering a diverse array of styles and media. It’s a brilliant opportunity to immerse yourself in the latest trends in the art world and gain new perspectives.

Attending these exhibitions is a must-do for art enthusiasts and anyone interested in the vibrant creative scene of Manchester. It’s an inspiring way to spend an afternoon, surrounded by the beauty and innovation of contemporary art.

From sadieblythindesignermaker

After all that exploring and creativity, you’ll probably be in the mood for a nice cuppa or a bite to eat. Lucky for you, the Centre houses a delightful on-site café where you can recharge and relax.

The café offers a range of delicious, homemade options, from scrumptious cakes and pastries to hearty sandwiches and salads. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, reflect on the artworks you’ve seen, and maybe even plan your next visit!

With its cosy atmosphere and tasty offerings, the café is a favourite among visitors. It’s not just about refuelling; it’s about soaking up the creative ambience and enjoying the slower pace of life.

From manchestercraft

The Manchester Craft and Design Centre is known for hosting a variety of seasonal events throughout the year, adding an extra layer of excitement to your visit.

From special Christmas markets featuring handmade gifts to summer festivals celebrating local crafts and culture, these events are a fantastic way to experience the Centre in a different light.

Participating in these events offers a chance to engage with the local community, enjoy live performances, and maybe even find some exclusive items. They’re fun, festive, and a great way to support and connect with the vibrant arts scene in Manchester.

From eleonore.sian

For a deep dive into the world of craft and design, why not join a guided tour of the Manchester Craft and Design Centre? These tours offer fascinating insights into the history of the building, the artists who work there, and the amazing crafts on display.

Led by knowledgeable guides, these tours are a brilliant way to learn about the Centre’s rich heritage and the stories behind the art and crafts. It’s also a great opportunity to ask questions and get recommendations on what to see and do.

Whether you’re a first-time visitor or a regular, a guided tour can reveal hidden gems and new perspectives on this creative hub.

From thefruitmoth

Take a moment to unwind in the Centre’s tranquil courtyard, a little oasis in the midst of the bustling Northern Quarter. It’s the perfect spot to relax and soak up the creative atmosphere of the area.

The courtyard, with its charming seating and greenery, offers a peaceful retreat where you can sit back, enjoy a coffee, and perhaps leaf through a book or sketch in your journal. It’s a lovely spot for a bit of people-watching, too.

This serene space is a favorite among visitors who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy a moment of calm amidst the artistic surroundings.

From emileillustration

The Manchester Craft and Design Centre isn’t just about art and crafts; it’s also a vibrant community hub. Regularly, the Centre hosts community events that range from artist talks and discussions to creative workshops and networking meet-ups.

These events are a fantastic way to engage with the local creative community, share ideas, and make new connections. Whether you’re an artist, a craft enthusiast, or simply curious about the local art scene, these events are open and welcoming to all.

Participating in a community event at the Centre is a rewarding experience that allows you to be part of Manchester’s dynamic and diverse creative community, and perhaps leave with new friends and fresh inspiration.

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