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Failsworth Sports Centre All You Need to Know

Failsworth Sports Centre: All You Need to Know

Looking for the perfect spot in Failsworth to unleash some energy, make connections, and maybe even kick-start a fitness journey? Well, you’re in luck because Failsworth Sports Centre is calling your name!

We’ve been around the block, and we love how this place transforms a quick gym session into a whole day of fun!  Whether you’re diving into the pool or smashing a shuttlecock on the badminton court, every corner of this place buzzes with vitality. 

So, read on, as we’re giving you the insider scoop on how to squeeze every ounce of joy from this local hotspot!

Things to Know

Address: Brierley Ave, Failsworth, Manchester M35 9HA, United Kingdom

Opening Hours:

  • Mon – Fri 7AM-9PM
  • Sat – Sun 8AM-5PM

Contact: +44 161 207 7000


Best Time to Go

The best time to visit Failsworth Sports Centre depends on your goals, or whatever vibe your after! Here’s what we’ve found:

Weekday workouts: Looking for space to breathe and stretch out? Hit the gym during the weekdays. It’s less crowded, and you’ll have first dibs on equipment.

Weekend warriors: Fancy a bit of hustle and community spirit? Weekends are buzzing. You’ll find classes packed and the energy contagious. Just what you need to push your limits.

Off-peak perks: Fancy a dip without the splash of a crowd? Aim for mid-mornings or early afternoons when the pools are quieter. And trust me, a serene swim is bliss!

Seasonal soirees: Oh, and they do a wicked summer festival with outdoor activities and games. But remember, this is the UK, so bring a jacket – just in case!

How to Get There

Driving: Failsworth isn’t a maze, but parking can be a pinch. The centre has its own lot, but space can be a premium, especially during events.

Public Transport: Buses roll right up to the front door, and the Metrolink has a stop not too far off. This public transport is convenient and eco-friendly, so why not save yourself the petrol?

By Foot or Bike: If you’re local or staying nearby, I reckon there’s nothing better than a brisk walk or cycle to get warmed up. Plus, you’re doing your bit for the planet, aren’t you?

Things to Do in Failsworth Sports Centre

Let’s kick off with the gym, shall we? It’s the heart of the Failsworth Sports Centre – a paradise for those who fancy a bit of iron-pumping or a treadmill marathon. 

This place is stocked with all the kit you need for a top-notch workout. And don’t worry about the atmosphere – it’s dead friendly, especially the staff! The best part? You’ll find every bit of kit you can think of, and plenty of space to use it!

Fancy a dip? The swimming pool here is ace. It’s not just a pool; it’s an oasis for anyone looking to do some serious laps or just splash about for a bit of fun. 

They’ve got sessions for families, lanes for the serious swimmers, and even aqua aerobics for a bit of a change-up. The water’s mint, always clean and just the right temperature.

And if you’re looking to learn, their swimming lessons are spot on – you’ll be cutting through the water like a knife through butter before you know it.

Now, onto the dance classes. If you’ve ever wanted to dance like nobody’s watching, the dance fitness classes at Failsworth Sports Centre are your ticket. 

They’re a proper laugh, and before you know it, you’re sweating buckets and loving every minute. Zumba, Bokwa, belly dancing – you name it, they’ve got it. 

And the instructors? They’re top-notch, full of beans, and they’ll keep you moving even when you think your legs have had enough.

Badminton, anyone? Failsworth Sports Centre is a smasher with its top-drawer badminton courts. Whether you’re playing for fun or you’re all about that competitive spirit, these courts are a real treat. 

The centre’s got everything you need to get going, including racket hire if you’ve not got your own. Just book a slot and show up ready to serve. 

It’s a brilliant way to have a laugh with mates while getting a sneaky bit of cardio in. And who knows? You might just discover a talent you never knew you had!

Fancy a kickabout? The centre’s five-a-side pitches are just the ticket for you and your mates to have a proper good match. The astroturf is top-notch, giving you that Premier League feel without the pressure. 

Goals are the perfect size for nailing those shots, and there’s enough room to show off your skills – or just have a go at it for the giggles. And don’t worry if you’re not match-fit; the pitches are a judgement-free zone, where the aim of the game is enjoyment. 

It’s all about the banter here, and the staff are always on hand if you need to borrow a ball or a set of bibs. So whether you’re the next budding football star or you’ve never kicked a ball in your life, you’re guaranteed a belter of a time. 

And for something a bit more zen, the yoga classes at Failsworth Sports Centre are a must-try. Stretch, bend, and breathe your way to a calmer you in a class that’s suitable for all levels.

The instructors are fab – they’ll guide you through each pose and help you find your inner peace, even if you’re a total newbie. There’s no judgement here, just good vibes and a chance to unwind and mingle with other yoga enthusiasts.

Every session’s packed with a variety of poses, ensuring you get a full-body stretch while honing your balance and focus. Plus, the flexible timetable means you can easily slot yoga into your hectic week. 

Got a bit of Wimbledon fever? You can serve up your own Grand Slam dreams on the tennis courts at Failsworth Sports Centre. They’re perfect for all levels, from beginners to those who think they’re the next Andy Murray.

The courts are well-maintained, which means you can focus on perfecting that backhand. Book a court, grab a racket, and get ready to unleash those aces.

And don’t worry about being the next big thing; it’s all about having a good time and enjoying the game. These courts are a hotspot for friendly competition and casual knockabouts. 

Plus, with equipment hire on site, you don’t even need to come prepared—just show up with a can-do attitude and get ready to have a blast.

If basketball is your jam, the courts at Failsworth Sports Centre are where you can dribble, dunk, and dash. Whether it’s practicing your individual skills or joining a community game, the facilities cater to all basketball enthusiasts. 

The indoor courts mean you can play come rain or shine, and there’s even the option to join local leagues if you’re keen on some competitive play. Plus, with adjustable hoops, even the kids can get in on the action. 

If basketball is your jam, the courts at Failsworth Sports Centre are where you can dribble, dunk, and dash. The facility welcomes players of all abilities, with indoor courts that are perfect for year-round play. 

The soft play area at Failsworth Sports Centre is decked out with the latest and safest play equipment, making it a haven for kids to explore and play. With dedicated zones for different age groups, your tots can roam in a space that’s tailored for their level of fun and adventure. 

The cushioned floors and walls mean the little ones can tumble and jump around without a worry. It’s also supervised, ensuring peace of mind for parents while they relax in the adjacent seating area with a clear view of the play zone. 

Whether it’s a casual visit or a special occasion, the centre’s team is on hand to make sure your youngsters have a blast in a secure and friendly environment.

Where to Eat in Failsworth

Address: 2 Medlock Road, Failsworth, Manchester M35 9WJ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 688 7344

Pricing: ££


Ready for an Italian escapade right on your doorstep? Step into Sul Lago Restaurant, and let’s talk real Italiano fare. 

We’re not just talking pizza with a bit of basil slapped on top; we’re talking a culinary journey from Rome to Sicily. The pizzas are wood-fired, the pasta is hand-crafted, and the tiramisu? 

Well, let’s just say your nonna would approve.

The ambience here strikes that tricky balance between lively and intimate, making it perfect for a date night or a family gathering where you can all argue over who gets the last piece of bruschetta. 

Address: 4 Wrigley Head, Failsworth, Manchester M35 9BS, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 681 1385

Pricing: £


In the mood for a Chinese takeaway that’s as authentic as it gets without you needing to use your passport? The Willow Chinese Takeaway has a menu that reads like a greatest hits of Chinese cuisine. 

We’re talking crispy duck that crackles just right, sweet and sour pork that’s got that perfect tang, and beef in black bean sauce that’ll have you guarding your plate from wandering forks. It’s the kind of place where you feel like part of the community the moment you step inside. 

The food’s piping hot, the portions are generous, and the prices don’t make your wallet weep. It’s your go-to for those nights when the sofa’s calling, and you need some proper comfort food.

Address: 225 Oldham Road, Failsworth, Manchester M35 0AS, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 682 5424

Pricing: ££


Now, let’s set the scene: you’re looking for somewhere with a little buzz but without that ‘packed like sardines’ feeling. Enter Chillz Restaurant Bar and Lounge, a spot where the atmosphere is as good as the menu. 

This is where you come to unwind, where the drinks flow just as smoothly as the conversation, and the menu is a tasty repertoire of classic and contemporary. 

Feel like nibbling on some tapas while the world goes by? Or maybe diving into a juicy burger is more your scene? At Chillz, you’re sorted. Plus, their cocktails have the kind of kick that tells you the night is young. 

The staff glide around with an ease that tells you they’ve got everything under control, so you can sit back and soak up the cool vibes.

Address: 51 Old Church Street, Manchester, M40 2JN, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 161 681 1371

Pricing: £


Fancy a little island sunshine on your plate? Say hello to Eat & Sweet, where the flavours of Jamaica come alive right here in Failsworth. 

Jerk chicken that’s got just the right amount of kick, curried goat that falls off the bone, and ackee and saltfish that’ll transport you to a beach in Montego Bay with just one bite. This isn’t just food; it’s a vibe. 

The rhythms of reggae might just have you swaying while you wait for your takeaway. And the scents? Oh, they’re as intoxicating as a night in Kingston. The best part? You don’t need deep pockets to enjoy their hearty portions. 

Address: 1 Broadway, Failsworth, Manchester, M35 0BZ, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 7944 123 999

Pricing: ££


All aboard the BBQ bus, where smoky aromas beckon and the grill’s always hot. Imagine a converted old school bus, now the coolest BBQ joint on wheels (well, on blocks). The Old School BBQ Bus is Failsworth’s answer to American South’s finest barbecue traditions. 

Brisket that melts in your mouth, ribs that deserve a messy hands badge of honour, and sides that are as much the star of the show as the main. It’s quirky, it’s fun, and it’s downright delicious. 

Plus, the fact that you’re dining in a bus adds to the novelty. It’s ideal for when you’re ravenous after a day of adventuring, or when you’re out with mates and ‘just a salad’ simply won’t cut it. 

And hey, if you can’t stay, grab it to go – but good luck making it home without sneaking a bite.

Where to Stay

Address: Water St, Manchester M3 4JQ, UK

Phone: +44 161 832 1188

Pricing: ££££

Book Now

Alright, let’s talk snoozing in style. The Manchester Marriott Victoria & Albert Hotel? It’s a bit of old-school Manchester with a swanky twist. Just a short trot from the bustling city centre, and you’re in this cocoon of chic comfort.

The rooms have got this vibe – a mix of classic Manchester with a dash of modern luxe. The bed? Like a cloud with sheets. 

And if you fancy a bite, their grub is top-notch. A breakfast here and you’ll be set for the day. Trust us, it’s a bit of peace in the city madness.

Address: Free Trade Hall, Peter St, Manchester M2 5GP, UK

Phone: +44 161 835 9929

Pricing: ££££

Book Now

Now, for a bit of posh, check into The Edwardian Manchester. You’ll know what I mean when you flop onto the beds – pure bliss! 

And get this, it’s slap bang in the middle of all the action but as quiet as the library when you need it to be. It’s all in the details – the spa’s a dream, and the staff, well, they’re like your personal butlers. 

Forgot your toothbrush? Sorted. Need a dinner rec? They’ve got you covered. You’re sorted here, from the moment you step in till you wave goodbye.

Address: Westwood Leisure Park, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL1 2QL, UK

Phone: +44 161 624 0303

Pricing: ££

Book Now

Right, you’re after a spot that’s all about the comfort without chucking too much dosh? The Holiday Inn in Oldham’s got you sorted. 

It’s got that ‘just like home’ vibe without the sting of a hefty price. Right in the heart of Westwood Leisure Park, you’re never far from a bit of fun.

The team here are stars, really – they’ll have you settled in before you can say ‘ta’. Bang on for some serious Zs, and the brekkie? Well, it’ll sort you out after any adventures in town or late-night shenanigans.

Address: The Broadway, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL9 8DW, UK

Phone: +44 871 527 8124

Pricing: £

Book Now

Fancy a spot that’s easy on the wallet and the mind? Premier Inn Oldham (Broadway) Hotel is your best bet. It’s no ritz, but that’s the charm — you get all the comforts without the wallet-wincing price tag.

Picture this: you’re sinking into one of those beds that just hugs you back. Yeah, their Hypnos beds are that good. You’ll be off to the land of nod in no time. 

They’re all about making your stay smooth sailing, always up for a chinwag and a tip on where to head next. Plus, they’ve got their own little eatery downstairs. Nothing too fancy, but it hits the spot when you can’t be bothered to venture out. Good, honest grub at honest prices. 

Address: 402-404 Broadway, Chadderton, Oldham OL9 8AU, UK

Phone: +44 161 681 2363

Pricing: ££

Book Now

The Boat & Horses isn’t just a place to lay your head – it’s a full-on experience. Imagine a quaint, traditional British pub with rooms that have more character than a Dickens novel.

You’re not just checking into a room; you’re stepping into a slice of local life. It’s snug, it’s warm, and it’s got that homey feel that you just can’t manufacture. And the food? You won’t leave the table hungry, that’s for sure. 

Location-wise, you’ve hit the jackpot. Nestled right in Chadderton, it’s the perfect launchpad for exploring. 

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