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One Week in Manchester How Much Would You Need

One Week in Manchester: How Much Would You Need?

Tourists flock to Manchester regularly simply because the place has a lot to offer. 

Whether you want to explore natural landmarks, beautiful architecture, sports stadiums, interesting museums and galleries, or other breathtaking destinations — this city has something for you.

As for those who are planning their first trip to Manchester, most of you are probably wondering how much it costs to be here. In this article, we have all the answers, so read on and get ready to pack your bags!

How much money should you bring to Manchester for one week?

The average cost for a comfortable week-long stay in Manchester as a tourist is between £600 to £800.

Many factors would affect the total cost of a one-week stay in Manchester. 

For instance, you need to consider the time of your visit, the activities you want to do, and your personal spending habits.

Weekly Costs for Solo Travelers in Manchester
LodgingStarts at £350*
FoodStarts at £210*
TransportationStarts at £15*
*Estimated rates as of 2023

Is Manchester an expensive place to visit?

A week in Manchester is considerably more affordable when compared to more popular cities like London, where tourists are recommended to prepare £700 to £900 if they want to visit.

However, smaller cities such as Bristol are more affordable with a recommended range of £475 to £625 for a week’s stay.

How much will a week-long trip to Manchester cost?

The average cost of a trip to Manchester is around £75 to £150. This includes lodging, food, transportation, and attraction sites within the city.

In this section, we are going to break down the most common expenses a tourist in the area needs to prepare for.

1. Cost of Lodging in Manchester

Cost of Lodging in Manchester's Homepage
Average Daily Cost£50 – £100
Average Weekly Cost for One Person£350 – £700
Average Weekly Cost for a Couple£700 – £1400
Average Weekly Cost for a Group of Four£1400 – £2800

Just like anywhere else, accommodation is one of the most expensive expenses of travellers in manchester. The average cost of lodging (lodging manchester) in a mid-range hotel for one person is between £350 to £700.

If this price is a bit steep for you, there are budget hotels in the area that can offer a room (room rental manchester) for as low as £30 per night. You may consider Premier Inn Manchester City Centre or Travelodge Manchester Central.

For those who want to experience luxury hotels in Manchester, the average rate is £200. We highly suggest that you try The Lowry Hotel or The Midland Hotel if you are looking for top-notch accommodation and you have the budget for it. 

2. Cost of Food in Manchester

Cost of Food in Manchester's Homepage
Average Daily Cost£30 – £55
Average Weekly Cost for One Person£210 – £385
Average Weekly Cost for a Couple£420 – £770
Average Weekly Cost for a Group of Four£840 – £1540

Manchester is known for its local food scene. There are many budget restaurants to explore in the city, which is why the average daily cost is only £42.5 or £14 per meal.

Some of the most popular restaurants among tourists because of their affordable menu items are Rudy’s Pizza and Kebabish Grill and Steakhouse.

Just keep in mind that the cost will go up if you would prefer to eat at more premium dining establishments, such as Adam Reid at The French and The Refuge by Volta.

3. Cost of Transportation in Manchester 

Cost of Transportation in Manchester's Homepage
Average Weekly Transportation Costs Per Person
Bus or Trains£14 – £28
Taxis£35 – £70
Renting a Car£210 – £420
Renting a Bicycle£70 – £105

Getting around Manchester is very easy thanks to its reliable transportation system. The most common type of public transportation in the area is trains.

The city has an extensive railway system and interconnecting bus routes that make it convenient for residents and tourists to reach their destinations at an affordable price.

As for those who prefer a more private mode of transportation, there is also an option to hail a taxi. Additionally, there are also car-hailing mobile applications in the area.

However, one of the most affordable modes of transportation in the city is renting a bike. Furthermore, the straits of Manchester are also relatively safe and walkable, which means that strolling around is also a good option.

4. Cost of Attraction Sites in Manchester

Cost of Attraction Sites in Manchester's Homepage
Usual Fees (Per Person) for Attractions in Manchester
MuseumsFree Admission
Sports Stadium Tours£20 – £30
Theatre Plays£15 to £60
Bars and Clubs£5 to £20 (entrance fee)

When it comes to attraction sites, Manchester is one of the most affordable cities that tourists can explore.

For instance, there are many museums across the city, such as the Museum of Science and Industry, The National Football Museum, and The People’s History Museum. Most of them offer free admission and would only charge fees for entrance on special exhibits.

Additionally, there are also sports stadium tours like the one available at Old Trafford, where entrance fees can be as low as £20 per person. As for those who want to experience VIP tours and behind-the-scenes access, the cost can go upwards to £100 per person. 

Since the city has a deep love for music and the arts, there are also many theatre plays that can be enjoyed by visiting tourists. Shows at budget-friendly theatres such as The Lowry in Salford offer tickets for as low as £15.

Alternatively, there are also high-end venues such as The Palace Theatre, which charges up to £60 or more, depending on the show.

Manchester is also known for its lively nightlife. The amount that you would spend largely depends on how much you want to drink and what you want to drink. 

However, the door fee for bars (bars manchester) and clubs (nightclubs manchester) in the area is also affordable as it only ranges between £5 to £20. Most of the time, the door fee is also a consumable amount that you can use to purchase drinks and snacks.  


Despite providing a myriad of tourist attractions, Manchester remains to be an affordable destination for travellers.

For as low as £600, one can explore beautiful destinations and wonderful people.

On top of this, there are also many local establishments such as hotels, restaurants, bars, and pubs that can cater to all types of budgets.

Whether you are looking for a cost-friendly trip or you are looking to splurge on a posh vacation, Manchester is the place to be.

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