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Liverpool vs. Manchester Which is better for shopping and entertainment

Liverpool vs. Manchester: Which is better for shopping and entertainment?

When it comes to shopping and entertainment, most people cannot decide whether Manchester or Liverpool is the best place for these activities. 

Luckily, we made this guide to help you decide which of these friendly and bustling cities is the best option for shopping and entertainment. 

Shopping in Liverpool and Manchester

North Wales Shopping District

In the capital city of North Wales, Liverpool One is a shopping, residential, and leisure complex that is a must-visit for both residents and tourists. It is a central shopping hub in Liverpool, which opened in 2008.

There is also the Liverpool main High Street called Church Street, which boasts some of the top high street shops in the UK where you can get goods from designer brands.

Other shopping locations to visit in Liverpool are St John’s Shopping Precinct, near the Liverpool Playhouse, and Bold Street, which can offer some unique shopping experiences. 

On the other hand, Manchester offers shopping opportunities in Trafford City Centre, a three-storey high building with various cafes and restaurants, and houses the famous Waterstones Bookstore. 

You will also find plenty of shopping opportunities and clothes stores around Manchester. Since it is home to some of the largest malls in the UK, this city has a great selection of affordable, upmarket, and high-street boutiques.

Even from the Piccadilly and Victoria train stations, you can access local shopping experiences. There is even a store in Victoria Station that sells fantastic Nutella and chocolate muffins, toffees, and chocolate buns. 


Ultimately, both Liverpool and Manchester will cater to all your shopping needs. Still, Manchester has a more fabulous selection than Liverpool. 

And if you choose Manchester, it’s still worth taking a trip to Liverpool as it only takes 30 to 60 minutes, depending on your mode of transport. So even if it’s just a day trip, many find it’s still worth visiting both cities to explore all the shopping options.

Manchester is also a better option if you’re considering settling for the long term. It is also worth noting that there are also more significant opportunities to explore in the Greater Manchester area due to its satellite towns.

In particular, the town of Altrincham was voted as the Sunday Times’ favourite Manchester town due to its delightful food selections, high streets, and indoor markets. 

By visiting these, new visitors can experience not just Manchester city centre but the shopping experience in Greater Manchester itself.

Locations to Visit in Liverpool and Manchester

Liverpool Waterfront Area

One of the best locations to visit in Liverpool is the waterfront area, where you can see the busy docking area and the pierhead, home to the iconic liver birds. In the heart of this place is the Royal Albert Dock, which perfectly blends old and new experiences.

There are also the famous Mersey Ferries which you can have the opportunity to board. It is also a popular spot to take photos of the world-famous Liverpool skyline.

Other locations worth visiting in Liverpool are the Catholic Cathedral of St. George Hall, the World Museum, and The Bluecoat Display Centre, all within a short distance.

As for Manchester, there are far more opportunities for entertainment and enjoyment. Its town hall with traditional neo-Gothic architecture is worth visiting, something that architectural enthusiasts may find enjoyable.

The entertainment and shopping possibilities due to the museums and the options in the city centre are almost limitless. Also, Manchester has an opera house, the Imperial War Museum, and an art gallery. 

There’s also the National Football Museum and the Manchester Cathedral, which are all a five-minute walk from Victoria Station. Since almost all notable places are within walking distance, you can spend the day visiting the cultural landmarks in the city.

Overall, having all these great locations near the city centre makes Manchester a great option in terms of travel costs and accessibility. 

Which to Choose: Manchester or Liverpool?

Manchester or Liverpool

Honestly speaking, you will have plenty of options in terms of shopping and entertainment, whether you live in Manchester or Liverpool. 

Still, for better convenience and shorter travel times, Manchester would be the ideal choice. Furthermore, many love its accessibility to shopping centres and free entertainment options in the form of local museums and galleries.

It’s also worth noting that the Manchester area offers greater prosperity in terms of work, shopping options, entertainment, and local culture. It is on the move and expanding, and this is reflected in the welcoming attitude of its people.

Whichever you choose, you can be sure that both Machester and Liverpool offer great enjoyment opportunities. 

At the end of the day, the way to get an enjoyable experience is to choose an area with an atmosphere of a thriving community. 

Finally, having the right attitude and mindset will help change a dull experience into a memorable and delightful event that you will grow fond of and wish to experience again. 

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