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Manchester The Party City

Manchester: The Party City

The Greater Manchester area is now U.K.’s second-best party city, being just behind Newcastle and ahead of Liverpool and Brighton.

It’s undeniable that Manchester is a thriving city. In fact, there are plans to hold 1,600 concerts there in 2022 alone.

The city currently holds the most extensive collection of bars, nightclubs, concerts, and music festivals. What’s even better is that Manchester also has a thriving LGBTQA bar scene.

It also has many diverse nightlife attractions, including eight strip clubs, 12 casinos, and 56 tattoo parlours. This wide range of options makes it one of the greatest cities to have a party in the United Kingdom.

Why is Manchester considered a party city?

Manchester is a party city based on the statistics from the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) and the World Health Organisation (WHO). In addition, data from the Global Weed Index, a worldwide inventory that provides global statistics on weed usage, also show similar results.

According to statistics, Manchester consumes 2.30 metric tons of weed per 100,000 people yearly. On top of this, it is found that the city of Manchester consumes 11.6 litres of alcohol per person per year, whilst 2.25% of the city’s population takes cocaine.

Essentially, Manchester came up near the top as a party city due to the growing alcohol and drug usage of young people enjoying a good time.

Manchester’s Best Nightlife Spots

Manchester's Best Nightlife Spots

If you enjoy the party scene, Manchester is the city for you, whether you are looking for a relaxing night out or enjoying the nightlife. 

Ranked second in the nightlife scene by U.K. residents, Manchester boasts major club establishments and live music hot spots for both big and small gigs.

If you and your companions prefer a more sedate and relaxing atmosphere, Manchester offers bar options that range from the unique to the outlandish. There’s also a varied selection of theatres and picture houses for those who prefer this kind of nightlife.

Here are some of the best nightlife spots we’ve managed to visit in Manchester:

  • The Northern Quarter is in Manchester’s bohemian quarter. It is quickly becoming one of the most popular spots for cool independent bars, which have yet to be influenced by the mainstream music industry and popular culture.

    One of the most popular attractions is the N4, around the crossroads of Manchester’s high street and Thomas Street.
  • There are also great bar locations at Tib Street and Oldham Street, where you’ll be rewarded with some great establishments and clubbing locations with a slightly more relaxed atmosphere. 

Some of our favourites are the Soup Kitchen, Jimmy’s, and the Mint Lounge.

  • Another great location is Oxford Road, which is full of great bars and other venues, although this area tends to be very laid-back. 

One of the favourite venues is the Deaf Institute for big nights out. Many locals like the gorilla and black dog ballroom, which offer fantastic food, exotic drinks, and great music.

  • If you are a big fan of expensive bars, then the Deansgate train station area is the place for you! You will either enjoy this place because of the atmosphere or be disappointed if you prefer more central locations in the city centre.
  • If you want to enjoy cocktails with your companions, then Springfields is the spot to visit! This place is also perfect if you are looking for a romantic or chilled-out setting, which could be ideal for a third date.
  • Cardinal Street in the heart of Manchester is a famous party village called the Gay Village.

    The cobblestoned streets are full of unique features and interesting characters. The restaurants take on a cardinal atmosphere that’s great for washing away a stale office environment.

Plenty of outdoor seating is available, which can be next to impossible to find during a typical night out.

  • If you enjoy hanging out in a café, then the Manchester Arena offers an intimate vibe. Café houses also provide an opportunity to listen to breakout artists performing in these venues.
  • There is also a historic venue like the Albert Hall, which may offer something different than a traditional boozing night out.

Why is Manchester the best city for partying?

Manchester is a great party location not because of its venues but due to the city and its culture. 

Since it is a growing and thriving city with a massive student population of over 350,000, the party scene has a vibrant, energetic, and optimistic atmosphere. Partygoers are drinking and celebrating – not going out purely to drown their sorrows.

Furthermore, partying in Manchester is unlike those in places like London, which can be too overcrowded and stuffy. It also contrasts the vanilla atmosphere in Leeds since Manchester’s party scene caters to all tastes. 

This city allows you to either go out and party at the club venues and bar locations or go for something far more sedated or romantic by visiting the coffeehouses. 

Ultimately, Manchester’s varied and diverse party spaces provide great opportunities to get to know work colleagues, meet up with friends, or form romantic attachments.

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