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The 11 Best Things to Do at Night in Manchester

The 11 Best Things to Do at Night in Manchester

When the sun sets, Manchester’s true colors shine through. Streets buzz with energy, locals and tourists alike hunting for the next best thing to see or do.

Manchester’s a city that doesn’t just offer the standard nightlife fare and surprises you with experiences you didn’t even know were on your bucket list!

From its chill spots to get a pint with mates to hidden gems where memories are just waiting to be made, we’ve curated the best things you can do at night. Read on so you can unlock the best of Manchester—after dark! 

Swing into action at Junkyard Golf Club

Address: 2 First St, Manchester M15 4RP, UK

Okay, first off, think mini-golf but on a whole different level. Junkyard Golf Club is less about the swing and more about the experience. The place is a medley of bright neon lights, eclectic courses, and a vibe that shouts ‘party’ more than ‘putt’.

Now, the courses? They’re creative, a bit mad, and oh-so-fun. Picture giant gorillas, loop-de-loops, and more wild setups than you can shake a club at.

But here’s the kicker: it’s the crowd. Everyone’s just there to have a good time, and honestly, it’s infectious. Whether you’re nailing every hole or just there for the laughs, it’s a blast.

Pro tip:
Mid-week, especially Thursdays, are your best bet for a more laid-back game.

Stroll amidst the stalls of Mackie Mayor Market

Address: Smithfield Market Hall, 1 Eagle St, Manchester M4 5BU, United Kingdom

Foodies, listen up. Mackie Mayor Market is like a culinary tour without the passport. This place gathers some of the city’s best food stalls under one roof. Whether it’s a steaming bowl of ramen or a gourmet burger, choices abound.

The atmosphere? Think industrial chic meets modern-day food hall. It’s lively, bustling, and the aromas? They’ll get your tummy rumbling in no time.

What’s really cool is how each stall has its own vibe. It’s like a dozen little restaurants, each with its own flavor profile, all waiting to be explored. So, go on, take a food journey.

Pro tip: 
Seafood gets snatched up fast. If that’s your jam, beeline there.

Laugh out loud at the Frog and Bucket comedy evening

Address: 102 Oldham St, Manchester M4 1LJ, United Kingdom

Ready to get your laugh on? Frog and Bucket is where Manchester’s funny bones gather. It’s a staple in the comedy scene, drawing a mix of seasoned pros and bright-eyed newcomers to the stage.

Settle into the dimly lit room, grab a drink, and let the performers take you on a rollercoaster of laughs. The variety is pretty ace – one moment you might be snorting into your drink, the next, you’re in stitches from a witty one-liner.

And the best part? The intimacy of the venue. It’s like the comedians are just a bunch of pals cracking jokes, and you’re all in on the fun.

Pro tip:
If you don’t want to be part of the punchline, maybe avoid the front row.

Enjoy gastronomic dinner at Hawksmoor Manchester

Address: 184, 186 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3WB, United Kingdom

Picture it: stepping into Hawksmoor, where the ambiance whispers upscale dining. That steak people talk about? It’s here and it’s truly unparalleled. The lights dim, your table awaits, and Manchester’s finest dining experience is about to unfold.

Then there’s the menu. It’s not just about the steak, though that’s a headliner. Dive into a spread of fresh seafood, impeccable sides, and cocktails crafted to perfection. Every plate, a narrative of dedication – from farm to fork.

Got an appetite? Good. Because there, portions don’t shy away. Robust, flavorful dishes are the norm. And when the dessert menu rolls around, saying ‘no’ isn’t an option.

Pro tip:
Want the best seat? Book ahead. And don’t skip the wine list – it’s curated to impress.

See live tunes at Band On The Wall

Address: 25 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JZ, United Kingdom

Let’s set the scene: Band On The Wall, a venue soaked in musical legacy. Every note played here feels like it’s reaching straight into your soul. The acoustics? On point. The ambiance? Purely electric.

Who’s on tonight? Jazz, indie, global beats – the line-up is as diverse as Manchester itself. Each show, a testament to Band On The Wall’s dedication to the sound. And the crowd? They’re here for the music, the passion, and the shared vibes.

Get your mates, choose your brew, and get ready to be immersed. When Manchester’s beat drops, the night becomes unforgettable.

Pro tip:
They’ve got afternoon jams too. Check schedules and experience a different vibe.

Go 10-pin bowling at Dog Bowl

Address: 57 Whitworth St W, Manchester M1 5WW, United Kingdom

Imagine: Dog Bowl, where bowling gets a nightlife spin. Lanes glowing under neon lights, an upbeat soundtrack in the background, and pins waiting for that perfect strike.

This isn’t your regular alley. With its limited lanes, there’s an intimate feel. The decor? It’s urban chic, reminiscent of a sleek New York loft. It’s where bowling night meets stylish outing.

Whether you’re here for strikes, spares, or just the sheer joy of the throw, you’re in for a treat. And if you aren’t into bowling, their cocktail lineup is quite the showstopper.

Pro tip:
Check out the food menu. The burgers? They’re a game-changer.

Sway to the jazz rhythms at Matt & Phreds

Address: 64 Tib St, Manchester M4 1LW, United Kingdom

Walking into Matt & Phreds is like finding an old vinyl in your attic – timeless and full of character. The dim lights set the mood, while the musicians pour their souls into every note. Jazz is the staple, but don’t be surprised if blues or funk make a cameo. 

The venue itself has been a cornerstone in Manchester’s Northern Quarter for years, hosting both local talents and international jazz sensations. You’ll quickly notice that it’s not just about the music, though that’s pretty ace. It’s about the whole vibe. 

The crowd, the pizza, the spontaneous dancing; they all make your night memorable. And hey, those pizzas? Yeah, they’re a big deal. Crafted with fresh ingredients and a range of flavors, many consider them the perfect accompaniment to the sultry tunes. 

Pro tip:
Get there early if you want a decent spot, especially on weekends. And if you’re feeling peckish, try the mushroom pizza – it’s a fan favourite.

Experience the beats at the Warehouse Project

Address: Mayfield Train Station, The Depot, Manchester M1 2QF, United Kingdom

Warehouse Project isn’t just another night out. Think of it as an audio-visual spectacle that takes place in an old train station. Once you’re in, it’s a rush – the lights, the sound, and the pure energy of the crowd. It’s Manchester’s way of saying, “We know how to party”. 

Located at the Mayfield Depot, the venue’s historical architecture combined with state-of-the-art light shows creates a uniquely immersive experience. Sure, they get big-name DJs, but sometimes, the most memorable sets come from unexpected sources. 

You’re not just a face in the crowd; you’re part of the pulse. The eclectic line-ups ensure that every night is different, offering a mix of techno, house, drum and bass, and more. The mix of seasoned ravers and first-timers alike ensures a camaraderie that makes every event special.

Pro tip:
If you’re all about that drop, snag your tickets early. They fly off the virtual shelves. And for the trainers? Wear your dancing best, but keep it comfy.

Aim for the bullseye at Flight Club

Address: Ship Canal House, 98 King St, Manchester M2 4WU, United Kingdom

Ever thrown darts in a place that feels like an upscale arcade? That’s Flight Club for you. Ditch any preconceived notions of smoky old pubs. Here, darts get a high-tech twist with interactive boards and animated scoring, making everything feel, well, lively. 

Plus, no need to tally scores – the tech takes care of it, allowing you to focus purely on the thrill of the game. As the games heat up, so does the atmosphere. Between the buzz of competition and the ambient lighting, you’ll feel the energy in the room. 

It’s competitive, sure, but all in good fun. Friends cheering, strangers becoming teammates, it’s all part of the Flight Club experience. And while you’re engrossed in the game, don’t sleep on the food and drinks. Their menu is a delightful surprise, going beyond the typical pub fare. 

A bit of friendly advice? The sharing plates are conversation starters on their own, and their cocktail list? It’s designed to impress with unique concoctions that perfectly complement a game of darts.

Pro tip:
Pop by for one of their brunch socials. It’s darts with a side of DJ beats and endless pizza. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me.

Swing for the fences at Base Bar

Address: 5 Millow St, Manchester M4 4DR, United Kingdom

Fancy a bit of baseball in Manchester? At Base Bar, you’re stepping into a batting cage like no other. Nestled in the heart of the city, this isn’t your typical baseball setup. Forget about the open fields and sunshine; here, it’s all about that underground, urban vibe. 

But here’s the kicker, it’s not just for seasoned players. Whether you’ve held a bat once, on a whim, or you’re that mate who played baseball growing up, Base Bar levels the playing field. The goal? Pure, unadulterated fun. 

And trust us, there’s nothing quite like the rush of hitting a fastball down the middle. Once you’ve had your fill of batting, the experience doesn’t end. The adjoining bar area beckons. 

With a drink in hand, you can relive those home run moments, share a hearty laugh over misses, and perhaps even challenge a newfound friend for a rematch. After all, it’s all in the spirit of the game.

Pro tip:
Wear comfy shoes. Not only will they help with your swing, but you’ll be thankful when the evening turns into an impromptu dance session.

Step up to the crease at Sixes Social Cricket

Address: The Corn Exchange, New Cathedral St, Manchester M4 3TR, United Kingdom

Cricket in the heart of Manchester? That might raise a few eyebrows, but yes, it’s a thing. Sixes Social Cricket is changing the game, literally. It’s taken one of England’s most cherished pastimes and given it a city twist. 

But here’s the best bit: you don’t need to be a cricket aficionado to enjoy it. The whole setup is crafted to make everyone, from novices to seasoned players, feel right at home. 

Maybe you won’t be smashing sixes right away, but hey, even attempting it becomes a hilarious endeavour with friends cheering (or jeering) you on. And once the game ends? The camaraderie continues. 

Dive into a menu that boasts classic pub grub, think pies, chips, and the works. Wash it down with a drink from their extensive range, be it a cold brew or a spirited cocktail. At Sixes, the essence is clear: It’s less about the runs and more about the fun runs.

Pro tip:
Book in advance, especially for larger groups. Oh, and their pies? Absolute must-try.
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