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Top 15 Farms in Manchester

Top 15 Farms in Manchester 

At the right destination, farms can be a sweet place to be in when going on a vacation. What most people don’t realise is the fact Manchester actually has a few farms that are worth visiting despite making a name for its city life. 

Are you ready to hop into a small little adventure in Manchester’s farms? Here are 15 amazing farms in Manchester that you have to visit! 

Heaton Park Animal Centre


Tucked away in the heart of Manchester, the Heaton Park Animal Centre is an idyllic escape from city bustle. Imagine rolling green pastures dotted with a diverse array of animals— a country paradise amidst the urban backdrop.

Up close, the farm’s inhabitants paint a vivid portrait of rural life. From fluffy sheep grazing to the charming clucks of hens, the centre invites visitors into an interactive, educational experience (private schools manchester). 

As you wander the tranquil pathways, you’ll get to know the animals, all well-cared for and clearly cherished. Child-friendly areas offer a chance for little ones to learn and engage. It’s a farm, yes, but also a living classroom where curiosity is kindled.

At the end of your visit, you’ll leave the Heaton Park Animal Centre feeling more connected to nature. Even though you’re back in the city, you’ll carry a piece of the country with you.

Mudchute Farm


Mudchute Farm is a slice of countryside right in the city. The farm is sprawling, a world unto itself that extends over 32 acres— a rural oasis amidst the urban buzz.

Boasting an array of farmyard favourites, Mudchute is home to everything from horses to Highland cattle. Ducks and geese squabble near the pond, their quacks echoing against the nearby skyscrapers.

Aside from its menagerie, the farm also offers rich educational programs (art school manchester). Interactive encounters encourage city dwellers to roll up their sleeves and learn about agriculture, and it’s a classroom with no walls where knowledge is gleaned from living, breathing sources.

Kenyon Hall Farm


Kenyon Hall Farm offers an enchanting blend of tradition and innovation. Acres of lush, verdant farmland stretch before you, a tranquil respite from the trappings of modern life. 

The farm is a symphony of rural delights— from the buzz of bees amidst the fruit orchards to the sound of hooves on the barnyard floor. 

Also, It’s home to a colourful cast of characters, like the inquisitive pigs and chatty chickens, but the true star here is the fruit. Come summer, visitors flock to pick their own juicy berries straight from the vine.

Kenyon Hall Farm is more than a place to visit— it’s a place to participate. Interactive workshops, such as jam making or willow weaving, offer a delightful, hands-on experience. 

Hesketh Farm Park


Hesketh Farm Park is a beacon of rural charm. The landscape unfolds in a picturesque tableau of traditional barns, fertile pastures, and herds of farm animals— all under a vast, open sky. 

From the moment you enter, you’re welcomed by a kaleidoscope of sights and sounds. The friendly bleat of goats, the gentle lowing of cows, and the cheery chatter of guinea pigs from the soundtrack of your visit. 

The real gem here, though, is the opportunity to feed the lambs— adorable, unforgettable encounters are guaranteed!

Hesketh doesn’t just open its gates, it opens your eyes to the rhythms of farm life. It’s here that you can knead dough in the old-style bakery or gather eggs from the hen house, all while learning about the art of farming. 

Inglenook Farm


Inglenook Farm is an enchanting nexus of agriculture and artisan craft. Rows of fragrant lavender paint the landscape in hues of purple, standing in stark contrast to the traditional red-brick farm buildings.

Upon your arrival, you’ll be greeted by the soft hum of honeybees and the gentle rustling of lavender. 

The farm is home to a diverse array of animals, their peaceful grazing rhythmically punctuating the quiet landscape. But it’s the intoxicating scent of lavender fields that leaves the deepest impression.

Inglenook is more than just an agricultural site—it’s a hub of rural creativity. From distilling essential oils to crafting handmade soaps, traditional practices are preserved and refined here. 

Reddish Vale Farm


Reddish Vale Farm is like an urban treasure chest brimming with rural charm. Surrounded by the city’s pulse, it provides an escape into the tranquil, rhythmic hum of the countryside.

You’ll find an eclectic community of farm animals waiting to greet you, each adding their own voice to the farm’s rustic symphony. From the soft bleats of sheep to the lively chatters of parrots, life sings at every corner.

Interactive experiences define the Reddish Vale Farm experience. Visitors have the chance to roll up their sleeves, bottle feed lambs or get up close with rabbits— an intimate connection to farm life.

Etherow Country Park Animal Farm


Etherow Country Park Animal Farm, cradled within Greater Manchester, weaves together nature’s beauty and pastoral life. This is not just a farm, but a green sanctuary where city sounds fade, replaced by the soothing melody of rural life.

Residents here include a merry band of creatures, from docile cows to spirited goats. The animals bring a joyful energy to the park, each contributing their unique charm to the vibrant tapestry of farm life.

Interactive experiences abound, offering a hands-on approach to rural living. Feeding the ducks or petting the soft fur of rabbits, visitors connect directly with nature’s rhythm.

Smithills Open Farm


Smithills Open Farm is a celebration of countryside charm. This is where the city’s noise subsides, replaced by the tranquil symphony of the farm and rural life.

Animal encounters are the heart and soul of Smithills, with a delightful variety of creatures big and small. Each one, from the lively goats to the gracious llamas, adds a unique brushstroke to the farm’s vibrant canvas.

The farm invites immersion, sparking curiosity through hands-on experiences. Whether you’re helping with the milking or engaging with the smaller critters, you’re encouraged to embrace the essence of farming.

Tatton Park Farm


Tatton Park Farm serves as a living testament to the timeless rhythm of rural life. Amidst ancient trees and open fields, the farmstead captures a bygone era while maintaining a vibrant connection with the present.

A diverse troupe of animals calls Tatton home, each contributing their own notes to the gentle symphony of farm life. The majestic Shire horses and bustling honeybees create an atmosphere that is as educational as it is enchanting.

Tatton is not a place of passive observation, but active participation. Visitors can try their hand at milking cows or uncover the art of traditional farming, fostering a deep connection with the land.

Cheshire Farm Ice Cream


In the heart of the Cheshire countryside, you’ll find an unexpected delight— Cheshire Farm Ice Cream. Here, a quintessential farm merges with a world of culinary pleasure, creating a unique fusion of rural life and gastronomic delight.

This is a place where Jersey cows roam lush pastures, their milk destined to become the farm’s renowned ice cream. The animals, content and cared for, lend an authentic touch to this bustling dairy haven.

Visitors are invited to dive into the ice cream-making process, witnessing firsthand how the delicious treat is churned from farm-fresh milk. But the highlight, undoubtedly, is savouring the creamy end product— an experience that transcends the ordinary.

Spindle Point Farm


Hidden away in the Greater Manchester landscape, Spindle Point Farm stands as a reminder why the city still has some rustic charm. It’s an unexpected oasis of calm, where the serenity of the countryside is artfully blended with the proximity of urban life.

A motley crew of animals resides at Spindle Point, from the soft woollen sheep to the clucking chickens, each lending a distinct character to the farm. Their engaging presence forms the vibrant backdrop of every visit.

The farm invites you to delve into its world, offering immersive experiences that foster an appreciation for rural life. This hands-on approach provides a window into the everyday workings of a bustling farm.

Meadow View Farm


Meadow View Farm is where the whispers of the countryside come alive near Manchester. It’s an idyllic pocket of tranquillity, an agrarian haven that paints a vivid picture of life on the land.

At Meadow View, a charming array of animals creates an engaging tableau of farm life. The lowing of cows and the clucking of chickens provide a harmonious backdrop to the pastoral landscape.

The farm cultivates a spirit of interaction, presenting opportunities to delve into rural life. From bottle-feeding the lambs to shearing sheep, visitors are welcomed to experience farmstead activities to their hearts’ delight! 

Daisy Nook Country Park Farm


Daisy Nook Country Park Farm, hidden in the embrace of Greater Manchester, captures the quiet magic of rural living. It’s a place where the thrum of the city subsides, and nature’s calming rhythm takes centre stage.

The farm’s residents range from placid cows to chirping birds, each contributing their unique charm to the bucolic setting. Their lively presence adds a sense of authentic, pastoral enchantment to every visit.

Here at Daisy Nook, participation is encouraged. Visitors have the chance to delve into the farming world, interacting directly with the animals and discovering the intricate web of life they weave.

Poynton Fruit Farm


Poynton Fruit Farm is a tapestry of lush orchards and ripe abundance. It’s a sweet retreat, a fruitful oasis where nature’s bounty shines in every corner.

The heroes of Poynton are not animals, but the rich variety of fruits adorning the trees and bushes. Their vibrant colours and juicy offerings set a delectably unique scene for every visitor.

Here, you’re not just a spectator, but a harvester. You can immerse yourself in the tradition of fruit picking, gathering your own fresh produce and savouring the taste of nature’s candy.

Brooklands Farm


Finally, Brooklands Farm is a pastoral retreat where traditional farming springs to life. It’s a rustic tableau, a calming idyll where the gentle symphony of the countryside provides a soul-soothing soundtrack.

A diverse cast of animals calls Brooklands home, each lending their unique presence to the farm’s captivating charm. From the chatter of hens to the lowing of cows, their voices echo the authentic rhythm of rural life.

Brooklands encourages you to dive into hands-on farming experiences. Through activities like feeding the livestock or learning about the farm’s cycle, visitors forge a memorable bond with the farm world.

When the time comes to depart Brooklands Farm, you carry away a slice of the countryside. It’s an exploration beyond the ordinary, an intimate journey that draws the city closer to the heart of the farm.

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