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12 Best Things to Do When it's Raining in Manchester

12 Best Things to Do When it’s Raining in Manchester

Ah, Manchester, the city known for its vibrant culture, iconic music scene, and… well, its penchant for a bit of rain now and then! But hey, a bit of drizzle (or a downpour) doesn’t mean the fun stops here. 

In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Rainy days in Manchester open up a world of exciting possibilities, from cosy cafes to explore, fascinating museums to wander, and underground bars to discover. 

So, grab your brolly, put on those wellies, and let’s dive into the myriad of adventures waiting for you in this dynamic city, rain or shine! 

Walk through Manchester’s rich history at the Museum of Science and Industry

Address: Liverpool Rd, Manchester M3 4JP, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +443300580058


Opening Hours: Daily 10 AM to 5 PM

Manchester, the cradle of the Industrial Revolution, is steeped in rich industrial history, and what better way to explore it than at the Museum of Science and Industry (science and industry museum manchester)? 

Nestled on Liverpool Road, this museum is a treasure trove of knowledge, showcasing the city’s contributions to science, technology, and industry. 

It’s not just a walk through the past; it’s a journey through the innovations that shaped the modern world. 

And the best part? It’s a fantastic place for both adults and kids, making it a perfect family outing on a rainy day. So, step in and discover the marvels of Manchester’s industrial heritage!

The Museum of Science and Industry is home to a plethora of exhibits, each telling a unique story of Manchester’s industrial past. 

From the revolutionary steam engines to the innovations in textile manufacturing, each exhibit is a testament to Manchester’s role in shaping the industrial world. 

And it’s not just about observing; the museum offers interactive displays, allowing you to experience the innovations firsthand. 

Feel posh for an afternoon tea at 20 Stories Rooftop Restaurant

Address: No. 1, 1 Hardman St, Manchester M3 3EB, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441612043333


Opening Hours: Sunday to Thursday 12 to 11 PM; Friday and Saturday 12 PM to 1 AM

Looking for a cosy and elegant place to relax and enjoy some exquisite bites? 20 Stories Rooftop Restaurant, located in Spinningfield, is the place to be! 

It’s not just about the delicious afternoon tea; it’s about soaking in the breathtaking views of Manchester from the top. 

Even on a rainy day, the experience is enchanting, offering a serene escape from the bustling city below. So, why not indulge in some culinary delights while enjoying the panoramic beauty of Manchester?

20 Stories Rooftop Restaurant is not just about the panoramic views and elegant ambiance; it’s about the culinary journey it offers. 

The afternoon tea is a symphony of flavours, featuring a selection of finely crafted pastries, delicate sandwiches, and, of course, the classic scones with clotted cream and jam. 

Each bite is a testament to the chef’s dedication to quality and flavour, making it a culinary experience to remember. 

Get lost inside the Crystal Maze Experience

Address: St Johns, Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4FP, United Kingdom

Contact Details: 0161 791 0727


Opening Hours: Monday, closed; Tuesday to Saturday 9 AM to 9 PM; Sunday 9 AM to 6 PM

Ever fancied being a part of the iconic Channel 5 show, Crystal Maze (crystal maze manchester)? Well, in Manchester, you can live that dream! The Crystal Maze Live Experience, located near the Museum of Science and Industry, is an absolute blast, especially when it’s pouring outside. 

It’s not just about running around and collecting crystals; it’s about teamwork, excitement, and a whole lot of fun! 

Whether you’re with a group or just a pair, this experience is bound to leave you with some unforgettable memories and maybe a bit of a competitive streak! So, why not give it a go and see if you can master the maze?

In the Crystal Maze Live Experience, you’ll find yourself navigating through four adventurous zones: Medieval, Industrial, Futuristic, and Aztec. Each zone is meticulously designed, offering a unique set of challenges that test your mental and physical prowess. 

And let’s not forget the iconic Crystal Dome, where you’ll be grabbing as many golden tokens as you can. It’s a whirlwind of excitement and a true Manchester gem!

Go against the breeze and skydive inside iFly

Address: Leisure Village, 9 Trafford Way, Manchester M41 7JA, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +443301913966


Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 9 AM to 11 PM; Friday to Sunday 7:30 AM to 10:30 PM

For those who love a dash of adrenaline, indoor skydiving is a must-try! iFly, located in Trafford Park, offers a thrilling experience where you can feel the rush of skydiving without jumping out of an aeroplane. 

It’s not just about the thrill; it’s about experiencing the freedom of flight, and it’s something that even professional skydivers use for training. 

So, whether you’re a thrill-seeker or just looking for something unique to do, indoor skydiving is a fantastic way to spend a rainy day in Manchester!

At iFly, it’s not just about experiencing the thrill of free-fall; it’s about mastering the art of flight. With the help of experienced instructors and state-of-the-art wind tunnels, you’ll learn the techniques to control your flight, making each session a learning experience. 

It’s a place where beginners and experienced flyers alike can hone their skills and push their limits. 

Also, it’s a safe and controlled environment, making it a perfect adventure for all ages. So, gear up and embrace the sky!

Marvel at the grand exhibits at the Manchester Museum

Address: University of, Oxford Rd, Manchester M13 9PL, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441612752648


Opening Hours: Monday, closed; Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10 AM to 5 PM; Wednesday 10 AM to 9 PM; Saturday 8 AM to 5 PM

If you find yourself on Oxford Road, don’t miss the chance to visit the Manchester Museum. It’s not just a shelter from the rain; it’s a gateway to a world of knowledge and discovery. 

With its stunning architecture and diverse exhibits, from natural history to dinosaurs, it’s a place where curiosity meets wonder. 

Whether you’re a photography enthusiast or a family looking for an educational outing, the Manchester Museum offers a rich and enlightening experience, making it a must-visit destination in Manchester!

The Manchester Museum is a sanctuary of knowledge, housing a vast collection of artefacts and specimens from around the world. From the majestic Egyptian mummies to the vibrant butterfly collection, each exhibit offers a glimpse into the fascinating world we live in. 

It’s not just about viewing; the museum hosts a range of events and workshops, allowing you to engage and learn in a fun and interactive way. 

Skim through historical books at the John Rylands Library 

Address: 150 Deansgate, Manchester M3 3EH, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441613060555


Opening Hours: Sunday to Tuesday, closed; Wednesday to Saturday 10 AM to 5 PM

John Rylands Library isn’t just a place to read books; it’s a journey into the world of knowledge housed within a stunning neo-Gothic building. 

The architecture itself is a masterpiece, with intricate details and majestic spaces that transport you to a different era. Inside, you’ll find a vast collection of manuscripts, texts, and rare books, each with its own story to tell. 

So, John Rylands Library isn’t just a treasure trove of books—it’s where you can find the Althorp Collection, showcasing rare gems like early European printing, including works by Dante and Aesop. 

It’s like stepping into a world where history and literature dance together, revealing the intellectual and cultural vibes of bygone eras. 

And oh, the Historic Reading Room—it’s a spectacle with its high, vaulted ceilings and stunning stained glass, making you feel like you’re in a scholarly palace. It’s where you can dive deep into knowledge while basking in architectural brilliance.

Watch movies with your friends and family at the HOME theatre 

Address: 2 Tony Wilson Pl, Manchester M15 4FN, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441612001500


Opening Hours: Per movie basis

HOME is not your typical cinema; it’s a cultural hub where film, art, and theatre converge. With its diverse film programming, HOME offers a cinematic experience that goes beyond the mainstream, featuring independent films, international hits, and artistic gems. 

HOME isn’t just a cinema—it’s Manchester’s cultural playground for international contemporary art, theatre, film, and books. 

It’s where art in all its forms comes alive, creating a dynamic and vibrant atmosphere. With its five cinema screens, it offers a buffet of films from every corner of the world, including indie gems and powerful documentaries. 

This is a place where film lovers, artists, and thinkers converge to celebrate the transformative power of art and cinema. Whether you’re catching a film festival or joining a workshop, HOME is your gateway to the cinematic world.

Address: Mosley St, Manchester M2 3JL, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441612358888


Opening Hours: Monday, closed; Tuesday to Sunday 10 AM to 5 PM

Manchester Art Gallery is renowned for its extensive collection of British art, featuring iconic works from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and renowned artists like J.M.W. Turner and Thomas Gainsborough. 

The gallery’s decorative arts collection is a visual delight, showcasing exquisite ceramics, glass, and metalwork. It’s not just a gallery; it’s a living canvas where the city’s artistic heritage comes to life, reflecting Manchester’s cultural vibrancy and creative spirit. 

Manchester Art Gallery isn’t just walls with paintings—it’s the home of British art, flaunting iconic works from the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood and legends like J.M.W. Turner and Thomas Gainsborough.

Explore the digital world at VR Manchester


Contact Details: +442034758083


Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 2:40 to 9 PM; Friday to Saturday 10:20 AM to 10:40 PM; Sunday 10:20 AM to 9:20 PM

VR Manchester provides a diverse range of VR experiences, from adrenaline-pumping action games to serene and immersive explorations. 

With top-notch VR gear and spacious play areas, you’re not just playing; you’re living the game, feeling every moment. It’s not just gaming; it’s experiencing life in different realities, feeling every heartbeat, every breath. 

Whether you’re battling zombies, exploring distant planets, or creating virtual masterpieces, VR Manchester offers a glimpse into the future of entertainment.

Relax on a rainy day at Float Level

Address: 2 Lampwick Ln, Manchester M4 6BU, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441616375138


Opening Hours: Tuesday, closed; Wednesday to Monday 10 AM to 8:30 PM

Float Level isn’t your typical relaxation spot—it’s where you can experience sensory-deprivation in specially designed floatation pods, disconnecting from the world and entering a realm of deep relaxation. 

The pods, filled with Epsom salt-rich water, let you float like you’re in space. It’s more than relaxation; it’s a journey to a meditative state, where your mind is free, and your body is rejuvenated. 

It’s not just about floating; it’s about achieving a meditative state, where the mind is free to wander, and the body is free to heal. Whether you’re seeking mental clarity, physical rejuvenation, or spiritual awakening, Float Level offers a unique and transformative experience.

Experience the thrills at Chill Factore

Address: 7 Trafford Way, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M41 7JA, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441617492222


Opening Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday 10 AM to 10 PM; Wednesday 7:30 AM to 10 PM; Saturday and Sunday 8 AM to 10 PM

So, think of Chill Factore as more than just a snowy paradise—it’s where you get to experience the exhilaration of descending the UK’s longest indoor slope! 

It’s not solely about skiing or snowboarding here; there’s the thrill of racing down slopes in donuts and the adventure of trying out the exciting Airboarding! 

Imagine a place where real snow, climbing walls, and a relaxing Alpine Street, brimming with shops and eateries, coexist to offer a winter wonderland experience. 

Whether you’re in it for the adrenaline or just fancy a snowy escapade in Manchester, Chill Factore is the go-to place. So, lace up those snow boots and immerse yourself in the enchanting winter vibes right in the heart of the city!

Discover the underwater World at SEA LIFE Manchester

Address: Trafford Palazzo in TraffordCity, Next to, The Trafford Centre, Trafford Park, Stretford, Manchester M17 8AS, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441617492875


Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 10 AM to 5 PM; Saturday 10 AM to 7 PM; Sunday 10 AM to 6 PM

So, SEA LIFE Manchester is more than just tanks and fishes—it’s a whole underwater adventure! It’s where you can wander through the Ocean Tunnel, surrounded by sharks and giant turtles, feeling like you’re walking on the ocean floor. 

And guess what? They have a Rockpool, where you can touch starfish and crabs! It’s not just about gazing through the glass; it’s about getting up close and personal with marine life, learning cool facts about the ocean’s ecosystem and how we can protect it. 

Whether you’re a sea creature lover or just looking for a place where the kids can learn and have fun, SEA LIFE Manchester is a splash of excitement and discovery. 

Dive in and explore the magical underwater world, and who knows, you might even get a wave from a friendly ray!

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