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A Complete Travel Guide to Wythenshawe Park

A Complete Travel Guide to Wythenshawe Park

Welcome fellow explorers to a place of lush green and vibrant life – Wythenshawe Park! Nestled in the heart of Manchester, this sprawling oasis is a haven for those looking to escape the bustling city life and immerse themselves in nature’s embrace. 

So, grab your walking shoes, pack some snacks, and let’s dive into what makes Wythenshawe Park a must-visit spot in Manchester! Keep reading, and you’ll find all the nifty details, travel tidbits, and local secrets to make your visit truly memorable.

Best Time to Go

To experience the park at its absolute finest, consider heading out in the late morning to early afternoon. 

This time frame lets you catch the park bathed in gentle sunlight, illuminating its beauty and creating a serene ambiance perfect for exploring, relaxing, or whatever your heart desires. 

Also aim to visit Wythenshawe Park during the late spring to early autumn months—think April through October. The weather’s typically pleasant, and the park’s flora is alive and vibrant, painting the landscape with colourful blooms and lush greenery.

When it comes to days, consider a weekend jaunt! Sure, it might be a bit more bustling with families and fellow park enthusiasts, but the vibe is jovial and lively—perfect for mingling and enjoying the park’s communal spirit. 

And hey, if you’re a fan of organised events, keep an eye on the park’s calendar during these months; there’s often something fun going on! 

How to Get There 

Train: If you’re hopping on a train, aim for the Manchester Piccadilly Station. From here, you can catch various modes of transportation to reach the park, ensuring a seamless journey for all the explorers out there!

Bus: For those who prefer buses, look for services 101, 104, or 105 from Piccadilly Gardens Bus Station directly to Wythenshawe Park. These buses run frequently and are a reliable choice for reaching the park without any hassle.

Taxi: If you’re a bit more inclined to take a direct route, grabbing a taxi or a cab from your location will swiftly get you to the park. It’s costlier, but the convenience is unmatched!

Car Service: Opting for car services like Uber or Lyft is also a great alternative. It combines the convenience of a taxi with the ease of app-based service, allowing you to reach Wythenshawe Park comfortably and efficiently. 

Things to Know

Address: Wythenshawe Road, M23 0AB

Opening Hours: 24/7

Contact Details (Riding Stables): 07876 555 528

Wythenshawe Park was a mere whisper of the vibrant space it is today. This enchanting locale has layers of history wrapped around its green foliage, whispering tales of bygone eras. 

Originating as a part of the Tatton Estate, it has seen the evolution of Manchester, growing and changing along with the city. 

Wythenshawe Park is rich with historical significance, housing three structures granted Grade II Listed Building status: North Lodge, the Statue of Oliver Cromwell, and the iconic Wythenshawe Hall.

Its majestic hall, Wythenshawe Hall, stands as a testament to its rich heritage, dating back to the 16th century, offering glimpses into the aristocratic life of the times.

Now, let’s talk about the furry and feathered residents here! 

Wythenshawe Park is home to a variety of animals like pigs, goats, and a plethora of birds, all residing in the community farm within the park. 

It’s a delightful experience to meet these creatures, observe their antics, and maybe learn a thing or two about them!

The parking fee at Wythenshawe Park is £1 during weekends from April to October and also during major events, with availability from dawn to dusk.

This affordable rate encourages visitors to drive their own vehicles for convenience, and with the ample space available, finding a spot is rarely a hassle. Remember to have some change ready for the fee, and enjoy the ease of parking as you prepare to explore the beauty of the park.

There are public toilets in Wythenshawe Park located in the Athletics ground for visitor convenience.

Moreover, visitors have access to several buildings with toilets, including the Courtyard Tearooms, Farm Centre, Stables, and the Horticultural Centre.

Things to Do at Wythenshawe Park

For those who have a fascination with the skies and love watching planes (Can you watch planes at Manchester Airport?), the nearby Runway Visitor Park offers a thrilling experience. 

You can witness the spectacular sights of planes taking off and landing and even explore some historic aircraft grounded at the site. It’s an immersive adventure, allowing you to be close to the metal birds we often see soaring high above!

Fancy a bit of boogie with wheels on your feet? The Wythenshawe Forum hosts a fabulous family roller disco weekly, where you can skate your heart out under the gleaming disco lights to the tunes of timeless classics. 

It’s an electrifying blend of music, lights, and skating that promises a whirlwind of fun!

The Forum isn’t just about roller skating; it’s a hub for a wide array of entertainment. From comedy to music, and even boxing and wrestling, there’s an eclectic mix of events that cater to varied tastes. 

Whether you’re a fan of laughs, tunes, or tussles, there’s likely something on the agenda that’ll catch your eye.

Craving a breath of fresh air and the tranquillity of green spaces? Wythenshawe Park is your go-to destination. 

It’s not just a park; it’s a sanctuary offering extensive sporting facilities, a community farm, and a horticultural centre. Whether you’re young or just young at heart, it’s a magnificent spot to unwind and explore the myriad of outdoor activities available.

The park offers a plethora of facilities to cater to diverse interests. For those who love sports, there are football pitches, tennis courts (tennis coach manchester) (which are free to use), a multi-use games area (MUGA), baseball pitches, and a basketball court. 

If you have a penchant for riding, there are riding stables and even cycle skills zones, including a learn-to-ride area and a pump track. 

For the little ones, a children’s play area is available, and for those interested in cultivating greeneries, there’s a Horticultural Centre and a beautiful walled garden. 

Where to Eat

Address: Firbank Rd, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 2YP, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441614361135


Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday 12 to 11 PM; Friday to Saturday 12 PM to 1:30 AM

Dive into a warm, friendly atmosphere at The Firbank Pub & Kitchen, a place that feels like home but tastes like a gourmet getaway. It’s the ideal spot if you’re craving for some hearty meals and a refreshing pint. 

The extensive menu is a palette of flavours, from robust and hearty to subtle and refined, ensuring every palate finds its match. The pub also flaunts a collection of fine beverages, perfect for unwinding after a day of adventure.

Address: 337 Palatine Rd, Northenden, Wythenshawe, Manchester M22 4HH, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441619983390


Operating Hours: Only on Fridays and Saturdays 5 to 10 PM

Savour the authentic flavours of Greece at Alexandros Greek Restaurant. It’s a culinary adventure, from tzatziki to souvlaki, every dish is a revelation of taste, transporting you straight to the sunny coasts of Greece. 

The ambiance is a seamless blend of warmth and elegance, reflecting the rich cultural tapestry of Greece, enhancing the dining experience. 

Every meal here is not just a dining experience but a journey through the diverse and rich flavours of Greek cuisine, leaving you with a newfound appreciation for its culinary heritage.

Address: 200 Yewtree Ln, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 0FF, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441616131640


Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 5 to 11 PM; Sunday 4 to 10 PM; Monday, closed

Immerse yourself in a middle eastern culinary journey at Fayrouz Restaurant. It’s a harmonious blend of spices and flavours that dance on the palate, promising a delightful and exotic dining experience. 

The restaurant prides itself on offering an authentic Middle Eastern experience, from the decor to the music; everything is meticulously curated to transport you to the lands of spice and sun.

Address: Wythenshawe Park, Wythenshawe Rd, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 0AB, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441619980812


Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 10 AM to 4 PM; Saturday and Sunday 9:30 AM to 4 PM

Looking for a cosy spot to unwind with a cuppa? The Courtyard Cafe offers a tranquil escape with a selection of comforting brews and tempting treats that are sure to make your day a tad brighter. 

The quaint and cosy setting makes it a haven for those seeking solace in a cup of tea or coffee, accompanied by a plethora of delicious bites. Friendly faces and aromatic brews also greet you, making every visit a soothing experience!

Address: 109 Sale Rd, Northern Moor, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 0BU, United Kingdom

Contact Details: +441619985111


Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday 4 to 11 PM; Friday and Saturday 4 PM to 12 AM 

Craving a slice of heavenly goodness? Shrek’s Pizza is your go-to place. Each pizza is a delicious masterpiece, ensuring a symphony of flavours with every bite. 

It’s a place where the dough is just the right amount of fluffy, the sauce a perfect balance of tangy and sweet, and the toppings a melody of textures and flavours. Plus, its vibrant and lively ambiance makes it a hotspot for pizza lovers, where every bite is a party of flavours. 

Where to Stay


If you need a place close to the airport, Premier Inn is a convenient option. It offers comfortable rooms and is located near the airport, facilitating easy transit. 

The interiors are designed for practicality, making the stay smooth. It’s more than just a bed; it’s a space for travellers to relax before or after a flight.


Normanhurst Hotel in Manchester is a cosy and charming place, providing a serene environment and well-appointed rooms. 

The elegant decor and thoughtful amenities contribute to a comfortable atmosphere. It’s a suitable spot for guests seeking tranquillity and comfort during their stay.


Positioned close to the airport, Britannia Airport Hotel is the perfect spot for those in transit, offering comfy accommodations and ease of travel, encapsulating convenience. The rooms are designed with travellers’ comfort in mind, providing a peaceful retreat from the journey’s hustle.


Enjoy the straightforward comfort at Premier Inn Manchester Altrincham. It’s a place designed for relaxation and rejuvenation before your next adventure. 

The cosy ambiance and practical amenities create a welcoming environment for guests to unwind and refresh. It’s not just about staying the night; it’s about providing a relaxing space, making every Manchester adventure a pleasant experience.


Travelodge Altrincham Central offers a blend of comfort and value, providing a peaceful abode, and ensuring your Manchester adventures start on a restful note. The rooms are a harmony of simplicity and comfort, providing a restful sanctuary for travellers.

Where to Shop


Looking for fresh produce and unique farm products? Wythenshawe Community Farm & Shop is the place to explore. It offers a range of fresh, local products, allowing you to bring a bit of the farm’s charm to your table. 

The atmosphere is rustic and charming, reflecting the essence of the farm and making every visit enjoyable. Visitors can meet the farm animals, explore the walled gardens, and drop by the farm shop. 

Also, the shop is stocked with fresh pastries, locally sourced vegetables, chicken and duck eggs, home-reared lamb, beef, and pork, and locally produced cheese and jams. And don’t forget to check out the Wythenshawe Bee Club honey!


Discover a variety of shops and services at Wythenshawe Civic Centre, making it a convenient spot to grab essentials or explore local offerings. The centre is a hub of activity and variety, offering a range of shops and services to cater to diverse needs.

The vibrant and bustling environment makes it a lively spot to shop and explore, ensuring every visit is a delightful adventure through a myriad of offerings. It’s a place where convenience and variety meet, making every shopping excursion a pleasant experience.


Whether you’re stocking up for your stay or grabbing some snacks for the park, Asda Wythenshawe Superstore has your needs covered with its vast selection. The store is a symphony of aisles and products, ensuring every need is met with quality and variety.

The friendly and helpful staff make every shopping experience smoother and more pleasant. It’s not just a supermarket; it’s a space where quality and variety coexist, ensuring every shopping list is a fulfilled promise of goodness.


For unique finds and adorable knick-knacks, Sunday Jelly is your whimsical stopover, offering a variety of cute and quirky items that are bound to bring a smile to your face. 

The store is a treasure trove of unique and charming items, making every visit an exploration of whimsy and delight.

The playful and colourful ambiance enhances the shopping experience, making every find a delightful discovery. It’s a place where charm and whimsy meet, turning every shopping excursion into a journey through enchanting finds.


Elevate your shopping experience at The Sky Farm Shop, offering an array of gourmet and artisanal products that are sure to enchant your taste buds and elevate your meals. 

The store is a culinary delight, offering a range of gourmet products that promise a taste of luxury in every bite.

The elegant and sophisticated ambiance reflects the quality of the products, enhancing the shopping experience. It’s not just about buying; it’s about savouring the essence of gourmet delicacies, making every purchase a journey through culinary excellence.

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