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13 Best Things to Do in Manchester [for Adults Only]

13 Best Things to Do in Manchester [for Adults Only]

Manchester’s not just your daytime family outing spot. When night hits, the city’s got a whole other side aimed squarely at adults. Think less playground, more playground-for-grown-ups vibe.

Been here a while? Or just dropping in for a few days? Doesn’t matter. There’s a heap of stuff waiting for you to dive into. This guide will be  your map to some of Manchester’s top spots where the adult fun shines. 

We’re talking about places you probably didn’t even know were on your bucket list. So, are you in? Because Manchester’s ready for you. Let’s get started!

Urban axe throwing at Whistle Punks

Location: 35 Chapeltown Street, Manchester, M1 2NN

Contact: +44 161 478 8560


Alright, so axe throwing sounds a bit wild, right? But honestly, it’s a heap of fun. Whistle Punks isn’t about lumberjack stereotypes; it’s more like darts with a bit of an edge (pun intended). You get an instructor, so you’re not just hurling axes willy-nilly. 

Every session begins with a safety run-through and some basic techniques, so even complete beginners can get a feel for it. The targets are designed to challenge you as you improve, and there’s something oddly satisfying about the thud of an axe finding its mark. 

By the end, there’s a good chance you’ll be hitting near the bullseye and feeling pretty chuffed about it. Plus, it’s an excellent way to shake off a stressful day or compete in a friendly environment with friends.

Pro tip:

It can get busy, especially on weekends, so make a reservation to ensure you get a spot. And, if you really get into it, they offer league nights for the competitive souls.

Revel into the early hours at The Warehouse Project

Location: Mayfield Depot, Fairfield St, Manchester M1 2QF

Contact: +44 161 714 4140


Ever had that itch to just dance the night away? The Warehouse Project isn’t your average club. It’s more like an event series, and the lineup can be pretty solid. Established and upcoming DJs often grace the decks, ensuring a mix of beats and genres throughout the night. 

Music aside, the place has a buzzing atmosphere, with mesmerising light shows and sound systems that make you feel the bass in your bones. One of the standout features is its unique venue setting, often in repurposed spaces that add to the underground vibe. 

It gets crowded, though, so if you’re not into tight spaces, maybe aim for a less popular night. And if you’re really into the music scene, keep an eye out for their special events; they often host renowned artists from around the world.

Pro tip:

The venue can get quite warm, so dress in layers. That way, you can adapt to the temperature and keep dancing all night long.

Immerse in the glitz at Manchester235 Casino

Location: 2 Watson St, Manchester M3 4LP

Contact: +44 161 828 0300


Ever felt the urge to dip your toes in the glitzy world of casinos (casinos manchester) but thought a flight to Las Vegas was a tad too much? Say hello to Manchester235 Casino. Picture this: twinkling lights, the seductive rattle of the roulette ball, and the electrifying buzz only a casino floor can offer. 

And it’s not just about testing Lady Luck. When the games get too heated, cool down at their in-house restaurant. It’s a culinary hotspot, dishing out flavours that are as diverse as the casino’s game roster. Fancy a cocktail? 

Their bar’s got you covered, serving everything from age-old classics to their own zesty concoctions. If you’re a casino rookie, no worries. They regularly hold ‘learn to play’ sessions— a perfect way to get a feel for the games without diving into the deep end. 

Pro tip:

Join the loyalty program if you plan to visit more than once; it can get you discounts and special offers over time.

Tackle challenges in The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience

Location: St John’s, 1 Lower Byrom St, Manchester M3 4AP

Contact: +44 161 791 0727


Hey, remember that ’90s game show everyone couldn’t shut up about? Yup, it’s The Crystal Maze, and guess what? You can now jump right into it at The Crystal Maze LIVE Experience. Get ready to tackle fun challenges in four epic zones: Medieval, Industrial, Aztec, and Futuristic.

Think you’ve got the smarts and the muscle? Cool, because you’re going to need both. You’ve got a ticking clock, and your goal? Snatch up as many of those shiny crystals as you can. And then, for the big finish, try not to get too dizzy in the Crystal Dome.

Grab your friends or fam and head on over. Because let’s be real, it’s more fun (and easier) when you’re not trying to be the hero all by yourself.

Pro tip:
Sport your most comfy kicks! There’s a bit of running involved, and you won’t want anything slowing you down.

Shake your own concoctions at The Alchemist

Location: 1 New York St, Manchester M1 4HD

Contact: +44 161 228 3856


Who hasn’t watched a bartender and thought, “That looks fun!”? At The Alchemist’s masterclass, you’ll be doing more than just watching; you’ll be the star of the show. Those cocktails with the fancy smoke or the ones that change colour? 

You’ll get the lowdown on how it’s all done. It’s not just a toss-and-shake deal; there’s a bit of science and a lot of art involved. And trust us, there’s something oddly satisfying about getting that cocktail shake just right. 

Whether you’re planning a date, looking for a memorable girls’ day out (hen do ideas manchester), or just keen to up your at-home bartending game, this masterclass is a surefire way to stir things up! 

Pro tip:
Make it a competition with your pals – the best cocktail mix gets bragging rights!

Unwind with indulgent treatments at The Lowry Hotel Spa

Location: 50 Dearmans Pl, Salford, Manchester M3 5LH

Contact: +44 161 827 4034


Aching muscles? Been feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck? You might want to give The Lowry Hotel Spa a shout. Seriously, it’s like stepping into a little oasis in the middle of the city. 

Besides the usual massages and facials, they’ve got some lush treatments that you probably didn’t even know you needed. And, the therapists? Top-tier. They don’t just go through the motions; they genuinely want to sort out those kinks and knots. 

Tell them where it hurts or just let them work their magic. Either way, you’ll stroll out of there feeling a whole lot lighter and, dare I say, a tad more fabulous. Go on, treat yourself. You’ve earned it.

Pro tip:
Why not double up? Pair a massage with a facial for the ultimate relaxation combo.

Tour the craft behind local brews at Cloudwater Brew Co

Location: 7-8 Piccadilly Trading Estate, Manchester M1 2NP

Contact: +44 161 661 5943


Alright, folks who know their ales from their lagers, Cloudwater Brew Co is where it’s at. I mean, who wouldn’t want to peek behind the curtain of a proper craft beer operation? They pull back the veil on everything, from the grains they choose to the hops that give each brew its kick. 

The real highlight? Getting up close with the big, shiny tanks where the magic happens. But let’s be real, we’re all here for the tasting part, right? And they don’t skimp. You get to try a bit of everything – the crisp, the fruity, the hoppy, and the downright experimental. 

By the end of it, you’ll probably have a new favourite and a bunch of cool beer facts to show off at the pub. Cheers to that!

Pro tip:

Designate a driver if you’re planning to sample generously. Better yet, take public transport to fully enjoy the experience.

Decode and unravel the mysteries at Escape Hunt Manchester

Location: 3 High Street, Manchester M4 1QB

Contact: +44 161 394 7997


Ever watched those films and yelled at the screen, “It’s right there!”? Yeah, at Escape Hunt Manchester, it’s your turn to be on the other side. Grab your mates, pick a themed room (they’ve got a bunch, from Victorian mysteries to futuristic heists) and get stuck in. 

As the door clicks shut and the timer starts, you’ll soon find out who’s the logical thinker, who’s the random guesser, and who just runs around in a slight panic. It’s honestly a laugh, especially seeing Dave (or insert that one friend’s name) getting way too into character. 

And when you finally figure it out and the door unlocks? That’s a high-five, group-hug, “we totally smashed it” kind of feeling. Definitely beats another movie night on the sofa!

Pro tip:
Get a diverse group together. Turns out, that mate who’s always daydreaming? They might just see things differently and be the key to getting out!

Aim for the bullseye at Archertype

Location: Unit 6, Great Northern Warehouse, Manchester M3 4EN

Contact: +44 161 228 0722


Got a steady hand and an eagle eye? Well, Archertype is your next stop. Forget about the whole “mediaeval warrior in the woods” scene; this is archery with an urban, edgy twist.

Now, you might start a bit wobbly, missing the bullseye and hoping no one’s watching your first shots. But here’s the deal: they’ve got expert coaches to guide you. So, pretty soon, you’ll be shooting with some real swagger. And let me tell you, when those arrows start landing closer to the bullseye, the friendly banter kicks in.

It’s all in good fun, but don’t be surprised if you and your mates get hooked and start planning your next visit to see who’s the true archery champ. Ready for some target practice? Let’s fire away!

Pro tip:

Keep your arms straight and try to stay relaxed. It sounds counterintuitive, but it really helps with your aim.

Enjoy thrilling tracks at TeamSport Indoor Go Karting

Location: Hunts Bank, Manchester M3 1AR

Contact: +44 844 998 0000


Oh man, those childhood go-karting memories! Well, at TeamSport Indoor Go Karting, it’s like that, but on steroids. This isn’t your backyard karting track. We’re talking spirals, ramps, and some nifty straits where you can really gun it. 

It’s a proper circuit, with its twists and turns that’ll test your skills. And the karts? Faster and more responsive than those old clunkers you might remember. The adrenaline rush when you nail that perfect overtake? Priceless. 

Whether you’re there for the speed, the strategy, or just the sheer fun of it, it’s a blast from start to finish. So, if you’ve been craving that pedal-to-the-metal thrill without any blue lights in your rearview, buckle up and hit the track!

Pro tip:

Braking is as important as speeding up, especially around those tighter bends. And remember, it’s all in good fun.

Get vertical at Parthian Climbing Manchester

Location: 6-8 Downing St, Manchester M12 6HH

Contact: +44 161 747 4500


Parthian Climbing has walls that make you think, “Alright, how do I tackle this?” And if you’re picturing those little kiddie walls from fun fairs, think again. These are legit, with routes that’ll have you stretching, planning, and occasionally hanging by a fingertip. 

Not to worry if you’re new to the game; there are gentler walls to get you started and folks around who are always happy to share a tip or two. The best part? After a climbing session, you’ll feel those muscles you didn’t even know existed. 

But unlike a dreary hour on the treadmill, you’re too busy having fun to notice the burn. So, for a mix of fun, challenge, and a sneaky full-body workout, give it a shot!

Pro tip:
If it’s your first time, consider booking an intro lesson. Oh, and those climbing shoes? They’re meant to be snug, so don’t be alarmed if they feel tight.

Play through quirky courses at Junkyard Golf Club 

Location: 2 First St, Manchester M15 4RP

Contact: +44 161 258 7492


Alright, picture this: Mini-golf meets an episode of a wacky game show. That’s Junkyard Golf Club for you. Forget windmills and little wooden bridges, this place has you putting through discarded bathtubs, dodging neon sculptures, and trying not to get distracted by the disco balls. 

It’s like someone’s wild dream turned into a golf course. Great for breaking the ice on a date (because nothing says romance like a rogue golf ball), or just having a right laugh with friends. And hey, if your ball decides to take a detour into the unknown, roll with it. 

It’s all part of the fun. Remember, it’s less PGA Tour, more “let’s see where this goes”.

Pro tip:
Some holes are trickier than they look. Also, if there’s a queue, maybe let the folks behind you play through.

Embark on a Manchester Treasure Hunt Adventure

Location: Starts from Piccadilly Station, Manchester, M1 2GH

Ever dreamed of being a treasure hunter? Well, the Manchester Treasure Hunt Adventure offers a unique opportunity to explore the city in a whole new light. 

Armed with clues, riddles, and a keen sense of observation, participants must navigate the bustling streets of Manchester, uncovering hidden gems and lesser-known historical spots along the way.

It’s not just about finding the ‘treasure’, it’s about the journey. You’ll walk down alleyways you’ve never noticed, discover intriguing stories about the city, and perhaps even uncover some of Manchester’s best-kept secrets. 

Perfect for groups, this adventure promises camaraderie, fun, and a dash of competition.

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