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All about Living in Rochdale [and Why You Should Live There]

All about Living in Rochdale [and Why You Should Live There] 

So you’ve found yourself at the crossroads of life decisions, contemplating where you want to lay down roots for the next chapter. The world—or at least, the UK—is your oyster, and the search for the perfect place to call home is high on your agenda. 

Well, if you’re drawn to a locale that offers a mix of historical charm, modern opportunities, and a close-knit community vibe, then Rochdale should be at the top of your list. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to delve deep into the nitty-gritty of what makes Rochdale more than just another pin on the map. Is this the right place for you or your family? Let’s find out!

Is Rochdale a good place to live in?

Rochdale is a great place to live in because it is strategically located near culturally significant towns like Oldham, Bury, and Middleton. Also, the housing in Rochdale is emblematic of traditional English architecture, adding to the locale’s unique appeal.

In addition to its rich cultural surroundings and traditional architecture, Rochdale also offers diverse career opportunities. The area has a growing local economy with various industries ranging from manufacturing to digital services. 

But of course, there’s more to the story of Rochdale than meets the eye, and there are loads of other good reasons to settle down in Greater Manchester’s central city. 

Read on our guide to find out more which’ll hopefully get you to decide whether Rochdale is the place to be in! 

Top 8 Reasons to Live in Rochdale

Living in Rochdale provides a balanced lifestyle that combines the advantages of urban amenities with the essence of semi-rural living. The place has the perfect balance for those who want a peaceful lifestyle while still having access to busier areas in the city. 

Situated at the foothills of the Pennines and close to the Peak District National Park, Rochdale offers residents easy access to natural beauty while still maintaining strong transport links to larger cities like Manchester. 

The town itself is characterised by its traditional English architecture and a community that values cultural heritage.

In short, if you’re looking for somewhere to settle with your family for a more private life, we believe Rochdale is the one for you. However, it doesn’t mean you’ll be isolated from city life as well.

Say you work outside of Rochdale, then you’re in luck because it’s near to the most important corporate landmarks like Oldam, Bolton, and Manchester City itself. 

Through its network of Tram stations, it’s hard to deny that it’s accessible to your nearest workstations if you ever need to commute— being the heart of Greater Manchester and all that! 

For your reference, here are Rochdale’s nearest stations:Rochdale Railway StationBury Bolton Street Train StationManchester Victoria Railway Station
In Rochdale, education is an investment that pays off in the long run. According to Snobe, on average, the cost for a student to attend school across all year levels (from nursery to collegiate) is €7,243.38 per student. It’s a figure that underscores the town’s commitment to providing quality education at every stage of life.

When deciding to live in any place, it’s important to consider your family. Among other things, education is a primary factor to consider when settling anywhere in Manchester, and we’re happy to report that schools here are some of the best in the UK! .

Educational Level School/University
PrimaryAll Souls Church of England Primary School
St Patrick’s Roman Catholic Primary School
SecondaryHollingworth Academy
Falinge Park High School
Kingsway Park High School
Matthew Moss High School
Wardle Academy
University/Higher educationHopwood Hall College
University Centre
Rochdale Sixth Form College
Special EducationRedwood Secondary School
Brownhill School

As you can see, Rochdale offers a comprehensive range of educational opportunities for every stage of life. 

From outstanding primary schools to well-regarded secondary institutions, and specialised facilities for those with special educational needs, the town is a solid choice for families prioritising education. 

Add to that the options for post-16 education, such as vocational courses and A-levels, and it’s clear that Rochdale is a place where educational aspirations can truly flourish.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Rochdale’s proximity to the Pennine Bridleway is a real treat— one of the perfect leisure avenues to go to, for sure! This trail, perfect for horse riders, bikers, and walkers, winds through the Pennine hills and offers various routes for day trips or longer adventures. It’s a must-see that highlights Rochdale’s natural beauty and connection to the Pennines.

When it comes to shopping and leisure, Rochdale has something for everyone. The town boasts a blend of independent shops and high-street brands, largely concentrated in the Rochdale Exchange Shopping Centre

If you’re into unique finds, the Rochdale Open Market is a weekly affair where you can discover everything from vintage records to fresh local produce. 

And if that’s not enough, Manchester’s bustling city centre is just a stone’s throw away, offering an even wider range of shopping experiences, including the iconic Afflecks Palace.

We all need to buy some groceries, and Rochdale markets and grocers absolutely don’t disappoint! You’ve got all the big names like Asda, Lidl, Tesco, Morrisons, Farmfoods, and Aldi, making your weekly food shop a breeze.

But life in Rochdale isn’t just about shopping— the town is a haven for fitness enthusiasts, too.

For instance, the Rochdale Leisure Centre is a top-notch facility featuring two swimming pools, a thermal suite, a fully-equipped gym, badminton courts, and table tennis facilities. They even offer a variety of exercise classes to keep your routine fresh.

Lastly, the town itself is rich in green spaces, parks, and adventure playgrounds, perfect for those who love to be active outside. Plus, with Manchester’s historical and cultural landmarks just a quick drive away, you’ll never run out of things to see and do.

In 2023, Rochdale had a crime number rating of 138.55, which sits a bit above the average mark of 120 in 2023. For context, Trafford, known as one of the safest areas, has a rating of just 87.5. It’s an interesting data point to consider when evaluating the overall safety of Rochdale.

When it comes to safety, Rochdale residents generally breathe easy, thanks in part to proactive crime prevention measures in recent years. 

While no town is entirely crime-free, Rochdale boasts lower crime rates compared to other parts of Greater Manchester like Stafford and Manchester City. Plus, the area benefits from vigilant patrolling by the Greater Manchester Police. 

For those interested in diving into the specifics, the Police UK page offers a comprehensive look at Rochdale’s crime statistics.

The cost of living in Rochdale is generally adequate and fairly reasonable for those who are earning a steady income. With a lot of great opportunities for work, there’s no question that the economy in Rochdale is fit for hard working citizens. The average cost of living in Rochdale for one person is £914, and about £2591 for a family of four.

If you’re eyeing a move to Rochdale, you’re in for a pleasant surprise when it comes to property prices. Over the last year, the average home in Rochdale sold for a rather reasonable £189,187. 

That’s a steal, especially when you compare it to the Greater Manchester average of £240,675. 

And let’s not even talk about the sky-high prices in posh areas like Bowden, Bowdon, Hale, and Altrincham, where you’re looking at shelling out anywhere from £526,211 to a staggering £732,661. 

So, if you’re after value without sacrificing quality, Rochdale should definitely be on your radar.

Say, you’re renting, you’ll also be glad to find out that it’s priced quite reasonably for adequate living standards here in the area. Below is a rundown of the numbers you can pretty much expect when renting in Rochdale compared to two other well-known cities:

CategoryOne PersonFamily of 4
Total with rent£847£2401
Without rent£438£1509
Rent & Utilities£409£890
Date retrieved from

Meanwhile, below is a comparison table showing the cost of living in different facets of the household between the main city of Greater Manchester, Oldham and Rochdale: 

CategoryRochdale (£)Manchester (£)Oldham (£)
Cost of Living (One Person)£914£1467£1121
Cost of Living (Family)£2591£3493£2768
One Person Rent£442£850£617
Family Rent£961£1387£1129
Food Expenses£314£374£330
Transport Expenses£50.2£123£59.3
Data retrieved from

As you can see, the cost of living in Rochdale can be rewarding if you know budget expectations— especially compared to other main cities in the UK. 

man running bringing a bag
Credits: Wallpaper Flare 
The career opportunities in Rochdale are good. The area has a diverse and growing local economy that spans various industries from manufacturing to digital services. The town boasts an average salary of about £26,000, although it’s worth noting that wages took a bit of a hit in Q2 of 2023.Its strategic location near major cities like Manchester also makes it ideal for those looking for career growth, while still enjoying the benefits of a community-focused lifestyle.

If you’re eyeing Rochdale for your next career move, you’re in luck. 

Job-wise, you’ll find a range of opportunities, especially if you’re a Teaching Assistant, Social Worker, or Office Manager, with pay scales swinging from £18,000 to a comfy £47,000. 

Top employers? Keep an eye out for openings at Farrel Corp, JD Group, and, of course, Rochdale Council. So, all in all, Rochdale offers a pretty robust job market.

To go more in-depth, here are some numbers that might interest you if you’re looking for a particular field to work in at Rochdale: 

Job TitleRangeAverage
Teaching Assistant (TA)£10k – £19k£12,615
Social Worker£28k – £33k£29,402
Office Manager£18k – £47k£22,489
Design Engineer£23k – £43k £27,500
CAD Designer£19k – £37k£22,150
Finance Officer£19k – £31k£24,016
Editor£21k – £52k£26,500
Data retrieved from

If you’re a hard worker with a lot of talent for different industries, Rochdale definitely doesn’t disappoint in that department! 

Rochdale prides itself on its walking-distance areas like groceries, food markets, and historical establishments. Why not walk around and find out what obscure places you can find? It won’t be exhausting, we promise you, and it’s even more fun when you stroll by the town’s square as you meet different people and see beautiful places! 

Be prepared for this part— it can be quite a mouthful! Oh boy, there are simply a lot of places to visit from quirky restaurants, interesting museums, and event areas that host concerts and events. 

Below is a table with all the best places to visit: 

AttractionDescriptionFor WhomSpecial Notes
Touchstones Museum and Art GalleryA treasure trove showcasing Rochdale’s history, from prehistoric times to its industrial era. Also includes a mini-cinema and a café.History Buffs, Art EnthusiastsMust-try café and mini-cinema focused on ‘Our Gracie’
Toad LaneThe birthplace of the Co-Operative movement. This iconic location has hosted esteemed visitors like the Pope and the Queen.History BuffsOriginal shop and gallery are like stepping into a time machine
Rochdale Town HallA Victorian architectural masterpiece currently under renovation. Informative hoardings offer historical insights.Architecture AficionadosPeregrines usually nest here but are on vacation until hall reopens
Rochdale RiversideA shopping haven featuring big-name stores and an Artisan Market held every second Saturday.ShopaholicsArtisan Market every second Saturday
Rochdale MarketA place full of independent shops that offer unique finds and local produce.ShopaholicsExcellent for unique finds

What’s more incredible is if you have friends outside of Rochdale, they’ll be pleased at the attractions set by the city for all of you to visit and be in awe of! 

The Verdict: Should you come and live in Rochdale?

So, are you packing your bags for Rochdale yet? Let’s recap: we’ve got a town steeped in history, from the Touchstones Museum to the iconic Toad Lane. 

Architectural gems like the Town Hall are not just eye candy; they’re a testament to Rochdale’s rich cultural fabric.

Education? Top-notch. Safety? Better than most places in Greater Manchester. And let’s not even get started on the shopping and dining scene—whether you’re a foodie, a shopaholic, or both, Rochdale’s got something to tickle your fancy.

But it’s not just about the amenities and attractions. It’s about the vibe, the community, the feeling you get when you walk down the streets. 

It’s a town that respects its past, embraces its present, and is ambitiously eyeing the future.

So, will you come and live in Rochdale? If you’re looking for a place that offers a blend of urban convenience, scenic beauty, and a dash of historical charm, then the answer should be a resounding ‘Yes’!

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